Do Aquarius Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Do Aquarius Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Do Aquarius men come back after a difficult breakup? Even if they’re notorious for dropping off a connection quickly?

Aquarius man will come back to a broken relationship if you make ways to reach out to him, this is even true if he ghosted you. Establishing a potent connection with him is important as it can help him remind you of your feelings because his detached personality can be difficult to challenge.

Aquarius men are the wildly atypical yet thoughtful guys of the zodiac, they are unique, offbeat, and of kind smart guys that you would find hard to resist.

Ruled by Saturn in Traditional Astrology and Uranus in Modern Astrology, which shows off their rebellious and innovative personality, these men live knowing that freedom is a matter of need.

In turn, they can be seen as aloof and detached as they always seem to be independently happy with or without a relationship.

Because Aquarius is an air sign, they are great at communicating and expressing their ideas, they are intelligent and can give off the nerdy or oddball vibes that might allure or repel some people.

Nevertheless, the fixed modality of Aquarius alongside Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus can give these men quiet egos; they are severely stubborn, persistent, and patient in terms of fighting for what they think is right.

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Aquarius Man in Love and His Dating Style

Do Aquarius Men Come Back

Aquarius men compared to Gemini and Libra men are much more introverted in nature, yes they are social and they are good at keeping up with a conversation but only to the people, they’re comfortable with.

This means a good sign that he is interested in you is that he is eager to compromise and find ways to talk to you! This could also mean that they’re willing to meet you anywhere and anytime you want, he thinks that his personal freedom isn’t uncompromised whenever you go talk to him.

They will share everything they know under the sun, they will be open to you to talk just about anything but never their emotions, one weak spot of Aquarius men is their difficulty processing their own emotions which hinders them from truly expressing how they feel.

Because Aquarius men are incredibly gifted in assessing the world around them they can sometimes have difficulty processing their raw emotions which makes them difficult to read.

Your Water-Bearer man will want to converse with you as much as possible, maybe even make your conversations humorous and flirtatious, Aquarius men in love are fun to be around, they make sure you’re mentally stimulated while growing a bond with you.

These men are the perfect example of from friends to lovers trope, they will try to be around you more without making your interactions sexual, instead, they use their wit and charm to persuade you!

What are your chances with your Aquarius man?

Do Aquarius Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

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Aquarius man during a Breakup

Aquarius man during a breakup can be difficult, to begin with, he can be argumentative and wildly stubborn in pursuing his points of view, and he will definitely not be the type of guy you’d know his next moves because he is erratic and withdrawn.

Just like a Cancerian man, an Aquarius man can be prone to mood swings and neuroticism, especially when dealing with difficult personal matters such as a breakup.

He might say hurtful or even ruthless things, his sharp wit can give him a sharp tongue. Be prepared to take jabs.

In his own head, an Aquarius man might feel like running, or even leaving you on the spot, this is because their detached nature enables them to see the bigger picture, they know that you and him fighting in your relationship is minuscule and even petty.

He knows that there’s more to life than your fight and will try to detach himself from the situation, this is the part where he can be unbelievably withdrawn and aloof.

If all goes down, he will most certainly ghost you instead of dealing with the problem, they can act like nothing happened and you both didn’t even happen, this can be incredibly painful to the ghosted especially if you seek answers or might want to fix the relationship.

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How do Aquarius Men Handle it after break up?

After the breakup, they can cope with their pain by planning adventurous trips or trips that can make their mind mentally stimulated.

They will certainly act tough and cold as if nothing happened, they will most certainly be aloof and try to not feel or think about the breakup.

Their unprocessed or not talked-about emotions inside can be bottled up until they find the right time to release it, usually, they do it alone where no one can see their pain. 

Aquarius men do not like showing or even sharing the slightest hints of emotions as they might see it as petty or weak.

This man won’t dwell around your failed relationship, he will be Mr. Roboto in action, he will stop caring, stop thinking, or even may think you never existed.

Can you make an Aquarius Man fall in love with you again?

50/50 change depending on the situation, Aquarius men are the hot and cold types of the zodiac, they are unpredictable and hard to pin down.

The only way you can reignite the spark in your failed relationship is if you’re still able to contact him which can be impossible because he’s prone to blocking or cutting connections with people he feels he no longer has time to deal with.

His distant nature can make him hard to read, the best way to win his heart back is to be open to casual or even amiable friendships and get acquainted but don’t force him to get back at you as this will have the opposite effect.

Don’t try making him jealous as seeing you dating or hanging out with other men will encourage him to do the same thing to you, instead be a fun and upbeat friend who is spontaneous and open to new experiences.

Do this by living your best life, showing him that you never needed him to be happy in the first place, live a glamorous, beautiful, and optimistic life and it will be a head-turner for him.

7 Ways to get your Aquarius man back

Tackle the root cause of your breakup

Do Aquarius Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Aquarius men are nonconforming and will break barriers if they wish to, by tackling the root cause of the drama of your relationship you can understand better why you and your Aquarius man broke up in the first place.

