5 Signs A Cancer Woman Is Playing You

A Cancer woman won’t treat you right when she sees that you are not the one for her or when she isn’t really interested in a committed relationship with you. If you want to know the signs when a Cancer woman is playing you, you have come to the right place.

When a Cancer woman is playing you, she becomes very unreliable and starts to withdraw from you. It’s as if she’s avoiding you. She will also start to be critical of you and will have mood swings whenever you’re around.

If you do try to open up to her about it, she will only avoid you or any kind of confrontation.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we talk about the signs this woman is playing, let’s see what she is like in love.

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Characteristics Of A Cancer Woman In Love

She is supportive

A Cancer woman loves to take the lead, which makes her a wonderful supporter of your own goals and aspirations. As your biggest supporter, she will never let you down, so you won’t have to worry about that. By nature, a Cancer woman is a nurturer; helping those in need and those she loves is in her blood.

The Cancer woman is able to support you when you’re down, offering you her shoulder to cry on and persistently encouraging you to become your best self. She will be your defender for the rest of your life because she values your needs and desires.

It is really simple to sense a Cancer woman’s affection for you in her unwavering support for your own development.

She is emotional

On the inside, a Cancer woman is incredibly soft despite her strong exterior. She cannot be overly concerned with her emotions and she has trouble trusting people, but once she does, you’ll find that she opens up to you in ways you’ve never seen.

Pay attention to the cues she gives you about where you can assume control because she is very emotional.

A Cancer woman is not a loudmouth begging for attention but she wants you to understand her emotions once she is in love. She yearns for equal gratification of all her desires and she wants a partner who satisfies her passions.

She has to feel comfortable in an emotional setting in order to be persuaded that a relationship is sincere.

She is protective

When you are having problems, a Cancer woman will definitely show up, eager to help you out or protect you. When you need her the most, you can count on her to always be there for you. A Cancer woman will love you if she lets you into her safe space.

However, she becomes way too protective of you when she becomes jealous of you flirting with someone else. She feels frightened by any inconsistency in your ideas and behavior since it undermines her confidence in you.

A Cancer woman longs to stick by your side and never let go of you.

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Characteristics A Cancer Woman Dislikes In A Man


A Cancer woman will be upset by the aggressive pursuit of her emotions. She needs peace at the end of the day, and if it remains an unattainable ideal, she won’t be happy in a relationship. She won’t feel safe around an aggressive man since she’s looking for a partner with more depth and groundedness.

The constant stream of difficulties in life irritates her, therefore the Cancer woman automatically favors men who are adept at navigating challenging circumstances. Although she is a patient person, she needs a patient man over a man who has a propensity for violence.

Such men, who lack calmness in their daily lives, lack credibility in her eyes.


The Cancer woman finds it irritating when her partner makes a terrible decision or takes too long to come up with one. She has a tendency to get confused by it and becomes lost. She is too preoccupied with her emotional turmoil and hates a man who is unable to stand on a more solid foundation while they are together.

A Cancer woman is very picky about who she hangs out with, and she wouldn’t waste her time until she knows both of them are certain.

Even though she is completely self-sufficient on her own, she would prefer to be in a healthy relationship with someone who is also self-sufficient and doesn’t drain her energy.


On the other side, a Cancer woman requires and desires affection in order to feel secure and loved in a relationship.

She loses trust in men who are all about pride and have selfish characteristics. A Cancer woman is exceedingly sensitive and she is the kind of person that expresses her feelings through touch, such as by giving someone a hug and a kiss when meeting.

She is tremendously kind to the people she cares about, but she isn’t overly touchy with strangers or people she doesn’t like. In a romantic partnership, a Cancer woman appreciates cuddling, holding hands, and simply just being close to her partner.

She dislikes having to put up with a cold, distant man who despises being affectionate.

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5 Signs A Cancer Woman Is Playing You

She is unreliable

A Cancer woman tries to change her plans as infrequently as possible, even if it throws off her own schedule because she knows how it upsets her. Even worse is if she cancels with no prior notice; repeated occurrences without a good reason are red flags that she is only playing you.

A Cancer woman always keeps her promises and she will keep her promises if she genuinely likes you and establishes plans with you. So, if you make arrangements with her and she abruptly cancels, makes a weak justification, or entirely disappears, you can see that as a hint that she is not sincere about you.

She avoids confrontations

One thing that a Cancer woman enjoys is talking about her emotions. However, if you don’t actually mean something to her, it’s likely that she won’t make any effort to engage in discussions about your relationship. When you open up to her about the problem, she will try her best to avoid that talk.

Being around a Cancer woman makes it a little challenging to avoid seeing his moods and emotions. She knows that you don’t fail to see her unusual behavior, but she just won’t bring them up.

In this case, she will want to take control because she is generally only concerned with gratifying her own desires. If you force them to confront her about it, she may even come right out and declare that she doesn’t see a future for the two of you.

She is moody

A Cancer woman is clearly only playing with you if she becomes irritated by anything you say or do. She may get incredibly upset when you don’t think she has a reason to be or become abruptly angry over even the smallest of things.

All of this suggests that she is thinking about ending things and would like to get rid of you.

When a Cancer woman feels trapped, she is renowned for having extreme mood swings. She might not have the guts to end things amicably even if she decides that she wants to leave you. She might not want to hurt you by saying that she doesn’t love you and she will continuously express her anger toward you.

She is critical

Even if you haven’t done anything wrong, a Cancer woman’s decision to leave you could cause her to be critical. She will vent her rage on you if she feels suffocated with you in her life and no longer wants to do anything to you.

She frequently loses her temper or becomes too critical of you when you do something that she earlier thought was insignificant.

You might think that your Cancer woman is becoming vindictive toward you for no apparent cause. For your relationship, this is not good, especially if everything you do ends up coming back to you. It’s possible that your Cancer woman is playing you if you feel like she won’t give you a break.

You can tell this is a sign that your Cancer woman is playing you if she reacts angrily to your questions or takes reasonable criticism way too personally.

She withdraws from you

It makes sense that thinking about leaving a relationship might make her uncomfortable. If your Cancer woman is continually distant or withdrawn, it may be a sign that she doesn’t really want anything serious with you.

She can experience undue tension if the relationship leads nowhere because she won’t have anybody else to rely on.

A Cancer woman might turn inward and refuse to go out with you. Additionally, she can develop some negative behaviors that help her cope with her anxiousness. You should be observing her behavior if you’re unsure whether she’s playing you.

By looking at a Cancer woman’s actions and behavior, you can be certain that she is not serious about you.

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5 signs a Cancer woman is playing you, final thoughts…

If a Cancer woman is playing you:

  • She is unreliable
  • She avoids confrontations
  • She is moody
  • She is critical
  • She withdraws from you



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