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How To Text A Pisces Woman?

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When you’re trying to capture the heart of a Pisces lady, you must learn how to communicate with this intuitive, sensitive zodiac sign.

If you want to know how to text a Pisces woman, be open and express your feelings. She loves emotional discussions and enjoys texting about how both of you feel. Try to be romantic and sweet instead of aggressive and pushy. You can connect with her by bringing up her favorite subjects, like music and art.

How to Flirt With a Pisces Woman

When you’re flirting with a Pisces over texts, you need to consider her zodiac sign’s unique symbol.

Every zodiac sign has a special symbol that portrays the dominant personality traits of that sign. Pisces is symbolized by the fish.

The symbol of the fish tells us that Pisces women are very easy-going and tend to go with the flow. They are peacekeepers who dislike confrontation, and they are more likely to stick up for their loved ones than for themselves.

A Pisces woman is very feminine and submissive. You will definitely need to reach out to her first because she is too shy and traditional to make the first move. Once you send the first flirty message, she is sure to text you back.

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You should also heed the warning hidden in the Pisces symbol. Most depictions of Pisces show not just one fish, but two fish swimming in opposite directions. The two confused fish show the dual nature of a Pisces.

This dual nature shines through her flirtatious texting style because while a Pisces woman wants a man to make the first move, she is not attracted to someone too forward and aggressive.

You should text her first and let her know that you’re interested in her, but don’t overwhelm her by trying to get her to commit to you too quickly. Instead of asking her on a date right away, simply start a conversation and exchange a few texts getting to know her.

The typical Pisces woman is very artistic and creative, so you should flirt by connecting with her on her favorite topics. Text her to ask what kind of music she likes, to invite her to a poetry reading, or anything else that sparks her creativity.

Your Pisces lady will start to fall in love with you when you can get her to open up and bond over shared interests.

Ladies, have you wondered if there is a "communication gap" in your relationship? Try this short quiz... Discover how this "gap" may be influencing your relationship. Click here, to take the quiz.

How to Seduce a Pisces Woman Over Text

If you want to successfully seduce a Pisces woman over texts, you have to understand her zodiac sign’s view of romance and sex.

Each sign of the zodiac correlates with one of four natural elements: fire, air, earth, or water. A sign’s element tells us a great deal about that sign’s personality and communication style.

It’s no surprise that the sign of the fish is a water sign, and water signs are known for being intuitive, emotional, and sensitive. When it comes to sex and love, a Pisces woman is not interested in flings or one-night stands.

She craves an emotional connection with her partner, and she likes seduction and sex much more when she has a genuine bond with her lover.

Don’t be vulgar or rude when seducing a Pisces lady over text messages. A Pisces woman prefers a romantic approach to sex, so she wants you to be sweet charming rather than overtly sexual or explicit.

She likes a brooding, mysterious guy who makes her imagination run wild. Don’t send her an unsolicited nude photo, and don’t even reveal too much about your personality at once. Always leave her wanting more and make her work to peel back your layers and get to know you.

Use her zodiac sign’s favorite colors to win her over. Pisces is associated with ocean colors like shades of blue, so if you want to text her a sexy selfie, wear an outfit or underwear in those hues.

Just as every zodiac sign has a color, each sign also has an associated body part. Pisces is correlated with the feet, so a Pisces woman likes a guy who takes care of his toes.

Get a pedicure (or give yourself one) and put your feet on display in the photos you send her, or text her pictures wearing different shoes to ask for her opinion when you’re out shoe shopping.

Things to Text a Pisces Woman

Whether your goal is to seduce a Pisces lady or just flirt with her, there are a few topics that are always smart to text this generous, impressionable zodiac sign.

Every zodiac sign has a guiding planet that reveals something important about that sign. Pisces is ruled by planet Neptune, and Neptune is known as the God of the Seas and represents the oneness of all beings.

This tells us that Pisces ladies are very empathetic and strive to serve others. When texting a Pisces woman, tell her about what you’re doing to help others and improve the world. Try inviting her to volunteer at the local community center or pick up trash in the park with you.

Since she is always willing to lend a helping hand, you could text her when you need assistance, especially with a creative task. While she’s happy to help you, she won’t want to feel used. Make sure that you text her to offer your assistance and support just as much as you text her to ask for anything.

And although she likes talking about other people, she’s not a gossip queen and only wants to spread positivity. Avoid sharing negative opinions or saying anything slanderous about other people in your texts to a Pisces lady, otherwise, you will turn her off.

Pisces are very intuitive and spiritual, so they enjoy discussing all things metaphysical and mystical. You won’t scare off a Pisces woman by texting her about spirits, dreams, or religion because these are a few of her favorite topics of conversation.

Finally, although she avoids conflict, a Pisces woman never avoids an emotional discussion. If your feelings are hurt or you had a bad day, your Pisces lady is the perfect person to text to help you process your emotions.

Just be careful to cancel out your negative messages with positive ones. Don’t just text her when you’re feeling down, but also about pleasant things. If you only text her when you need to be cheered up, she will start to avoid your texts.

Make sure that you’re there for her, too, when she texts you about her feelings so that she doesn’t think your relationship is one-sided.

Why Didn’t a Pisces Woman Text Back?

It can be hurtful when the Pisces woman you’ve been talking to suddenly stops texting you back. She could be giving you the silent treatment because she’s angry, or perhaps she has just turned her phone off at work. So, how can you figure out why your Pisces lady isn’t replying to your texts?

A Pisces woman is unlikely to ignore you merely out of spite because she never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings. But she can be quite unreliable and indecisive, so she’s not the most dependable person when it comes to texting back consistently.

She probably read your text and couldn’t decide how to respond at the moment, then forgot to send you a reply later.

Another reason why a Pisces might be ignoring your messages is that she’s depressed. Pisces is perhaps the most prone to depression of all the zodiac signs, so your Pisces crush could be isolating and taking some time for herself if she’s feeling down.

If you suspect that your Pisces woman isn’t texting you back because he’s depressed, you should do your best to reach out to her and let her know you’re there for her whenever she’s ready to talk.

The final reason a Pisces woman might ignore you is that she’s deeply upset with you. She could be trying to give you a taste of your own medicine by shutting you out. You will need to apologize and prove to her that you won’t hurt her again before she will respond to you. 


If you want to win over a Pisces lady, you have to learn how to communicate with her, including over text messages.

Don’t avoid talking about your emotions in your texts to a Pisces woman, and make sure you ask how she feels. Be gentle and romantic rather than forceful and demanding, and bring up subjects that you know she enjoys, such as art and spirituality.

If you follow these guidelines, you will reel in a woman born under the sign of the fish.

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