How Does A Cancer Woman Test You?

How Does A Cancer Woman Test You?

Cancer women are one of the most nurturing members of the zodiac.

These ladies are ruled by the moon, the planet associated with motherhood, caregiving, and emotions. Taking note of the moon’s phases, it is not a surprise that it also makes them quite moody. If you have been seeing a Cancer woman, you might want to get to know more about them.

The Cancer woman will test you by your sensitivity to others and how you treat them. She will test you on the quality of time you spend with her and the opinions of her family. She fears abandonment and may sometimes act clingy, she would need a partner that is able to reassure her he will not leave.

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Profile of a Cancer woman

Cancer women make good housewives. They also make great mothers who naturally are born caregivers. The Cancer woman is loyal, committed, and protective. She understands how it feels to be hurt therefore she is a willing listener to those who run to her.

She will comfort you with her shoulder to cry on and maybe even have food ready if that will help you feel better.

These ladies center on home and domestic matters. She is happiest when she gets to take care of those she loves. The best date for her is a cozy environment. Cancer women are deeply loving and they always share what they have.

Cancer women are driven by security. She wants to feel safe with someone as she is symbolized by the crab, she tends to put on a brave exterior but will be fragile inside. These ladies are sentimental and always cherish the memories you make with them.

This will also make her resentful if things go sour.

They put relationships headfirst. They will make an effort to get to know not just you, but your family and friends as she knows they are important to you. She doesn’t mind having a supportive role but embraces it and does her best with it.

7 ways a Cancer woman will test you

She will test you on how you fit her family and friends

How Does A Cancer Woman Test You?

Dating a Cancer automatically means you are not dating a single person, you are dating the whole family and maybe her circle too. They value what they will say about you. It is important for the Cancer woman to have a partner that fits into her life with ease.

Cancer rules the 4th house which is about the home and foundations. These ladies are more than willing to protect what they already have rather than risk it for someone they’re not sure with. She needs to know that you value the same things as she does.

She tests how you handle her ever-changing moods

Cancer and woman in one sentence are already chaotic in the sense that there is a double dose of moodiness. It’s not that they’re proud of it. It is just that their emotions are not a single layer. Their hearts are always open and this makes them sentimental.

They are moody because they can easily get hurt and they don’t like to show that weakness either.

The way Cancer women act when they are hurt is that they will pull up and hide somewhere they feel safe. They will take the time to recharge and think about what happened. When they feel better, they will always welcome you with open arms.

She will test the quality of relationships you invest in

The Cancer woman believes that the type of people you spend time with is a reflection of you. She is intuitive and will pick up the patterns that you have based on your circle. She is aware that these people are important to you and will try her best to treat them right.

She does this because she dislikes dealing with people who are two-faced. A Cancer woman would rather be with someone who is honest and transparent than be with people who are nice to the face and are backstabbers when you turn around.

She will test your memory or attention to small details

How Does A Cancer Woman Test You?

The Cancer woman will take notice if you remember small details, like what was her favorite dessert and maybe dates of special moments. This is a love language to her. You might also want to take note of how you speak words. Again, they are sensitive and it doesn’t help that they also have long-term memory.

If there is a sign that can keep grudges to the grave, that would be Cancer. If you have to give her feedback you have to do so in a way that you are able to let her know what options she has and let her take it from there.

She tests how supportive you are

As she is supportive, she will be hopeful that you are too. Cancer women are stubborn. They are not the ones to fight first but when she needs to, she will make sure you lose. It is all about your tone of voice or your body language.

It doesn’t matter who was right or wrong if she feels as if you are out to get her, she will not back down.

Cancer women are selfless and are willing to do anything to make others feel happy and safe. They put their all when it comes to relationships and want to be with a partner that makes them feel that they are on the same team.

She will test how much you trust her

For the Cancer woman, trust is the foundation of relationships. She longs for a partner that is reliable and she can be vulnerable.

She will take her time to get to know you before committing. Maybe she will have feelings but it doesn’t mean you’ve already won her. Remember, her family and friends have something to say before that happens.

For her, separation is never an option. They believe if they cared more, it will fix things. Cancer women aren’t known for betraying their partners and would rather obsess over them instead of letting their eyes wander.

If you want to win a Cancer woman, show her that you are trustworthy and can reciprocate the same behavior.

She tests how consistent you are

How Does A Cancer Woman Test You?

These women are people of the past. They like what is familiar, what is comfortable. It makes sense that they will choose someone who is consistent with their actions and words. They don’t want to be with someone who can’t decide what they want. They will overthink if you cancel plans at the last minute.

Cancer women prefer stability.

They want to date someone who will not think twice about the commitment and are ready to see them walk the aisle. She is ready to give you love like in the movies and if you can give her the consistency of a stable relationship, she will make you the happiest man that ever lived.

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How your Cancer woman tests you, in a nutshell…

The Cancer woman tests you on consistency. These women are driven by security and put relationships at the top of their priority list. If you cannot reciprocate these values, she will not consider the romance.

These women wear their hearts on their sleeves and can get hurt easily. Whatever you say to her can be stored for a long time as they have a gift of memory.

Overall, Cancer women make good wives and great mothers who know how to cherish a sensitive soul and are extremely devoted to a man who is consistent.



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