Do Aquarius Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Do Aquarius Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Do Aquarius women come back after a breakup? Find out more by reading the article below…

Yes, your Aquarius woman will come back to you, no matter what the situation is, she is unconventionally loyal who will try to break barriers to the person she truly loves, you will need to however be able to reconnect with her first as a friend than a lover.

Aquarius women are the wildly rebellious yet quirky women of the zodiac sign who have flair for reinventing things and shaking things up, she will not be the kind of woman who will be bound by social or traditional norms.

As such be prepared to be amazed or sometimes be weirded out by the things she does in your relationship, ruled by Saturn and Uranus, she will be incredibly humanitarian at heart which means you need to be prepared to see the world in a completely different scope of the spectrum.

Because she is a fixed air sign ruled by two massive and shocking planets, she will be incredibly intelligent and a great communicator, especially on eccentric topics that she might find exciting or interesting, she will be interested in talking about just anything.

Nevertheless, the fixed modality of the sign of Aquarius alongside Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus can give these women tendencies to be obsessive and incredibly persistent in going after what they want; in this case, she will be incredibly persistent in seeing the bigger picture of helping the world of what it needs.

By now you should know that she will not be the romantic type and will have more tendency to overwork herself prior to what her passion is, this is why you must appeal to her by offering her loyal friendship, then you can begin from thereon.

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That said, let’s see what it looks like when an Aquarius woman is in love…

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Aquarius Woman in Love and Her Dating Style

Do Aquarius Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Your Aquarius woman will generally be less interested in looking for romantic or even casual relationships but she will be adept at socializing which might make her flirtatious. 

She might even ghost the people who are obviously trying to be with her not because she’s rude but more because she is naturally aloof and detached.

She’s just not the type of woman who idealizes love and goes after it like Libra and Taurus signs, she will, however, be more interested in dating a man she can intuitively talk her passions to, this makes Aquarius generally friendly-individuals who means no harm to the world.

She can be introverted but might be good at talking, better at talking to the people she is naturally attracted to, this means it’s a relatively good sign if she opens up her interests or passion to you.

This is a way she shows that she is keen on looking forward to you more than just friends, a good sign can also be that she is eager to compromise and find ways to converse with you, she might not be as flirtatious or wildly sensual but you’ll see the sparkle in her eyes once she talks to you.

An Aquarius woman in love will be a friendly and thoughtful soul who will bring lightness and intellectual overload into the air, she will be funny and goofy around you, she will impress you with her intelligence and a good sense of humor, and she might even show you her eccentric or weird talent.

This will also translate into her dating style, an Aquarius woman’s way of dating is an entire paradox, your entire conversation with her might be platonic but sensual at the same time, and you will feel her sense of faithfulness and at the same time detachment.

Deep down even if she looks aloof or detached in approaching the growing romantic relationship, she craves an authentic mental connection to the partner she’s trying to build a relationship with.

Alongside that she will defy any conventional aspects or tropes that might be associated with a relationship, she will be a free-thinker and will hesitate to be chained, she might be submissive in terms of pleasuring her partner in and out of the bedroom but she will not be constrained from her own personality.

Aquarius woman during a Breakup

An Aquarius woman during a breakup will experience plenty of volatile emotions under a cold hard surface that she projects on, she can be extremely erratic and argumentative, she will be logical in her statements and might withdraw from the situation to crave attention.

She will be cold and harsh in matters of her tone and voice, she can mask her pain through humor and might subtly insult you or the whole state of the relationship, she will be aloof and hard-headed, and her fixed sign modality adds to her stubbornness, she might believe she’s always right in this case. 

In her own head, she might feel like releasing all her anger or might cut you off from her life completely without thinking about it, she will and might do it because of her detached nature.

If the relationship falls apart, expect some form of ghosting or cutting off, she might shut down her feelings for you and might not talk to you in the next few weeks or even months, she will best be selfish but she can easily detach herself from her emotional processes.

By that time on, she has or might have moved on or still might have lingering thoughts about you but she will certainly not feel any pain regarding the breaking up, this can be incredibly hurtful on your part as she ghosted you without dealing with the problem.

She might even ignore or act like you even existed, she will be cold and aloof, incredibly silent about the relationship as if it never existed in the past, in all ways the breakup with Aquarius woman will leave her emotionally drained and battered and she will cope by shutting down and detaching herself from the emotions she’s experiencing.

How do Aquarius women Handle after break up?

Do Aquarius Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

After the breakup, her free-spirited nature and futuristic thinking can get in the way, she will probably plan on doing something outside of her home to cope with the emotional anguish she feels, nevertheless, she will not show any emotions and might act tough in public.

She might have afterthoughts about the breakup, but one thing’s for sure, you will never see her acting all emotional or dramatic in public, she will be hesitant and might try to repress anything that comes to the surface, and she might show her superiority complex by seeming unbothered.

