Do Pisces Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Do Pisces Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

If you’re thinking about getting back to your Pisces ex-girlfriend and you are looking for ways to impress her and get back to your life this is the right moment for you!

Long story short, yes, your Pisces lady will come back after a breakup if she intuitively feels that it is the right thing to do under the right circumstances, she will even find reasons to be with you, she is loyal, and will sacrifice her needs if she sees it fit.

Pisces women are the dreamy romantics of the zodiac sign, beautiful yet delicate, your Pisces lady is incredibly emotional and affectionate, she is adept at sensing energies and emotions like no other, as such she will be an incredibly sensitive and affectionate partner.

Because Pisces values emotion over logic, she can be extremely imaginative which would make her creative and well-spoken in everything she does, especially in terms of love and relationships.

Her dating style will be extremely romantic and sometimes even mystical, she will be into some form of spirituality and might subtly encourage you to see her perspective, her imagination is off the charts which will inspire you and others around you.

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That said, let’s see what it looks like when a Pisces woman is in love…

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Pisces women in love and Dating Style

Do Pisces Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

You will certainly feel the warm heart and warm hands of a Pisces woman when she touches you, she will be loving, nurturing, and sensitive to your needs and opinions, so it is best to try being mindful of whatever your opinions are as it matters to her a lot.

She looks dreamy and attractive, she lets things naturally flow to her which makes her more magnetic, she is an idealist in love and tends to think highly of the person she’s in love with, she can be deeply spiritual and might indulge her partner in generous gifts.

A Pisces woman in love with you will certainly make you feel important and you will feel extremely cared for and lucky because of it, she is a romantic at heart and will try her best to make you feel loved and cared for like no other.

Because Pisces is exalted on the planet of Venus, she will encapsulate the tale of a sensual and committed lover, she is excited and mesmerized by you, when she’s in love she makes sure you feel you are the subject of her desire.

Soon as she starts feeling in love with you, she will be all over you like a little child, excited and interested in all things about you, feelings of affection will flood her heart and she will pour it towards you, her emotional sentimentality will be seen and heard.

Her love for you can be overwhelming which can make her sense of rationality and logic be non-existent, she will be loving and thoughtful throughout. 

Overall, your Pisces lady in love with you will be one of the best experiences of your life, her love can be felt through your soul and she will show you her sexuality in creative ways and will even be glad to experiment with you on different things.

Pisces women during a breakup

Her fragile emotions will be apparent during a breakup, she can be emotional while arguing with you, she will be relying more on her emotional sense rather than her logic, she can be erratic and unstable during conversation and may tend to sulk up.

This will be the time when she can feel depressed, she might have paranoid or anxious thoughts, this is because of her sensitivity which should be looked upon greatly, during the sulking phase she will be all over and messy.

She will tend to escape her reality and might even resort to escapism, however, she will not resort to any drama or aggressive confrontations, she will be distant and might run away the minute any coalitions happen.

Do not be fooled, she may seem fragile and out of balance at the moment but she will, typically, come back better after a breakup, this is because she has inner resilience and adaptability that will help her after the breakup.

Overall, the breakup will not be a good time for a Pisces woman to recuperate, she will instantly feel the dread of going through it and might resort to any pleasure to take the pain away, she will be shy and quiet about the breakup.

Can you get a Pisces woman back?

Do Pisces Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

A Pisces woman can come back because of her mutable energy, she will most likely be indecisive and inconsistent about the breakup, whether she’s the one who ended things or the other way around, her changeability will often make her come back after a breakup.

One thing to take note of is that Pisces women are incredibly changeable, being a water sign and a mutable sign, breakups often can be amended and can be fixed with the right actions and proper communication from both parties.

However, if infidelity, betrayal, or some form of lying is omitted during a relationship, it will be hard for a Pisces woman to settle down again with her partner although her indecisiveness will make her more forgiving and understanding.

You will experience some sort of flightiness in her domain as her mutable nature makes her inconsistent, especially in making decisions, she might distance herself for a while but this is usually a good way to act out on it and prove to her that you still want her back.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that we are all made out of different sign combinations, including your Piscean lady, although it is typical that she will nonetheless exhibit traits of her sun sign which comprises the core of her personality.

Her unique birth chart can give her a different Rising, Moon, Venus, and Mars. As a result, she might also exhibit other traits other than the typical Pisces, as such, it is important to know her full and accurate birth chart by knowing her date of birth, location of birth, and exact time of birth.

