5 Signs A Cancer Woman Is Using You

A Cancer woman isn’t really good at covering things up, so it should be easy for you to know when she is not being serious. If you want to know the signs if a Cancer woman is using you, you have come to the right place.

A Cancer woman is playing you if she is not showing any affection and is hesitant to open up to you. You may also notice that she isn’t offering you any emotional support, and you will realize that you are not one of her priorities. A Cancer woman who is using you will also be distant and aloof.

In this article, you will learn about a Cancer woman’s weaknesses and how to keep her interested. Read further!

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Signs A Cancer Woman Wants To Break Up

She ghosts you

Because she is so sensitive and empathetic, a Cancer woman is unable to manage direct breakups. Especially if she is conscious of the other person’s emotions and is aware that the breakup would cause great pain to them.

She won’t be dishonest about her feelings, even if she doesn’t want to accept them, and she’ll ghost you without giving you a reason.

There is no longer a connection between you two, and you probably even realize it yourself.

You cannot save that connection or your relationship on your own, no matter what you do. In addition to all of the other signs, you can be certain that your Cancer woman is preparing to quit your relationship permanently if she starts to avoid physical contact.

She starts arguments

It’s one of the easiest ways to tell whether a Cancer woman wants to break up with you. You should be aware that her feelings for you have changed if she begins to experience excruciating mood swings and doesn’t even attempt to cope with them.

It’s clear that a Cancer woman doesn’t care about your relationship if she starts arguments to make you uncomfortable.

It seems as though all the love a Cancer woman once had for you has turned into hatred. She will do so by preying on your fears in an effort to hurt your feelings and crush your ego. A Cancer woman will do this, particularly if she recognizes you as one of those men who put their egos above all else.

5 Signs A Cancer Woman Is Using You

She isn’t affectionate

A Cancer woman won’t be affectionate, which is one of the most obvious signs that she is using you. When it comes to the people she cares about, this woman is often quite affectionate.

Lack of affection may also indicate a different issue, but it is never really for a good reason. Even while it’s not a guarantee, it always suggests that things in your relationship might not be going well with your Cancer woman.

You might notice that a Cancer woman begins to withhold affection once she has lost interest in you as well.

She enjoys physical contact and isn’t afraid to engage in PDA, so you should be alarmed when this happens. Your relationship may soon come to an end if your Cancer woman suddenly stops showing affection and won’t say why.

She won’t open up

When she is distraught and in need of an empathic ear, a Cancer woman may turn to you if she is genuinely in love with you. If she is only using you, she might never become truly open and vulnerable with you.

If you’re being used by a Cancer woman, she probably won’t trust you. She won’t make an effort to open up to you and let you get to know the real her if she doesn’t envision a future with you.

Your Cancer woman may be okay with displaying occasional emotion, particularly if she needs someone to listen to her.

She won’t open up about her secrets to you or she won’t be entirely honest with you. She won’t make an effort to build a relationship based on emotion, and she might even purposefully avoid doing anything that might make you both seem vulnerable to one another.

She is distant

A Cancer woman may appear cold and distant when she is taking advantage of you. If you’re used to the affection and compassion that this sign often exhibits, this will seem very out-of-character. If your Cancer woman seems momentarily distant, it’s nothing to worry about.

When a Cancer woman cares about you, she will come across as warm and affectionate. She probably doesn’t care about you or trust you if she is utterly distant toward you. If a Cancer woman has a good reason for keeping her distance, she’ll probably let you know.

This sign might be using you, though, if she avoids you repeatedly and won’t explain why.

She is unsupportive

If she doesn’t really love you, she won’t ever be there to support you emotionally. A warning sign is if your Cancer woman avoids you whenever you’re depressed or angry. If she never seems interested in hearing about your concerns, she might be using you.

A Cancer woman won’t ever make an effort to help you if she is only playing you.

With a Cancer woman, support is typically given and received. She expects the people she cares about to do the same for her; she will always be there for them. There will be instances where she will truly be unable to assist, and she will have a valid reason for those moments.

Those moments won’t often occur if a Cancer woman genuinely cares about you.

You’re not a priority

If a Cancer woman is only using you, she won’t put you first. You’ll be able to tell if she simply wants something specific from you or if you’re just there for her convenience. If your Cancer woman truly cares about you and you need her help, she will make an effort to be there whatever happens.

A Cancer woman may not always be able to skip work or other commitments, but she will make an effort. If she genuinely cares about you, she will make an effort to win your approval because she will be interested in your contentment.

It will be clear if a Cancer woman is using you if she doesn’t care about your wants and happiness.

A Cancer Woman’s Weakness In A Relationship

A Cancer woman can be so nostalgic that she almost enters a dark place because she seems to have no control over her emotions. When she is not paying attention to her environment, she may become suspicious and start to question every little thing.

It’s crucial for a Cancer woman to realize that nobody wins from this because only trust can create solid relationships that are supposed to last a long time.

A Cancer woman’s life can have an odd effect on her and her loved ones because she needs to feel strongly when it comes to her intimate relationships. When seeking reciprocal feelings from others, she will turn gloomy and vengeful if she doesn’t encounter compassion and goodwill.

How To Keep A Cancer Woman Interested

Let your romantic side seduce your Cancer woman by acting like a gentleman. Shower her with sweet words and any romantic gesture you can ever think of. If writing is one of your strongest suits, you might want to write her a poem or a heartfelt note and send it to her to make her day.

A Cancer woman values the finer things in life, especially in romantic relationships, the most.

Moon is the planet that rules the Cancer woman; thus, she is naturally gentle, compassionate, warm, and empathic. And those characteristics are precisely what she seeks in all of her relationships. Be friendly to everyone, and don’t be hesitant to let your Cancer woman see your kind side. It won’t just keep her attention on you; it’ll also cause her to fall all over again with you.

5 signs a Cancer woman is using you, final thoughts…

If a Cancer woman is using you:

  • She isn’t affectionate
  • She won’t open up
  • She is distant
  • She is unsupportive
  • You’re not a priority



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