Moon in Sagittarius Traits & Personality

Moon in Sagittarius Traits & Personality

Sagittarius is a sign of higher education, spiritual pursuit, and traveling experiences. And this area in the Zodiac wheel deals with extending the views, being kind and open-minded, as well as being realistic to some extent and humorous

Moon in Sagittarius doesn’t feel so good here. Feelings are covered with rational spirit on one side, and on the other, this individual needs to expand and grow. There is no time for pondering about what happened or what will happen one day.

It’s all about living in the “now” and using every second for the best.

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What does it mean to have a Sagittarius Moon?

The sign of Sagittarius revolves around the idea of courage. This courage relates to the ideas of personal freedom and constantly growing in an educational and spiritual sense. And even if someone with strong Sagittarius traits denies spirituality as a necessary part of their daily life. 

They will clearly show it through their actions and words which will always be oriented toward justice for all beings. The need to strive for the best while being fully aware of the present conditions won’t suit the Moon at all.

Sagittarius is the sixth sign from Cancer, the sign governed by the Moon. And in general terms, the sixth area or sixth astrological house deals with daily obligations and health. These are themes that annoy the Moon, which needs time to emotionally vent out and get lost in its inner world.

Yes, exploration and studies, and righteousness are all fine, but they seem like really hard work, especially on a daily basis. Therefore, the watery Moon will get “dried out” in this Archer’s fire.

Moon in Sagittarius Traits

Moon in Sagittarius Traits & Personality

If you look at the Moon in Sagittarius’s positive traits, you will notice straight away that this position will make the person humorous and well-perceived and received in any social circle.

They won’t need to look especially fancy or to use certain words and tones, they will simply grab everyone’s attention by being themselves, funny, educated, and above everything else, easy-going and with calming effects.

This person is also energetic, very interested in sorts of physical activities, and never afraid of hard work. Add to this formula their amazing intelligence and you will get the close-to-perfect human being.

The Moon in Sagittarius negative traits will be related to their frequent sarcastic comments, and they won’t be able to sustain this habit whenever they feel bored. Their comments can be often very blunt because they are not aware that others can be very sensitive and really vulnerable while facing the truth.

Besides this obvious lack of tact, Moon in Sagittarius person will be impatient because they will hate wasting their time waiting for something to happen. And in those situations, they will act like annoying children, jumping and asking the same questions, like “Are we there yet?”

Boredom and sensitive people will surely be their weak points.

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How does having Moon in Sagittarius change each zodiac sign? 

Aries with Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius Traits & Personality

A spirit full of joy and exploration will color this person’s soul. They will love to travel, to live on the road, and to gain many friendships with people coming from different cultures and backgrounds. And their spiritual views will also change frequently.

Taurus with Moon in Sagittarius

This individual will be extremely talented when it comes to creating investments with huge returns in foreign countries. They could also become shrewd religious manipulators for the sake of their financial benefits.

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Gemini with Moon in Sagittarius

This person will long to have a stable and long-lasting, not just marriage, but also a business partnership, However, lots of changes in this area will be destined to happen. They will also admire highly intelligent people and fall in love with those types.

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Cancer with Moon in Sagittarius

Doing spiritual or religious work on a daily basis will be this individual’s destiny. They will be the true role model of a missionary who goes to distant lands and teaches, not just about their religion of origin, but many other educational subjects as well.

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Leo with Moon in Sagittarius

This individual will tend to frequently fall in love with those people who will be destructive toward them. On the other hand, having a daughter will change their destiny and bless them with wealth and peace.

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Virgo with Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius Traits & Personality

The motherly figure or home and family life will be this person’s priority, although they will have frequent issues regarding all those themes. They will also choose their spouse according to their resemblance to their mother.

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Libra with Moon in Sagittarius

The need to become close friends with knowledgeable people and the obsessive need to read historical, religious, or good-quality fantasy books will be this person’s daily habit. They will love science mixed with spirituality the most.

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Scorpio with Moon in Sagittarius

This individual will have extraordinary abilities to create huge income from several sources and coming from foreign lands or clients. They will have the strong influence and intelligence coming from their ancestors and use those talents for their benefit.

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Sagittarius with Moon in Sagittarius

Talented ethnologists and researchers of their native folklore, religion, or even ancient magical heritage will be on this person’s cards. Besides that, they will be known as a shrewd psychologist and able to handle sensitive matters of the soul.

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Capricorn with Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius Traits & Personality

This person might meet their spouse in distant lands and their spouse should be a foreigner in any case. The other option is that their spouse will turn into their hidden “enemy” working against their plans and desires.

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Aquarius with Moon in Sagittarius

The immense help and mentorships will come into this person’s life through spiritual people, or through educated or knowledgeable foreigners. Their job or jobs will depend upon those types of protection and leadership.

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Pisces with Moon in Sagittarius

A successful artistic or educational career will happen for this individual in a foreign land. They will use their innate talents, lots of work, and dedication, but the real triumph and accolades will find them just away from their native environment.

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