How To Make An Aquarius Woman Jealous?

Are you worried your Aquarius woman is straying away from the relationship? Is she becoming more distant or perhaps less romantic toward you? Is she overlooking your advances in the relationship? Worry no more because in this article we are going to show you how to counteract that by making her jealous!

Also in this article, we are going to show you the obvious signs that she is jealous!

To make your Aquarius woman jealous you must be genuinely detached and cool about the situation. You must make it seem like you are having the best fun out of your life with or without her while simultaneously showing her that you have plenty of other choices if she ever strays away…

Your Aquarius woman is the eleventh and the penultimate sign in the zodiac wheel next to Capricorn and before Pisces. She is represented by the Water-bearer and is a powerful fixed air sign. She is both co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus and this gives an incredible complexity to her soul and personality.

Saturn is the planet of rules, responsibilities, and boundaries while Uranus is progressive, rebellious, and deals with freedom and Independence.

This gives complexity and duality to an Aquarius woman. She is progressive yet rebellious, she wants order but can be erratic and unpredictable. She is analytical but prefers the quick spontaneous creative imagination she has. She is powerful and intelligent but sympathetic and a great humanitarian at heart.

Your Aquarius woman is a complex character and this makes her eccentric and mysterious no matter how friendly or sociable she might seem to be.

Some layers are interesting to your Aquarius woman. Being a fixed air sign makes her dynamic as well, air takes no shape and is forever changing while fixed modality is persistent and a stronghold.

Your Aquarius woman is also fearsome in battles of logic.

She is quick to think and can play the devil’s advocate very well alongside that she has quite a big ego complex than the rest of the signs. Like Leo, the fixed nature of an Aquarius can make her stubborn and a little bit rebellious to the point that it can be a nuisance to the people around her.

At best your Aquarius woman is smart, reliable, approachable (if the situation deems it of her), organized, analytical, creative, imaginative, observant, sociable, artistic, humanitarian, sympathetic, confident, inventive, sensitive to society’s needs, and injustices, devoted partner, loyal, courteous and humorous. 

On the other hand, Aquarian shadow traits can come off as being too rebellious (being a rebel for no reason), stubborn, eccentric, weird (by others), opinionated, distant, contradictory, too complex for other people to handle, hard to read, aloof, distant, detached, unyielding, brutal and chaotic.

In love and relationships, she can be a bit overjoyed as she tends to express her love in numerous unconventional ways, she might be erratic or unpredictable sometimes but she is a devoted and loyal partner if it needs to be.

She also is fond of sharing ideas with her partner and loves the idea of having an intellectual conversation with her lover. To make a relationship work with your Aquarius woman you must give her excitement and mental stimulation.

Now that we have talked a little bit about your Aquarius man let us talk more about your Aquarius man and his jealousy issues! How does he express his jealousy and what are the signs that he is jealous?

Let’s dig deep!

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How does An Aquarius Woman Express Jealousy?

Your Aquarius woman is an innately chill person when it comes to dating, she is progressive, sympathetic, and understanding and she knows herself well so it is not a matter of insecurity to her if she ever becomes jealous.

She becomes jealous because she outrightly sees that you are doing something that is triggering her jealousy issues.

Your Aquarius woman is a rarely jealous person and out of all the zodiac signs she’s considered to be the least jealous.

She is self-assured and confident enough to know her worth and she is inclined to be detached however she will not show remorse in showing her feisty attitude if she ever sees someone threatening to ruin a relationship.

Your Aquarius woman is strong and independent and it shows well in the relationship. No matter how frustrated or jealous she might be she will always be level-headed to the point that you will not see it on her face that she’s frustrated!

She is powerful enough to alienate her emotions to logic. She is intelligent and will not let a single drop of emotions be shown to her partner or everyone.

She knows that a drop of blood in the ocean can make sharks hungry for a feast and this in turn makes her careful of showing her thoughts and emotions even to her friends and family.

She does not repress her emotions she carefully calculates them and makes them so because she upholds being a tough and independent woman.

This rage of jealousy is cold and has an air of arrogance to it.

Whenever your Aquarius woman gets jealous she becomes extremely detached to the point that she might give her partner a silent treatment coupled with sarcastic remarks – this is the only obvious sign that she will show if she is jealous while in a relationship.

Your Aquarius woman is not quick to rage nor will show it in an explosive or fiery manner, she is cold and unnerving when jealous and she will not resort to petty arguments or fights just to prove a point.

Her staying silent is valid enough to make you do something about it or she’ll forever close her heart toward you.

She is rational and she knows it well. Alongside the silent treatment and the possible showcases of mean or sarcastic remarks that can be brutal your Aquarius woman will also set up a boundary that you will not cross until you’ve amended things with her.

This boundary can be physical or emotional for example she might not let you in her personal space or belongings or she might be less responsive in your chats or calls.

