How To Text A Cancer Woman?

How To Text A Cancer Woman?

If you are trying to keep a Cancer woman interested in you, then you need to learn how to text her properly.

When you text a Cancer woman, keep your messages consistent and sweet. Flatter her with sincere compliments and don’t play mind games with her. Be flirtatious without being explicit, and assure her that she’s the only woman for you. 

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s first talk about your Cancer woman and how to flirt with her over text.

How To Text A Cancer Woman?

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How to Flirt With a Cancer Woman Over Text

When you are trying to show a Cancer woman that you like her, texting can be a great way to tell her how you feel – as long as you know how to appeal to her zodiac sign’s sensibilities over texts.

One of the aspects of astrology you can use to determine your Cancer woman’s communication style is her sign’s natural element. Each sign of the zodiac belongs to one of four natural elements. These elements are fire, air, earth, or water.

Cancer is a water sign, and water signs are known for being sensitive, emotional, and intuitive. This means that a Cancer lady likes receiving considerate, sweet messages. Cancers are thoughtful and romantic, so they love it when you lavish them with affection and attention.

Send your Cancer lady a message just to say that you’re thinking about her. Send her photos or videos you find online and tell her that they reminded you of her. A Cancer woman adores compliments, so texts her plenty of admiration and praise.

Some signs love it when the person they admire plays hard to get because they like the thrill of the chase, but Cancer is not one of these signs. Don’t make her wait hours or days for a reply just to make her nervous. Because she is so sensitive, it hurts a Cancer lady’s feelings when you ignore her.

Cancer women value monogamy and loyalty, so you need to assure her that she’s the only woman you are flirting with over text. Don’t act like you are dating tons of other women; instead, let her know how special she is to you.

Some zodiac signs like playful ribbing or bickering as a form of flirting, but not Cancer. A Cancer woman is sensitive and takes anything you say to heart, so you should never tease or make fun of her in your messages, even if you’re just joking flirtatiously.

Instead, flatter her and tell her that you think the world of her. Compliments and sincerity are sure to get you much further with a Cancer lady than teasing.

If you don’t know this Cancer woman very well, if you chat sometimes, but not often, then you must use the IRAE framework, developed by Derek Rake. IRAE stands for (Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction, and Enslavement). Doing things out of order will have you crashing and burning…

With this framework, Derek uses fractionation to create an emotional roller coaster for your woman that intensifies her feelings for you. To a point where she is emotionally addicted to you. Read more about IRAE and fractionation here.

How To Text A Cancer Woman?

How to Seduce a Cancer Woman Over Text

Before trying to seduce a Cancer woman over text, you must recognize the difference between seduction and flirting. Flirting is much more subtle than seduction, and you flirt with a Cancer woman to show her that you’re romantically interested in her.

But when you want to tell a Cancer woman that you’re interested in her sexually, you send a seductive, rather than a flirtatious, text.

If you are looking for a relationship with a Cancer lady, you need to start by flirting and gradually work your way up to seduction. You must establish a romantic connection with her first before taking your texts to the next level.

But if you want only a sexual relationship with a Cancer woman, you can skip straight to seductive messages. Don’t try to make her think that you want anything more, otherwise, you will only end up hurting her feelings.

If you’re trying to seduce a Cancer lady, you need to leave a little to the imagination. She’s attracted to a mysterious guy, which can be explained by her sign’s ruling planet.

Every sign of the zodiac has a governing heavenly body that reveals something important about that sign. While most signs have planets as their guides, Cancer is ruled by the moon.

The moon is enigmatic, evasive, and almost always partially hidden in shadows. As the zodiac sign is governed by the moon, it makes sense that Cancer women are drawn to mysterious men.

This means that if you want to send your Cancer lady a seductive photo, you should make sure that you aren’t revealing too much. Instead of sending a nude, take a picture of yourself working out at the gym or wearing a nice outfit ask her what she thinks.

You should also seduce her by focusing on her zodiac sign’s favorite body parts. Just as every sign has a ruling planet, each sign also correlates with a specific set of body parts.

These limbs could be the body parts that sign is most attracted to, their best features, their erogenous zones, or the parts that cause the most health concerns.