Is it a financial problem, a lack of intimacy, or feelings of inadequacy, your Aquarius man is open for reconciliation if you tell him the root cause of the problem.

This can be a 50/50 situation, if your relationship ended with you cheating, consider your relationship done and buried as your Aquarius man will never get back at you.

He may even refuse to talk to you and might cut you off completely, however, if it is some light offense, asking for help to set you up with him through your social connections such as his friends can be possible.

Be the center of the spotlight!

Aquarius men have complex egos that might not be apparent to some, to them they are insanely attracted to women who are self-assured and confident about their passion in life.

This is why Aquarius men generally seem to tether themselves to women with plenty of fire placements, especially Leo placements.

Be wildly energetic and social, show him that you are that girl! Be fun, dynamic, friendly, wonderful to be around, and passionate.

Show him your inner fire that counteracts his cold nature. In this way, he will rethink if breaking up with you is really a good decision.

Be a thoughtful and helpful person

Aquarius is a sign of humanitarian aspect and as such men born under this sign will be deeply attracted to women who are able to show their helpful and giving side.

Try sharing something for the cause, pick a humanity problem that you are deeply passionate about, and fight for it! Whether it’s global warming, ending world hunger, or ending political corruption, do something that benefits society as a whole.

This will surely make him notice, especially if he’s also interested in the social issues you’re fighting for.

Give him space

Give him space, as mentioned before, your Aquarius man values freedom more than anything else. Give him enough time to breathe, don’t pressure him or be clingy.

As much as you want to hear it or not, Aquarius men are secretly fascinated with women who are just as socially withdrawn as them, therefore it would be counterintuitive to keep minimal contact.

Create a drama-free, lighthearted environment after your breakup

Do Aquarius Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Don’t make things complicated by creating a more emotional burden for your Aquarius man, keep a lighthearted environment after a breakup.

Do not overshare your past problems or the reasons why you broke up with him, keep it an enigma, and make it seem like you guys are still on good terms after a breakup.

This will encourage your Aquarius man to initiate contact first and even initiate a friendly talk.

If it ever happens, don’t be serious, and do not try to make it seem like you need him still in your life, have fun and be friendly but do not be emotional.

Live your best life

Whether it’s traveling to some exotic land, meeting new friends, doing a charity for a cause, changing your appearance or style, or whatever it is.

The best way to win your Aquarius man’s heart again is by making sure you have fun after the breakup.

Don’t make it seem like you needed him in the first place, show him that you’re just as fun and wild even without him. 

Living a wonderful life by showing it can increase the odds of him wanting to return to the relationship.

Apologize and give him time

Last but not least, apologize, and deal with the challenge held high that you or both of you have made mistakes in your relationship that made you both end it.

Whether it’s for the good of all or not, sincerely apologizing and asking for better growth in your relationship is an upfront way of saying that you still want to be in a relationship with him, he will forgive you and he’ll do the same.

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Will Aquarius Man come back after we fight?

Aquarius men are fiercely loyal due to their fixed modality, however, when you fight be sure to give him emotional and physical space. 

Even in long-term committed relationships, they still value their independence, and as such, letting them explore their personal area alone will help them manage and effectively handle your relationship problem.

Give him time to think and be calm before going in, no matter how confrontational your fights are with him.

He is a very thoughtful individual who can distinguish right from wrong, he will surely come back in no time as long as he’s already done processing his thoughts and he wants to talk to solve the problem.

If he’s initiating a breakup it could mean that he never really loved you in the first place, he can agree to be friends with you or stay in contact with you but that usually means the relationship is over.

If he sets up his mind that there’s really no love in the relationship at all, he’ll move on quickly. In some cases, he might even ghost you.

What signs are compatible with Aquarius Men?

Do Aquarius Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Aquarius men are romantically and even spiritually compatible with their fellow air signs (Gemini and Libra) as their sole purpose is to communicate knowledge and exchange ideas, as a result, these signs get along pretty quickly in short and long-term relationships.

They value freedom and personal space and their intellectual side is vastly stimulated, as such it will be easy for an Aquarius man to get along with them. 

Aside from that Aquarius men are also highly compatible with the fire sign ladies (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), their adventurous and free-spirited personalities match the Aquarius innovative and free-thinking personality that is a match made in heaven.

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Final Thoughts about Getting Your Aquarius Men Back

Aquarius men are incredibly gifted individuals who have great humanitarian tendencies, their quirky and goofy aura can attract a lot of people that make them social and popular even if they’re deeply withdrawn by nature.

Nevertheless, these individuals have a pure soul that strives to make the world a better place, in matters of love, they are extremely loyal to the people they choose to love.

Although their independence and need for absolute freedom can be challenging especially if you want stability in your relationship, Aquarius men are some of the most wonderful companions that can give your life meaning.

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