Moon In Aquarius Traits & Personality

Moon In Aquarius Traits & Personality

Aquarius is a sign of uniting with other people and executing some ideas. This is the area of the Zodiac wheel where social circles or technology circles change and shape human history. Besides great deeds, Aquarius loves fun, like huge performing, sporting, or national events.

Moon doesn’t feel so good in the sign of Aquarius. Moon is the symbol for the soul or the mind, and those terms shouldn’t be related to the groups and their aims. Here, the Moon loses its “exclusivity” and becomes group-oriented, often losing its essential traits like vulnerability, sensuality, and “soft” patience.

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What does it mean to have an Aquarius Moon?

The sign of Aquarius is all about group efforts, their plans, and pioneering adventures. Those groups could be involved in revolutionary movements and new social ideologies, technical innovations, and simple public gatherings.

This sign belongs to the air element, which means that it is governed by written, spoken, or symbolic communication. And its traditional ruler is Saturn, while the “modern” ruler is Uranus.

Since Aquarius is placed as the eighth area looking from Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon, this carries the meaning of death and transformation. So basically, in this area, Moon dies as an individual idea and gets reborn as the group spirit.

This is no longer about “me” and “my feelings”, but about “us” and what is the best solution for all of “us”. During this process, the Moon loses its delicate feelings, usual moodiness, and kindness, and becomes bold and brave, but often harsh and senseless.

Moon in Aquarius Traits

Moon In Aquarius Traits & Personality

One thing is certain when it comes to Aquarius Moon’s positive traits, this person always has the best intentions and they want good for all beings. They are not stubborn, and they can easily adapt to all living conditions.

Perhaps their ideas might not be so suitable for all occasions, nevertheless, they will have so many ideas brimming from their minds that some of those could be simply excellent.

Also, they will be so good in the sense of communication and getting people to agree on some project or idea. Oftentimes, they will put their personal needs aside, so that the larger group would benefit.

Speaking about Aquarius Moon’s negative traits, they will be fast and adaptable, indeed, but at the same time, this person can be pretty shallow and forget about important details during important moments in life or career.

They could become the everlasting agitator fighting against everything and everyone, but never having the better solution publically displayed.

Their behavior will go to extremes and they will search for role models on how to dress, what foods to eat, or how to treat others. And if those role models are bad for their health or success, they will still blindly follow without asking some important questions like – do I really need to do this?

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Aries with Moon in Aquarius

Moon In Aquarius Traits & Personality

This person will love to hang out with all sorts of unusual people or people who resist the usual social norms. They will also feel the need to always join large groups of people whether those groupings can relate to some pioneering adventures or simply watching a football game at a stadium.

Taurus with Moon in Aquarius

Becoming an entrepreneur or having a partnership business with their best friend or close sibling will be the best choice for this person. And their career will surely go through some ups and downs, and they will rely on a large number of clients.

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Gemini with Moon in Aquarius

The best instructor or teacher related to human psychology or the IT industry will become destiny for this person. They could be known as a motivational speaker, inventor, or perhaps both because they study something new all the time.

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Cancer with Moon in Aquarius

The world of the occult, religious sects, and more than that, new ideologies will act like an irresistible magnet for this person. They will also love to experiment with their sexuality, and they will keep those habits very secretive.

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Leo with Moon in Aquarius

Moon In Aquarius Traits & Personality

Being oriented toward public opinion and depending psychologically on that opinion will be this person’s destiny. They will also change several spouses, always trying to find the proper one. However, the “one” will appear later on in their life.

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Virgo with Moon in Aquarius

This is the greatest blessing for computer developers. This person will be disciplined, dedicated to any project to the very end, and yet creative and unusual enough to “magically” shape new codes, websites, and all sorts of online products.

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Libra with Moon in Aquarius

This person will be exceptionally talented in bringing various types of people together. If they are in the entertainment, music, or fashion industry, they will gain name and fame, even if they don’t possess any specific talent.

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Scorpio with Moon in Aquarius

The constant battles with family, especially motherly figures and teachers will color this individual’s life. They will dread their family and relatives, and their habits. And eventually, they will strive to reach more affluent circles.

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Sagittarius with Moon in Aquarius

This individual will surely be their own boss, but dealing with large groups of people, and feeling really close to them. They will also create great profits through all sorts of psychological manipulation, like in sales or marketing. 

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Capricorn with Moon in Aquarius

Moon In Aquarius Traits & Personality

The direct income of this person will hugely increase after they get married or start some business in their mature age with a business partner. However, marriage will have better chances for them to get rich.

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Aquarius with Moon in Aquarius

All talks about humanity, all sorts of rights, and oppression of those rights will be this person’s mission. They will dread boredom, an affluent style of pretending, as they would put it. And in general terms, they will truly live when they truly serve all others.

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Pisces with Moon in Aquarius

You will never know what this person wants or thinks. And in so many cases, they won’t know those things either. They could be experimenting with all sorts of people and/or substances, or they could have a wonderful imagination and use it through fine arts and writing.

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