Cancer’s correlated body parts are the stomach and breasts. When you want to send a hot selfie to your Cancer lady, you should pay special attention to these parts.

Send a shirtless photo of yourself to flaunt your abs and chest. If you’re not comfortable revealing your bare skin, wear a tight shirt that shows off your muscles.

The most important thing to remember when seducing a Cancer woman over text is to not be pushy or reveal too much. Give her a little taste and then let her come to you for the rest.

How to use fractionation over text…

If we are talking about seducing a woman over text, then I’ve got to include fractionation. As mentioned before, fractionation is like putting a woman on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s a sequence of repeated, intensifying cycles of emotional ups and downs…

You give her an emotional high, then an emotional low, etc.

And… For her, the ride becomes absolutely addicting! With fractionation, you can move your woman up the emotional scale (IRAE Model, mentioned above).

You can send one-sentence texts using fractionation, using these 2 formats:

  • express your approval of one of her bad qualities… or,
  • express disapproval of one of her good qualities…

For example, “I love how you can be so boring.” or “I’m disgusted by your good manners.”

Statements like this will stop her in her tracks and replying to your texts asking what you mean.

Derek offers many more examples and much more detail. Click here to read more about Derek’s Shogun Method.

How To Text A Cancer Woman?

Things to Text a Cancer Woman

Regardless of which kind of relationship you want to foster with your Cancer lady, there are a few texts that are always sure to make her smile.

A Cancer woman always responds to messages full of compliments. She likes being cheered on by her friends or partner, so make sure to use texts to lavish her with praise.

Tell her that you admire her work ethic or that you love her gorgeous eyes. Let her know that you like the way she dresses or you enjoy her sense of humor.

Another perfect way to text your Cancer lady is to send her a message inviting her over to your place. Each sign rules a “house” of the zodiac, and Cancer rules the fourth house, which is the house of family and home.

This means that Cancers are quite attached to their homes and thrive in a warm, cozy environment.

Text your Cancer woman to ask if she wants to come over and make dinner or watch movies with you. Make sure your house is tidy, welcoming, and full of snacks, and she will come running over.

When a Cancer woman invites you into her space, it means she really likes you. She is letting you into her private world and helping you get to know her better. If a Cancer lady ever texts you to come over, you should definitely take her up on the offer.

Finally, as an extremely emotional sign, Cancer women like texting to talk about their feelings. You should text her to check on how she’s feeling or to ask for help with an emotional problem.

Some signs hate talking about anything sentimental because they aren’t in touch with their emotions, but Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves and never shy away from exploring even the most uncomfortable feelings.

How To Text A Cancer Woman?

Why a Cancer Woman Didn’t Text Back?

When a Cancer woman doesn’t respond to your messages, she likely has a good reason. Cancers hate hurting anyone’s feelings, so they usually aren’t the type to ghost.

Each zodiac sign has a unique symbol, typically an animal, that tells us something significant about that sign’s personality. The symbol for Cancer is the crab, and like the ocean-dwelling creature, sometimes a Cancer woman needs to retreat into her shell.

If she isn’t texting you back, she is probably just taking some personal space – not only from you, but from everyone – to be alone with her feelings and recharge. It doesn’t mean she dislikes you or that anything is wrong. Give her a little space and she will text you back when she’s ready.

Another reason a Cancer lady might not text you back is that you have hurt her feelings or made her angry. Like the crab, she will pinch if she feels threatened or hurt. She might be giving you the silent treatment until you apologize and make it up to her.

OK. We’ve covered the details and strategies when communicating with a Cancer woman via text.

As I mentioned at the beginning if you are looking for more in-depth military-grade training to get your Cancer woman addicted to you emotionally, using IRAE and fractionation, then I’d suggest you check out Derek Rake’s “Shogun Method“.

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This is the most comprehensive program I’ve ever seen for men to succeed in every stage of their relationship, from the dating phase to being married for many years.

Texting your Cancer woman, in a nutshell…

If you want to build or maintain your relationship with a Cancer woman, you have to know the right way to text her.

Keep your messages romantic, sweet, and sincere. You should never play mind games with her or pretend to be unavailable. Assure her that you like her, but don’t reveal too much when you’re trying to be sexy. If you follow these guidelines, your Cancer woman will always reply to your texts.

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