6 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Falling For You

6 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Falling For You

Aquarius women are quiet and smart, which makes it difficult to understand if she likes you or not. When an Aquarius woman does fall in love, though, she is a loyal and reliable partner. Don’t worry! That’s what these signs are for.

An Aquarius woman will show that she’s falling by paying attention to you, showing her vulnerable side with you. She also loves to talk to you, as well as listen. She’ll spend most of her time with you and she’ll introduce you to her inner circle. And she will willingly spoil you with well-thought presents.

Are these the signs you were expecting? Don’t expect it just yet. There’s more you need to know…

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Understanding your Aquarius Woman

6 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Falling For You

Aquarius women are independent. She does not require a relationship in order to be happy. She is, on the other hand, extremely sociable. She adores human beings. When she is in a group, she is at her happiest. She likes interacting with others and learning more about them.

She is innovative and open-minded. She is unconcerned with what society expects of her. She doesn’t care about impressing others or fitting in with the crowd. She makes decisions based on what she wants, not what she thinks she should desire.

Because she dislikes restrictions, she has difficulty with authority. In every setting, she dislikes being told what to do.

She is also unpredictable. it’s difficult to tell what she’s thinking at any particular time. She’s also moody. She doesn’t want to talk about her feelings, so when she’s upset, it appears out of nowhere. She may explode out of nowhere, with no explanation as to what is causing the problem.

Aquarius women are pessimistic and are easily irritated. She can’t take it when anything goes wrong.

Aquarius women are stubborn. She always acts as though she’s the smartest person in the room. She has no desire to compromise since she believes she is always correct. Her self-assurance might be beneficial at times, but it usually works against her.

It gives her the impression of being cold, arrogant, and distant. Because she thinks with her mind rather than her heart, she frequently hurts others’ feelings. She isn’t at all sympathetic.

If someone is boring her, she will not stay to talk. Your Aquarius woman will not waste her time with other people that irritate her. When her thoughts aren’t stimulated, she becomes irritated. She wants to be surrounded by people who are on her level.

Because she values her time, she is selective in who she allows into her life. She refuses to throw it away.

She is also sensitive. Because she doesn’t want to get hurt, she takes her time warming up to new people. The majority of her relationships begin as friendships. After some time has passed, and she has learned to trust you, the friendship can grow into something more.

It’s difficult to understand an Aquarian woman’s thoughts. She never expresses her true feelings. She doesn’t show her emotions to others. In fact, she despises thinking about emotions since she is irrational. Aquarius women want to make informed decisions rather than rash ones.

She is just too intelligent to make mistakes.

She may take a long time to warm up to new people. Because she thinks with her mind rather than her heart, she progresses slowly. Before she really commits, she wants to be sure you’re worth getting to know.

An Aquarius woman, on the other hand, will not hesitate to leave a bad relationship. She will not forgive and forget if you have hurt them. She’ll have a grudge against you for the rest of her life.

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That said, let’s take a look at the signs an Aquarius woman is falling for you…

Signs that an Aquarius Woman is Falling for You

Are you on the lookout for obvious signs of attraction before making a move on an Aquarius woman? If that’s the case, these signs will teach and explain to you all you need to know about how an Aquarius woman acts when she is falling for you.

I have added here 6 signs to spot when you feel like your Aquarius woman is falling for you. I have categorized them into two:

  • 3 ways an Aquarius woman shows affection
  • 3 ways an Aquarius Woman show love

Let’s go!

How Does an Aquarius Woman Show Affection? (3 Ways!)

Your Aquarius woman will show her affection towards you by paying a lot of attention to you despite being surrounded by many people. She will show her vulnerable side to you because she trusts you and it also means that she is comfortable around you. Moreover, she also prefers to listen and talk with you.

More tea is spilled below.

She pays a lot of attention to you

6 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Falling For You

If you meet an Aquarius woman in a social environment and she spends more time with you than anybody else, you can be sure she is interested in you.  She desires to interact with a wide range of individuals.

She is known for having friends and acquaintances from different aspects of life, ethnicities, and social classes.

She will be equally polite to all of them in her odd way. She is unlikely to dislike anybody, at least not at first. However, if she is attracted to you, she will give you more attention than the other people in the room.

She shows her vulnerable side

She rarely expresses her feelings. It’s practically impossible to determine if she’s sad or joyful. They are not, however, robots. She only reveals her vulnerable side to people who make her feel comfortable, in the hopes of finding comfort.

It’s a sign you’re close to her heart if she opens up about her troubles and concerns. Be patient with her and pay attention to what she’s saying. She requires a listening ear.

If she begins to open up to you about her innermost feelings, it implies that she is at ease with you. She is a private person. She is an emotional being, but she keeps it hidden until she is confident that someone can handle it.

She doesn’t want to be vulnerable, therefore if she’s prepared to be vulnerable and honest with you, it’s a good sign.

She wants to talk to you

6 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Falling For You

They like talking about everything. Debate and discussion are a part of this. She doesn’t care what you think of her, but she does care what you are thinking. Aquarians are idealists who think forward. As a result, she will want to ensure that you and she are on the same page.

She admires those who are open-minded and welcoming of people of other cultures, beliefs, ethnicities, backgrounds, and social classes. She’ll want to speak with you in order to get insight into your thoughts.

Although Aquarius women are outgoing and sociable, they prefer to listen rather than speak. However, when she falls in love, she may become more talkative than usual. She will talk on a variety of topics, and you may find it difficult to get a word in edgewise.

This is a strong sign that your friendship has turned into romance.

How Does an Aquarius Woman Show Love? (3 Ways!)

Your Aquarius woman will show her love for you by spending a lot of time with you rather than with her friends. However, she’ll eventually introduce you to her friends and to people who are close to her. She will want to spoil you unexpectedly with presents you never knew she noticed that you wanted.

Want more? Continue reading!

She spends a lot of time with you

6 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Falling For You

If she spends a lot of time with you, especially on a regular basis, you can know she likes you. She shows that you are more important to her by the amount of time she spends with you. Whether she is aware of it or not, she has a large group of friends and connections.

She could be thinking of you as a romantic interest if she spends less time with her friends and more time with you.

She’ll introduce you to her friends

Friendship is very important to her. This sign applies to both quantity and quality. In the company of her friends, she feels at ease.

If she invites you into her inner circle, this is a sure sign of an Aquarius woman in love. It indicates that you have been accepted. It also implies that she seeks the approval of her friends. She’ll be curious to hear what they have to say about you.

She’ll spoil you with presents

6 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Falling For You

Aquarians may enjoy talking a lot, but they also enjoy listening. When she falls in love, she spends a lot of time thinking about the ideal present for you. She’ll remember minor things you’ve said throughout the months and save them for later.

She will surprise you with a trip when you least expect it. You know, the one to that country you claimed you always wanted to see but never had the opportunity to. She may also give you the watch you longed for in the store a few months ago but couldn’t afford it.

Her presents are meaningful, come from the heart, and are well-thought-out.

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Is your Aquarius woman falling for you?

The signs that an Aquarius woman is falling for you are:

  • She pays a lot of attention to you.
  • She shows her vulnerable side.
  • She wants to talk to you.
  • She spends a lot of time with you.
  • She’ll introduce you to her friends.
  • She’ll spoil you with presents.

Stay in love!



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