In general, she will act cold and aloof after a breakup and might cut off ties with you after, this is her way of coping and detaching herself from you, the breakup, and the pain that it caused her.

Can you make an Aquarius woman fall in love with you again?

In most cases yes, this is because of the thoughtful, open-minded, and deeply caring side of the Aquarius woman that is hidden beneath her cold facade, you just need to tackle the issue that caused your breakup and grow from it.

Because of her erratic behavior during a breakup, she can be hard to read or even communicate with, which means trying to woo her back into your life can be a tough challenge.

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7 Ways to get your Aquarius woman back

Be the walking paradox

Do Aquarius Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Your Water-Bearer lady will be thinking outside of the box at her best self, she is unconventional and might pursue humanitarian or adventurous travels after a breakup, as such trying to prove you’re worthy of being back in her life by being unconventional and complex.

Show her your caring side while still being detached, be wildly passionate but also sensitive, and try to be open-minded about things while having strong opinions about them, this encourages your Aquarius lady to look deep into you.

Enter the courtship stage again and be patient

Show her your true intentions by being sweet and romantic to her, even if she has a hard time responding to it because she mostly rationalizes deep emotions, she will appreciate it, and will help her reconsider your relationship.

Try giving her flowers, setting up a date, show up on her doorstep without notice while giving you give her sincere and open communication, this will enable her to rethink the relationship.

Mentally Challenge her

Your Aquarius woman is an air sign meaning that she heavily thrives in exchanging thoughts and ideas, this can make her an incredibly social and people person, and as such reigniting the passion through mentally challenging her can be a great way to woo her back again.

Give her topics you can debate about whether it’s politics, law, religion, or even anything esoteric or mystical that she might be interested in, this will stimulate her logic and her senses, and as you do that you are growing positively with her.

Be a good friend and show her your support

Do Aquarius Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Aquarius is a sign that upholds friendship greatly and as such entering her life as a good and genuine friend will help her reconsider your relationship. You can also be a good friend by showing her your support for her ambition.

Never derail or criticize whatever her current passion or ambition is, instead be even grateful she accepted your truce or friendship, she is the literal embodiment of the thinking “Friends are forever and lovers come and go”.

So it is important to concentrate on earning her trust as a friend first rather than going full out, be nice to her and her friends especially if you know any of her family members.

Be Drama-free after a breakup

Your Aquarius woman doesn’t thrive on emotional and chaotic drama, she tends to detach and build a wall over her own emotions and other people’s emotions, as such it is best to keep things light-hearted and friendly after a breakup.

Do not derail the possible reconnection by creating or spurring anything that might create possible scenarios of confrontation or drama, instead be the cool guy who knows how to handle things calmly.

Live your life to the fullest

Have fun and live your best life by living your truth, speaking up and working on your ambitions and goals, traveling with friends, or traveling alone, she will see this one way or the other and will rethink twice about the breakup.

You need to do this genuinely, do not try to act or put up a front that you are living your best life to impress her, this can be detected and she might see it as a sign of desperation.

Apologize and have an open talk

Do Aquarius Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Aquarius is a sign of communication and as such, she can be open to reigniting a calm and open forum regarding both of your issues, as such this is the best way to reclaim your relationship by being sorry for your actions.

Be open and have a good heart-to-heart talk.

What signs are compatible with Aquarius Women?

Aquarius women are completely compatible with their fellow air (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) and the fiery fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) signs, this is because she will be incredibly attracted to individuals who exude natural charm and have fiery passionate energy.

Aquarius women will however have a low compatibility rate with Earth (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) signs and Water (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) signs, just as fire is attracted to water, earth, and water are repelled by air.

This is due to the fact that these fellow signs might see these Aquarius women as too emotionally detached and free-spirited that their love for security and real display of feelings is uncompromised.

This doesn’t say that Aquarius women are detached and aren’t capable of displaying true emotions, most of the time they have a hard time showing it due to intellectualizing or rationalizing their thoughts or the situation.

This is why she should match up with fire and air signs that can understand her more and can intellectually support her. However, it is important to look at a person’s whole birth chart to know her moon and ascendant sign which makes up her core personality.

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Get your Aquarius woman back, final thoughts…

Aquarius women are great partners that can be great lovers, friends, and companions all at the same time, all you need is to be able to match up to her intellectual capacity and be adventurous and fun as her while trying not to bind or restrain her from her freedom.

She is a great humanitarian who sees the world as it is, she is intelligent, and calculating, and knows when to speak up when needed, she is free-spirited and as such requires her partner to be the same as her.

She will be a great lover, she will love you, and will be incredibly fixated on your relationship if she deems it serious, she will be however strong enough to leave the relationship if betrayal happened, she can quickly move on by detaching herself and her emotions.

Giving a chance in the relationship after you split up is still completely possible as long as you put the fun, trust, and forgiveness in your relationship.



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