Moon in Virgo Traits & Personality

Moon in Virgo Traits & Personality

Virgo is a sign of daily obligations, digesting foods and other people or situations, and using information rationally for our benefit. How we use our time, our guts, and how we serve others will be the main themes of this area of the Zodiac.

Moon in Virgo feels good in this sign. The main traits Moon has like proper nourishment, kindness, and understanding others, will come in handy here in Virgo, where daily contact with numerous individuals will take place.

This person will be very empathetic, but rational, and therefore helpful while resolving any issue.

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What does it mean to have a Virgo Moon?

The sign of Virgo is all about rational judgments and practical solutions. This is why the Moon will feel safe, understood, and accepted here. The ruler of Virgo is the planet Mercury, but in its earth element which matched with the watery Moon.

It will be like the water falling on the fertile ground and forcing the seeds to become alive. Ideas will become materialized and many good deeds will be on this person’s agenda while working with lots of people.

Since Virgo is the third sign from Cancer, the sign ruled by Moon, and the third placement in astrology is all about learning and having close friendly relationships, this will be a very beneficial situation. The individual will be exceptionally talented as a doctor or any health practitioner.

They could also be very skilled farmers or people who work on research projects in laboratories. A fast mind and deep insight will be two main characteristics of a Moon in a Virgo person.

Moon in Virgo Traits

Moon in Virgo Traits & Personality

A person with a Moon in Virgo will have many positive traits.

They will be rational and practical above all, and always on the lookout whether something will go wrong or not. And if something goes wrong, they will always have their head cold, and their heart full, while executing the fastest and the best solution there is.

They will love clarity, and never cause any drama, and besides all that, a Moon in Virgo person will be highly intelligent. But let’s not forget that they are also very humble and love minimalistic style not wasting time and money on an unnecessary luxury.

When it comes to negative traits of Moon in Virgo person, they will surely never become a drama queen, but they could easily earn the title of the dread queen, due to their strict rules, inflexibility to sudden changes, conservative attitude, or annoying innate need to be nitpicky and too tidy.

People will avoid them in those situations or even fear them, while a Virgo Moon person tries to discover who did what wrong, meaning who did things in the way Virgo Moon doesn’t. It will be truly hard to cope in certain situations due to this inner stubbornness.

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How does having Moon in Virgo change each zodiac sign? 

Aries with Moon in Virgo

Serving others will be this person’s motto in life. They will be known as the excellent healer or a doctor, a bookkeeper or any other administrative worker, or maintenance professional like a plumber, for instance.

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Taurus with Moon in Virgo

The immense love for seeds, vegetables, plants and gardening in general, and correct nutrition will be this person’s passion. They will be able not just to use plants as food, but for many other purposes, like creating jewelry out of seeds. 

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Gemini with Moon in Virgo

A changeable relationship with this person’s mother will always be the focus of this individual’s thoughts. They will have many misunderstandings and heated discussions, and yet the two of them will look alike and act like siblings.

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Cancer with Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo Traits & Personality

Extraordinary writing talent will mark this individual’s life. They will be able to take some national myths and legends and turn them into truly mesmerizing modern novels with the elements of science fiction. Besides that, their sibling will be their greatest inspiration.

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Leo with Moon in Virgo

Losing money in general terms, or gaining huge amounts through doing business with foreign countries will be on this person’s cards. Also, older female figures will always be hidden enemies in this individual’s life.

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Virgo with Moon in Virgo

This individual will be a necessary part of any social gathering. They will know many people and connect with different people knowing their qualities match. Great matchmaker also, but this person’s purpose will be to unite and also profit from those efforts.

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Libra with Moon in Virgo

Working in closed environments will be this person’s career style. This can be an excellent writer or someone who deals with psychology, psychiatry, or any sort of energetic healing. They will love sciences and be truly knowledgeable in medical themes.

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Scorpio with Moon in Virgo

The career of an excellent doctor will be the best choice for this individual. They will know how to practically deal with and resolve any health issue. And they will also use some traditional healing methods besides their basic profession.

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Sagittarius with Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo Traits & Personality

The career will go through several fluctuations for this person. They will have a powerful intuition and good timing, and they will probably work in laboratories or do some technical or engineering tasks, which will change frequently according to the general needs.

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Capricorn with Moon in Virgo

Meeting a spouse through college or any form of higher education will be written in this person’s destiny. They will also love to read all sorts of books, and they could also be known as a skilled writer who might become famous later on in life.

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Aquarius with Moon in Virgo

The tendency to overanalyze and talk all the time might ruin this person’s intimate life. When it comes to more positive outcomes of this placement, this can be an exceptionally skilled developer in the IT industry or a psychologist.

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Pisces with Moon in Virgo

The magical and passionate romances will lead this person toward several marriages. In their life, everything will revolve around the idea of the “sacred union”, although they will have to change many partners before they find the “one”.

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