5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Aquarius Woman

Due to an Aquarius woman’s ability to connect with the people around her, it’s no wonder why you would want to seduce her. If you want to know the flirty and dirty things you can say to your Aquarius woman, you have come to the right place.

An Aquarius woman appreciates being complimented about the way her mind works and how you wouldn’t change a thing about her. You should also assure her that you enjoy the time you spend together and that you are always there for her.

An Aquarius woman is a big flirt, so play along with her seductive game.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we get into the dirty things to say to this woman, let’s see what she’s like in bed…

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What An Aquarius Woman Is Like In Bed

One thing you should know is that an Aquarius woman is never dull in bed. She frequently wants to practice what she has learned with you because she is always willing to try anything new. She doesn’t mind dating inexperienced partners, but she does like it if you maintain an open mind.

Don’t be hesitant to let an Aquarius woman know what you like and don’t like about her in bed if there is something you want.

An Aquarius woman can be a bit of an exhibitionist, whether she just wants to tease you or she wants it right this second. She can be highly aroused by the rush of doing it somewhere other than the bedroom, combined with the thrill of possibly getting caught.

Being an Aquarius woman, she loves to attempt things that other people would be hesitant to do.

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How To Flirt With An Aquarius Woman

Appreciate her

An Aquarius woman needs to be valued for her many eccentric and admirable traits. She is accustomed to being criticized, and she’ll definitely fall for you right away if you let her know that you love her despite all of her imperfections and peculiarities.

Focus on a particular aspect of an Aquarius woman if you want to compliment her so that she can feel how genuine you are.

Moreover, you shouldn’t be hesitant to show your real self to an Aquarius woman. It’s crucial to project an impression of uniqueness in comparison to the other people this sign is familiar with in order to catch her interest.

The key to wooing an Aquarius woman is to demonstrate your uniqueness since nothing makes her feel more impressed than individuality.

Surprise her

Continually surprising an Aquarius woman is a great way to win her over. To avoid being bored, this sign needs constant stimulation in her relationships. If you don’t play your cards extremely well, an Aquarius woman can start looking elsewhere for excitement as the initial thrill of a love relationship wears off.

Don’t tell her everything about yourself immediately away; you want to keep her on the hook. Keep an Aquarius woman guessing instead, and over time, let her learn new things about you that she was unaware of.

To keep her interested, change up your relationship’s activities and where and how you make love.

5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Aquarius Woman Crush

“I love the way you think”

An Aquarius woman will always have strong ideas on a variety of topics, and she values people who can keep up with her intellectually.

People born under this wisdom-related sign have the propensity to retain a lot of knowledge, so make sure to comment on that. An Aquarius woman definitely enjoys having her intelligence recognized, and any opportunity to socialize is welcome.

When an Aquarius woman begins to discuss her preferred, extremely specialized subject, she’ll usually speak quickly and impart a lot of knowledge.

Do not be hesitant to express your genuine interest in what this sign has to say. While an Aquarius woman will likely benefit from the opportunity to ramble and the fact that someone cares enough to listen, you’ll undoubtedly learn a lot.

“You’re such a tease”

Sometimes, an Aquarius woman can be a big flirt, so it’s best to let her know you see what she is doing and that you like what’s going on rather than acting too cool. Accept whatever praises she may bring your way graciously and tease her right back.

Share some inside jokes, playfully taunt her to spark a small argument, or maybe try some subtle innuendo to win an Aquarius woman over.

If you’re feeling brave, if an Aquarius woman seems interested, let her know. Even if she isn’t quite ready to dive into anything just yet, the sign will appreciate hearing how you feel and love that kind of lighthearted energy.

An Aquarius woman will likely begin flirting back, thrilled to have met an intellectual like her.

“I’m here for you”

Even though an Aquarius woman is a smart sign, she doesn’t always get the opportunity to express her opinions because her thoughts are often a bit philosophical, outlandish, or otherwise odd.

Remind her that you’re there for her no matter what, even when others might be getting tired of hearing about her complaints. She desires a partner who can support her and be a true companion to her in private because she is extremely independent on the outside.

You may find that an Aquarius woman is willing to discuss information about herself, her thoughts, dreams, and feelings in addition to the distinct interests she has in common. If you do this, it will strengthen your relationship as you get to know each other better on a deeper level.

Keep in mind that you must establish her trust in order to truly entice an Aquarius woman.

“You’re perfect”

Due to her eccentricities and fierce sense of individuality, an Aquarius woman sometimes feels as though the world is out to get her and that she must continually change herself in order to fit in. This is why it is important to compliment this sign that she is perfect just the way she is.

An Aquarius woman will probably be delighted to hear that you accept her insecurities wholeheartedly in your life.

If she ever feels uncertain about her distinctive way of being, encourage her, be there for her when she needs assistance, and demonstrate to her that she can rely on you. Keep an open mind and be grateful that there actually isn’t another one like your Aquarius woman out there—acceptance may be a lovely thing.

“Last night was amazing”

There aren’t many sexual turn-ons that will drive an Aquarius woman away, and she can have some unusual cravings of her own. This sign typically has an open-minded, creative perspective on sexuality. Talk about the night you spent with her and ask her about desires as the situation intensifies.

An Aquarius woman will like being in the company of someone who is so at ease with her sexuality.

She is a really lovely and delightful flirt, and she wants you to reciprocate by engaging in some light flirting. Ensure that this Aquarius woman understands that you admire her beyond only her sexuality.

Before she can let her guard down with you, even in a casual setting, she needs to be confident that you respect her unique individuality.

How To Keep An Aquarius Woman Interested

The fact that an Aquarius woman does have the propensity to distance herself readily, but only when her independence is threatened, is one of the reasons why she is sometimes characterized as flighty. Giving this sign lots of room is crucial if you want to keep her interested in you.

An Aquarius woman can fall in love with you even if you only give her a little but enough attention.

Although it can be challenging to attract an Aquarius woman because she is drawn to people who lead adventurous lives, this does not mean that you should pretend to be someone you are not. Always keep in mind that this sign is sensitive, and regard her sentiments.

An Aquarius woman wants someone who respects her while being comfortable with being alone.

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5 flirty (and dirty) things to say to your Aquarius woman crush:

  • “I love the way you think”
  • “You’re such a tease”
  • “I’m here for you”
  • “You’re perfect”
  • “Last night was amazing”