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7 Ways to win your Pisces woman back

Be ultra-sensitive around her and her feelings

Do Pisces Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Her delicate feelings should be your utmost priority in winning her back, you must find a way to make her feel important and safe around you, try to share the good memories with her, share words of affirmation if needed talk to her in a calm way.

Physical intimacy helps…A lot!

Show her your love by being physically intimate with her, try touching her more often, try to be near her more often, create romantic eye contact, holding her hand and feeling her heart is a good thing too, show up on her doorstep if you two are no longer together and hug her, it will help her ease her mood.

Fall in love with life

Your Pisces woman falls in love with life pretty easily because of her enhanced senses and her ability to feel energies than what is perceived, as such she can emotionally feel the “vibes” you give off.

Try to fall in love with life and see the beauty life offers even in simple things such as you being with her, the trees outside your house, the sky, and the flowers blooming, a little positivity can add sparkle to the dull and melancholic energy your Pisces lady is feeling right now.

Flirt and have fun

As much as an introvert your Pisces woman is, she enjoys fun and adventurous activities, try to lighten up her mood a little by sensually talking to her, flirting a little, and seeing if she reacts back, it’s a good sign if she positively responds to your flirtatious suggestions.

Most importantly, having fun in the process, breakups, and fighting in a relationship takes away the fun and happiness in the relationship especially if she’s a little extra sensitive because of her sign.

Actively listen to your Pisces lady…

Do Pisces Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

The internal struggles of your Pisces woman is hard to deal with, because he domains the element of water, he will feel more things deeper than any other, and actively listening to him will help him sort out his emotions more.

It is also important that you do not become impatient or be overbearing in letting him share his emotions, instead go with the flow and actively practice being mindful of what he is saying instead of being so quick to reply.

Emotionally connect with her

Pisces is a deeply emotional and intuitive sign, as such a great way to make amends with her by connecting with her emotionally, trying to get to the root cause of the problem, and talking it through with genuine intentions. 

Be emotional and do not be afraid to show her your emotions regarding the breakup, even more so try to understand her and be more patient in regard to what she currently feels at the moment, this will help her ease the pain which will eventually lead her to emotionally connect with you.

Engage in deeper conversations such as how can you make the relationship better if you two reconsider going back together, what should be boundaries to be set in, and what should you both do to make both of the parties feel the utmost satisfaction in the relationship.

Build Trust and Understanding

Most importantly, while apologizing for the previous mistakes in the relationship, this will be the best time to ask her to get back at you, ask her calmly, and appeal to her soft emotions, being vulnerable at this moment can help both of you attuned to the growth of the relationship.

Ask for forgiveness and ask her ways in which you can help her to ease the pain, promise her that you will understand and love her more than you ever had before and promise her and yourself to keep the relationship committed through slow but steady trust and support.

This will surely make your Pisces lady come back to you in no time!

Are Pisces women good partners?

Do Pisces Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Even if your Pisces lady exhibits indecisiveness and changeability, she can be the most loving woman out of all the zodiacs, also because she is highly sympathetic, gracious, and emotionally aware, this makes her a good partner or wife in the long run.

When in love she will do great lengths to please her partner and might even go overboard being the martyr, she loves hard and there is no limit to her care once she sets her mind to love you, aside from that her imaginative and creative side can make her incredibly entertaining and fun to be around.

Most often, she has a knack for being artistic, be prepared to see life in full and vivid colors once you become her partner, her emotional and delicate side is a wonderful thing to see and only you can see that in her.

This is what makes a Pisces woman great to love, she is an incredible and unique lover who can fulfill your emotional needs, be prepared to see a gentle and peaceful woman who wants nothing more but your love and affection.

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Get your Pisces woman back, final thoughts…

The Pisces lady is emotionally intriguing, disarming, and soulful. She flourishes in the company of a protector and someone who will watch after her loneliness. She exudes angelic yet siren-like beauty, you will truly be captivated by her sensual beauty and lost soul. 

The Pisces woman sees into the soul of a person, even if it’s deep down, she will be a master of sensing emotions and energies, her inherent psychic nature can make her more captivating or repulsive to some, either way, she will be her most authentic self by being a loving and thoughtful human being.

In matters of love, she will be attractive and dreamy, she will show you child-like wonder and might show you her creative and artistic side that she mysteriously keeps from the world, she can be idealistic and spiritual.

This woman is a great partner to be with and if you happen to be with one keep her! 

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