Is Your Cancer Woman Done With You? (7 Clues!)

How Do You Know When A Cancer Woman Is Done With You?

The Cancer woman is a nurturer and family woman. She likes to take care of the people she loves and only wants to be loved in return. She is moody just like how fast the moon phases change.

There is a saying that the biggest fool in love is a Cancer woman because she loves with all her heart and even if you end up parting ways, she will always have a tender spot for you.

The Cancer woman is done with you when she has become insensitive to you. She may decide to disappear from your life and retreat. This is an act of mercy at this point because she knows she might lash at you.

If you have separated from a Cancer woman, make sure it is done properly or she will never forgive you for the rest of her life.

Sounds simple enough.. but we’ve just scratched the surface!

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That said, let’s see what it looks like when a Cancer woman is in love…

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The Cancer woman in love

The Cancer woman is the dedicated caregiver out of all the zodiac signs. She is the mother archetype and is the happiest in the comfort of her home. If you want to show a Cancer woman you love her, simply give her lots of reassurance, and words of encouragement and let her cook for you.

How Do You Know When A Cancer Woman Is Done With You?

She is sensitive and is not the type to give up on her relationships even when things get tough. She is a cardinal sign, which means she is determined to ensure that the outcome will suffice. Her love language could be acts of service, she enjoys doing things for her loved ones.

When you date a Cancer woman you are also dating her entire circle. It means you need to make sure you treat her friends and family right. What they have to say about your relationship with her can affect things between you. For the Cancer woman, the words of her loved ones hold weight.

The good news is, she will also treat your family and loved ones as an extension of you. The Cancer woman will try her best to make a good impression and try to develop a relationship with them too.

When things don’t work out and the two of you decide to part ways, there is a cautionary tale that can suffice.

The Cancer woman has an elephant memory, she never forgets. If she has never been at peace with your separation, she can easily plot revenge to get back at you. Otherwise, her love endures even beyond the relationship’s lifetime.

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That said, let’s review the 7 clues she’s moved on. (We’ll talk about Brad again later…)

How to tell when a Cancer woman has moved on

She has begun to keep her distance

How Do You Know When A Cancer Woman Is Done With You?

The Cancer woman demands cuddles and physical connection. It is hard for them to keep long-distance relationships because of that. If she initiates making less time with you, it might be a sign that she’s letting go of the relationship.

She will isolate herself to gather her thoughts and feelings. The Cancer woman will try to adjust to life without you. She may be a person of habit and nostalgia but she is still cardinal. She will be able to find joy in starting something new.

Many times, influencers and creators portray Cancer women as a crybaby but what most do not realize is that the Cancer woman is psychologically talented and can use people’s weaknesses to her advantage. They can be manipulative and influence others to their liking.

Imagine breaking her heart and you suddenly became the most hated man in your circle.

She does not want you to come back

When the Cancer woman is going through a separation, most of the time her feelings remain. She loves you but hates you because you do not wish to be with her. This frustrates her and even if it hurts her to push you away, she has to do it.

It may also be that the Cancer woman has built a trauma around you. She could be fearful of your rejection.

Their memory is a superpower and it is not uncommon for words to trigger them. To be honest, it’s not impossible to win a Cancer woman back, but it will be toxic and a rollercoaster of bringing back the mistakes is inevitable.

You would have to be patient when she constantly pushes you away. It may be that your Cancer woman truly needs the space and time to be away from you. When you force a Cancer woman to take you back when she is not ready, you just give her more reasons not to trust you.

She is willing to meet someone new

How Do You Know When A Cancer Woman Is Done With You?

There is a saying that in order to remove a habit you have to replace it. The Cancer woman, is a lover of comfort and routine. Her sign rules foundations. If there is a void, she needs to fill it up. As the most caregiving sign, her need to nurture is strong and she will look for someone she can feel safe with.

The takeaway here is if you have had a special connection with the Cancer woman and you were able to emotionally carry her, she might take you back over time. However, if the nature of the relationship is somewhat superficial, she will just go back to her dating apps.

The Cancer woman is cardinal and she can fall in love fast. The euphoria of being in love is addictive and she doesn’t mind rushing in. She might use your breakup as a way to get points on her new man. She will allow them to rescue her from her broken heart.

She makes you experience the silent treatment

The Cancer woman often shows her anger through the silent treatment. Many times, this is a form of manipulation on their end, or it’s actually how it is. She does not want anything to do with you.

She does not make an effort to be sweet or accommodating to your needs anymore. You may want to try and reach out but she declines your calls and block your messages. The Cancer woman might be learning to appreciate her freedom as a single woman.

She will find a distraction or overwork on purpose

Separation is always a devastating blow to the Cancer woman. It doesn’t help that she is also sensitive and ruled by her emotions. The result is that she might enroll in a class, commit to overtime when she doesn’t have to, or just makeup activities, anything to remove the thought of you.

She will learn to appreciate her friends again. Obviously, her friends and family will roast you to make her feel better. The Cancer woman will spend more time with her loved ones. She may also lean towards self-destructive behavior like stress eating, and excess alcohol, to name a few.

As Cancer women rarely forget, it is better to try and make things at peace if you can, that is surely better than having an obsessed ex.

She throws a tantrum

If you broke up with a Cancer woman and she thinks you never understood how much pain you made her go through, she will be irritable.

She will act like a toddler that didn’t get what she wants. The Cancer woman can make a scene and try to make you see her point. She is currently a walking time bomb doing her best to hold her feelings and then explode in your face.

When she was yours, she was territorial and protective of you, she is angry because of the broken promises and loss of trust. If there is a thing you need to remember about the Cancer woman, it is emotional honesty.

She is passive-aggressive

When a Cancer woman is angry, she can react indirectly. A lot of people underestimate the Cancer sign because they seem harmless when they can be deceptive if they want to. She can play the victim game without getting tired.

How Do You Know When A Cancer Woman Is Done With You?

She will remember all the things you disliked about yourself, your insecurities and traumas, and what she does with that is up to your imagination.

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When your Cancer woman is done with you, the final word!

When a Cancer woman is done with you, she will no longer care for you. She reminds you that the pain she felt was real and intense, and she resents you for not understanding that. The Cancer woman in separation can possibly think of a hundred ways to get her revenge.

This woman is not to be underestimated, she is a strategic manipulator when provoked, when she is over you, she will begin to meet new people. She will use her tragic story to get people to feel for her. The Cancer woman may also begin to distance herself and spend more time with other people, just not you.

The only fortunate thing is when you have separated in peace, either way, the Cancer woman never forgets and your name will always trigger feelings whether it is for the good or bad depending on what happened between the two of you.

She is currently a walking time bomb doing her best to hold her feelings and then explode in your face.



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