5 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Using You

You must be confused if the unpredictable Aquarius woman wants to have a serious and committed relationship with you. If you want to know the signs when an Aquarius woman is using you, you have come to the right place.

An Aquarius woman is using you if she seems closed off and does not show interest in getting to know you. She will also refuse to communicate with you on a deeper level, and she will be selfish in showing her affection. You’ll also notice that an Aquarius woman will be irritable around you.

After reading, you will be able to learn about an Aquarius woman’s weakness in a relationship and how to keep her interested. Read on!

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Signs An Aquarius Woman Wants To Break Up

She ignores you

Unless you can get an Aquarius woman to open up about why she does it, what she does, and when she’ll do it, her silence will always be a mystery. This sign can be secretive, especially if she is unsure about her own emotions.

So, if an Aquarius woman needs a time out, she will get one without asking you, leaving you wondering.

However, be warned that extended silence treatment is a clear, definite sign of an Aquarius woman getting over you. Providing her with the necessary time may help bring her back because she will eventually miss you.

However, if the gap widens and communication breaks down, you should prepare to let an Aquarius woman go.

She loses interest

An Aquarius woman will enjoy discussing ideas with you and expressing her emotions when she is genuinely interested in being with you. However, if she loses interest, she will make every effort to avoid spending more time with you than is absolutely necessary.

An Aquarius woman prioritizes friendships above everything else, so even if a woman claims that she doesn’t desire a relationship, she may still want to remain friends with you, depending on the circumstances.

But once an Aquarius woman begins to shun joint activities and skips any chances to spend time with you, you can be sure she’s made up her mind.

5 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Using You

She is selfish

Your Aquarius woman is giving you a sign that you shouldn’t expect anything from her when she makes a determined effort to be selfish with her love and devotion for you.

Although dating this sign can be a lovely experience, you shouldn’t sacrifice your self-worth and accept anything less than what you deserve in order to keep her in your life.

Even though you shouldn’t, being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t try to improve your life will only make you feel miserable and exhausted. When an Aquarius woman simply provides you with the bare minimum, this is a certain sign that she’s only using you.

She is closed off

It’s not surprising that an Aquarius woman doesn’t readily share sensitive aspects of her life with you because she is known for being emotionally aloof and detached. Gaining her trust can require a lot of patience, but you should also know if your relationship is heading nowhere.

It’s likely that an Aquarius woman is keeping you at a distance from her because she has no interest in developing a deeper connection with you if you’ve been dating her for some time but your conversations are still limited to the surface.

She may also be falling out of love and pondering ending things with you if she used, to be honest with you but suddenly stopped.

She doesn’t communicate

Despite her reputation for being cold, analytical, and practical, an Aquarius woman is actually compassionate, hospitable, and open to the people she loves. When she likes you, she’ll want to impress you with how smart she is by having intelligent discussions with you.

Additionally, an Aquarius woman will be eager to share his innermost ideas, aspirations, and objectives with you.

Consider it a clue that an Aquarius woman is using you if all of your talks with her are terribly uninteresting, transactional, and surface-level. You must be honest and open with her about what you want and expect from her if you want a fulfilling and dedicated relationship.

Do yourself a favor and walk away if an Aquarius woman won’t try to meet you halfway.

She isn’t interested

The fact that an Aquarius woman seems unconcerned with your life and interests is another red flag that she’s manipulating you.

When in love, she would be incredibly curious about every aspect of your life. An Aquarius woman will enquire about your aspirations, fantasies, and interests in order to use this information to surprise you on important occasions.

It’s likely that an Aquarius woman isn’t interested in developing a long-term connection with you if she doesn’t inquire about your life. Showing no interest is a red flag because she typically enters into relationships because she desires attention, affection, and caring.

You need to be honest with yourself about the kind of relationship you’re willing to put up with if an Aquarius woman doesn’t give you any of this.

She is irritable

If your Aquarius woman makes you feel like a bother, this is a clear sign that she doesn’t care about how her words and actions affect you. It frequently happens that once she has seen your troublesome aspects, she will grow progressively irritated with everything you do and may even lash out at you.

An Aquarius woman can occasionally become too at ease in relationships to the point that she feels secure acting badly in front of the person she cares about. When she suddenly acts rudely and carelessly around you, that is one indication that she is using you.

If an Aquarius woman directs her darker side toward you, she might be doing it to keep you at a distance.

An Aquarius Woman’s Weaknesses In A Relationship

An Aquarius woman is incredibly complicated when it comes to love, and no matter what, she will be setting her own standards. She can sometimes suffer from being independent and is unable to give everything for love.

An Aquarius woman’s distinctive behavior revolves around emotionally separating herself, which makes her stand out from the crowd and also makes her more prone to become distant from her partner.

An Aquarius woman can be acting completely, disregarding how her actions are hurting other people, especially her partner. This non-willful individual lacks the ability to feel or perceive how a situation is progressing, which prevents her from being aware of what is lacking in her life or the bigger picture.

How To Keep An Aquarius Woman’s Interest

Don’t try to push a situation; just be yourself and go with the flow.

Given that an Aquarius woman enjoys intellectual discussion, it is strongly advised to meet her somewhere with plenty of uninterrupted conversations because these topics will largely concern your mind, your way of thinking, and your identity.

Keep an Aquarius woman intrigued by allowing her own mind to go and by engaging her thoughts and opinions. The things that will keep her on her toes and keep her interest in you are imagination and irregularity. When attempting to entice an Aquarius woman, confidence is essential.

Keep in mind that she is drawn to the dominant man and considers insecurity and low self-esteem to be major turn-offs.

5 signs an Aquarius woman is using you, final thoughts…

If an Aquarius woman is using you:

  • She is selfish
  • She is closed off
  • She doesn’t communicate
  • She isn’t interested
  • She is irritable



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