5 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Playing You

You may be confused if an Aquarius woman is being serious about the relationship or not because of her unpredictability. If you want to know the signs when an Aquarius woman is playing you, then you have come to the right place.

When an Aquarius woman is playing you, she will be easily irritated and become short-tempered. She will ignore you and will never appreciate the number of things you do for her. An Aquarius woman playing you will have a hard time committing.

She will avoid you, especially when you open up to her about commitment.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we talk about the signs this woman is playing, let’s see what she is like in love.

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Characteristics Of An Aquarius Woman In Love

She is direct

An Aquarius woman in love enjoys taking the initiative. She doesn’t play mind games, so if she really likes you and wants to date you, she’ll directly ask you. If she truly cares for you, she’ll find it easier, to be honest with you and will make an effort to do so.

For an Aquarian woman, sincerity and honesty are important. She doesn’t follow tradition or care what other people think when she does this. However, an Aquarius woman waits to express her actual emotions until she is entirely at ease. But once she is certain of you, she will not beat around the bush.

She is thoughtful

People frequently view an Aquarius woman as emotionally aloof and even cold. However, she can demonstrate his sympathy and thoughtfulness when she is truly in love. She is clearly in love with you when she starts genuinely caring about you and what you like and doesn’t like.

Although she will enjoy talking a lot, an Aquarius woman will also avidly listen. The ideal gift for the person she loves takes a lot of thought for her when she is deeply in love. She gives thoughtful, heartfelt gifts that are clearly well-considered because she believes her partner deserves them.

She is vulnerable

An Aquarian woman often gives off the impression that she is always in charge and strong.

She can, however, come out as rather vulnerable when she is in love. She wants constant assurances that you share her feelings in both words and actions because she often takes things too personally and is open to various issues.

When she is deeply in love, an Aquarius woman won’t be hesitant to share her deepest and personal feelings with you. There would be times when she would even cry in front of you, revealing her true emotions.

This is evidence that she loves you and has a strong affection for you, even if her fluctuating emotions may be confusing for you.

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Characteristics An Aquarius Woman Dislikes In A Man


An Aquarius woman dislikes being constrained or controlled in any way.

She will give anybody who tries to invade her freedom or privacy a lesson and she won’t hesitate to expel that person from her life. While she may not be as eager to settle down and get married as other women, an Aquarius woman detest and loathe any form of restriction.

An Aquarius woman will adhere to conventional rules, but imposing anything improbable or out of the ordinary is unacceptable to her. She is a rebel, as was previously said, and will disobey any restrictions you place on her. 


An Aquarius woman doesn’t like following conventions. She is adaptable in this regard and readily accepts new practices. When it comes to finding solutions or doing anything, she believes in using creativity and imagination. So it is understandable why she wouldn’t want someone who is boring.

An Aquarius woman dislikes putting things off because she enjoys making plans, getting ready, and achieving her objectives. She won’t like you for sure if you are the kind of man who doesn’t do what you say you will.

Put your ego aside if you want to impress an Aquarius woman since she despises those who carry their egos out of self-respect.


An Aquarius woman won’t like it when you tend to exaggerate things and make a big deal out of nothing. She wants a man to speak clearly whenever he has something to say, as well as to be truthful and open-minded.

If you find yourself in an argument with an Aquarius woman, make sure to be honest because she will appreciate it.

An Aquarius woman has no time for pointless drama, and she may avoid any unnecessary distractions in life. Because she doesn’t grasp what conflict is actually beneficial for, she tends to take any emotional problem she witnesses as a teaching moment.

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5 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Playing You

She avoids you

When an Aquarius woman is playing you, she will look for excuses to avoid you and not spend time with you.

When dealing with people she doesn’t trust, she might be exceedingly cold and aloof. She would rather avoid you than carry around shame or helplessness as a heavy burden to give you the hint that she’s not really serious about your relationship.

Even if she speaks, she might say a few words to remind you of the fun times she has shared with you. It’s likely that she already has someone else which is why she is unable to give you the time or attention you need.

An Aquarius woman might not be following her word to you regarding where and when you can hang out if she doesn’t see a clear direction for your relationship.

She is short-tempered

Something may be wrong if your Aquarius woman gets easily irritated by everything you do because this is pretty out of character. You can feel like she’s exaggerating things when she snaps at you when you least expect it.

It’s possible that she has been getting bored and has unknowingly harbored a great deal of resentment toward you.

An Aquarius woman might even say offensive things to remove herself from you or make a personal attack against you to exact revenge for something that didn’t go her way earlier in the day. If she has become short-tempered, it can mean she doesn’t have a strong sense of commitment to you.

She is unappreciative

If an Aquarius woman doesn’t see a future with you, she has no actual desire to make you feel valued and important. She can be using you if she doesn’t say much or appears annoyed by the talk and isn’t prepared to develop the relationship to the point where there is reciprocal effort and appreciation.

If an Aquarius woman isn’t giving you the same amount in return or continues to show little interest in your feelings, this can indicate that she is unwilling to devote herself entirely to you.

In fact, because an Aquarius woman is so self-sufficient and independent, you risk upsetting her if you make too much effort to win her love and admiration.

She won’t commit

An Aquarius woman is a smart, well-spoken person who won’t hesitate to tell you that she doesn’t think commitment is right for her at this point in her life. It’s doubtful she will conceal these facts from you or attempt to deceive you into believing otherwise.

She’ll continue exploring her possibilities until she finds someone worth putting her priorities aside for.

An Aquarius woman has no intention of being near you for a very long time if she has been avoiding all discussions of settling down or a long-term commitment. This is one of the easiest ways an Aquarius woman can tell you she’s using you, but it’s also one of the bluntest and most depressing.

She ignores you

The Aquarius woman has the ability to end the relationship abruptly without giving you any prior notice. Because it’s not in her tendency to dwell on your feelings for too long, she won’t feel awful about ignoring you.

She finds something about you disturbing, thus she has no desire to have a serious relationship with you.

Even if she cares about your feelings, she has already made a choice for her future and believes it is preferable to put her attention there.

If she entirely vanishes from your life, it can be a sign that you weren’t someone who was actually special to him but rather that you were only there for him when he needed something.

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5 signs an Aquarius woman is playing you, final thoughts…

If an Aquarius woman is playing you:

  • She avoids you
  • She is short-tempered
  • She is unappreciative
  • She won’t commit
  • She ignores you



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