Moon in Taurus Traits & Personality

Moon in Taurus Traits & Personality

Taurus is the sign of values, mostly material, but also traditional values in a person. In popular opinion, Taurus and its ruler Venus are seen as the epitome of beauty and carnal pleasures. However, it’s more about how physical or material conditions are perceived and used for the benefit of a person.

Moon in Taurus is in its best position in the sign of Taurus. Moon, the representative of home and family values exalts here where the food is plenty, the home is tastefully decorated and safe, and where all the members of the family are working together in harmony to achieve greater wealth, and greater beauty.

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What does it mean to have a Taurus Moon?

Hold on to what is known and safe, is the general philosophy of an individual with Taurus Moon. Life should be peaceful, slow, and without surprises, especially those parts of life-related to love and finances. This feeling of “mine” or “what belongs to me” will be the most important part of their existence.

Taurus belongs to the earth element and is in accordance with Moon which is the symbol for a water element. Moon in Taurus will feel supported by its closest environment where everything flourishes and is highly fertile.

This person will love cooking, interior design, gardening, and all beautiful professions, including banking or financial transactions.

At the same time, this won’t be about showing off or parading with overpriced branded items, but more about the lasting value and quality of those things. And people around this person will be valued in the same manner.

Moon in Taurus Traits

Moon in Taurus Traits & Personality

When it comes to positive Taurus Moon person’s traits, you should know that this person is highly practical and capable of handling perfectly any situation, idea, or another person. They will know everything and everything they focus on will quickly turn into pure gold.

Taking advantage of any situation will be their thing, once they are ready for action. And at the same time, Moon in Taurus will appear relaxed, elegant, and very mannered.

When it comes to negative Moon in Taurus person’s traits, you must know that they are so stubborn, more than any other sign.

And they can be slow and studious. Yes, they are hard workers, but this shows only when they make up their minds, before this happens, they will be capable of not moving at all for a prolonged time frame.

Although Moon in Taurus won’t react aggressively, they will remember everything, and never forget and forgive the person who hurt them. And if the appropriate situation occurs they will enjoy the triumph of watching their “enemy” defeated.

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How does having a Moon in Taurus change each zodiac sign? 

Aries with Moon in Taurus

The individual will be shrewd, action-oriented, and perhaps too fast, yet exceptionally successful, or better to say lucky in their attempts to create higher incomes.

They will do things in a conservative manner, but faster than anyone else. And they could have a powerful voice while speaking or singing.

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Taurus with Moon in Taurus

Tradition, family values, wealth, and many other traits will create a memorable, but peaceful and even luxurious life for this person. Also, this is someone with beautiful big eyes, full lips, and a rounded face.

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Gemini with Moon in Taurus

This person will be very successful in their financial transaction, but they will keep this area of their life in secrecy and mostly do business with foreign countries. In many cases, prophetic dreams will help them to thrive in life.

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Cancer with Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus Traits & Personality

The strong connection with the motherly figure, and at the same time vet beneficial and cordial social networking with same-minded, traditional people, will mark this person’s life.

Through those social circles, an individual will get any kind of support.

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Leo with Moon in Taurus

A huge success in a career will be destined for this individual. However, this will take time, with many obstacles, and fluctuations.

There could be some powerful enemies plotting against this person behind their back, or their career could be focused on foreign lands or clients.

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Virgo with Moon in Taurus

Lots of traveling and soul searching will surely be present in this individual’s life. They will have a strong need to study traditional arts and ancient religions, especially everything related to Egypt. And this research will change their inner world.

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Libra with Moon in Taurus

The powerful need to explore the occult world and sciences like astrology and tarot will be on this person’s mind most of the time. And they will be materially oriented, yet focused on the beneficial use of spiritual worlds. Interesting sexual practices can also be present.

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Scorpio with Moon in Taurus

This person will strive to have a conservative and respectable image in public and to be accepted by lots of affluent people.

At the same time, several marriages are possible, as well as the need to start many businesses with each spouse.

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Sagittarius with Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus Traits & Personality

The life of serving others will be this person’s agenda. They will have a high level of intelligence and be a free-spirit.

However, they will work for wealthy people, as some sort of consultant, and have high standards when it comes to pricing.

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Capricorn with Moon in Taurus

Love for beautiful romances with beautiful partners will color this person’s romantic relationships. When it comes to progeny, the beautiful daughter is most likely to bring joy and increase wealth in their life.

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Aquarius with Moon in Taurus

Mother will play a prominent role in this person’s life. They will resemble their mother or motherly figure, yet fight against her moral values during their younger years.

As they get older they will become calmer and accept their family’s psychological inheritance.

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Pisces with Moon in Taurus

Wealthy and influential close friends or siblings will be a necessary part of this person’s life. They will truly rely on those close people’s opinions or judgment, and their friendship will be devoted, filled with harmonious activities and conversations, and most likely, lucrative business ideas.

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