When you notice this is happening it is a wake u[p call that you should do something about it because she is hurt by your actions no matter how tough she might seem to be.

Overall her jealousy is cold and icy, rather than exploding she turns ice cold and she will put these walls around her to keep you at a distance. Her jealousy is rational and if she ever becomes jealous it is because of your wrongdoings and not hers.

Now that we’ve talked about the signs that your Aquarius woman is jealous you must be very careful in making her jealous if you’re ever resorting to this tactic to divert her attention towards you. Make sure not to go overboard as it will only be detrimental to you and the relationship.

How to Make Your Aquarius Woman Jealous!

Flirt with other people

The first step in the list to make your Aquarius woman jealous is to make her see that you are positively interacting or flirting with other women.

This is a toxic yet effective way to rile her up and make her overthink because you are showing her that you do not care and that you give no damn to people who do not reciprocate the time and energy you waste.

You also show your Aquarius woman that you are not to be trifled with because you are experienced with the ladies! This means the more of a heartbreaker you seem to be the more your Aquarius woman will fawn over you and be jealous!

Let her see how women positively interact under your vibes and see her jealous and possessive side take over!

Be Attractive!

To look attractive you must be comfortable in your skin! And to do so you must show her that you are building yourself with or without her.

Instead of focusing too much on her and implying you are more attached and emotional than her try to be more focused on your own potential instead of focusing your time and energy on your relationship.

She doesn’t seem to care. Then don’t care too and instead focus on building progress in your life! It can be starting up a creative project that is more in tune with your passion or you can even start improving your appearance b working out and getting that conventionally attractive masculine body.

Whatever that is you must realize that whatever you put your energy into it grows so if you are focusing on improving aspects of your life expect big and positive changes! If you however choose to put your time and energy into worry, anxiety, and pessimism on how detached your Aquarius woman you’ll never win.

To her, a man with his own independent life and thinking is 100 percent more attractive than a guy who is clingy, emotional, and full of wary. He would very much choose you if you ever became the man she always wants.

Be the cool guy

Have as many friends and acquaintances as possible, go to the latest pubs and clubs in the city, show everyone how much fun you’re having, and share your latest travel adventures on your social media! You can even share the most mundane or funny of things to show to the world!

This image of becoming cool and popular among peers will surely rile up your lonely and eccentric Aquarius woman!

Embody the word cool! Be confident and dress well, talk with people, and do it with grace and style! Try as much as possible to be friendly, helpful, and sociable with other people! Not only you are showing her that you are cool you are also doubling down your attractiveness level to her!

Effortless attraction and at the same time, she’ll be more focused to win back your time and attention!

Positively interact with another woman while you’re with her

This is another effective way to make your Aquarius woman jealous truly and riled up over you! When in a public setting such as a get-together or a party having a good amount of acquaintances or friends is good enough to stray a little away from her and pay more attention to the other person instead of her. 

When you positively interact with another woman while she’s near or beside you she is analyzing the situation and making it seem like you are the coolest guy in the room because you’ve got plenty of friends to hang out with.

Alongside that, by positively interacting with other women and not her you are turning up her feminine tendency to get jealous and angry for you becoming more interested in another woman than her! By doing this you are surely making her jealous!

Let her know that you have friends with who you can have your time with

Your Aquarius woman is detached and is naturally the most aloof zodiac sign despite her humanitarian tendencies.

It is hard for her to truly grasp deep intimate personal emotions as she is in the signed collective. Unlike Water signs who grasp emotions internally often, an Aquarius finds herself alienated from her thoughts and the rest of the world.

This can bring in some loneliness to her part because no matter what she does even if she is still in a relationship she still feels alone in the world. You can use this effectively against her to make her want you more by showing her that you have a deep emotional connection with other people around you.

When she knows or sees that you have friends who got your back, friends who truly understand you and support you, and friends that you can have deep heart-to-heart talks with this instinctively makes her more possessive towards you because she wants that connection too.

She realizes that she has you and this makes her yearn for you no matter how aloof or distant she might seem to be.

Talk things out with your Aquarius woman

Bloodshed can be prevented in wars only if both sides are committed to having a fruitful talk. This is the same when dealing with your unpredictable Aquarius woman. Playing mind games and resorting to jealousy tactics will surely get her attention but will not fix whatever problem there is in a relationship.

When the war is over it is best to talk things out with your Aquarius woman and settle whatever problem you have with her. Tackle the root cause of the problem in the relationship. Is it a passion problem? Is it a financial one?

Is she straying away because she’s getting busy at work or are you being too emotional or clingy to her distaste?

Whatever it might be it is still best to truly compensate things out by properly expressing your thoughts and feelings to her without making it seem like you are arguing with her

It is still best to talk things out with your Aquarius man and tackle the root cause of the problem in the relationship. Apologize if necessary and make her feel that she can express her thoughts without feeling vulnerable because you truly love and trust her.

Show her that no matter what happens you still care for her and that you have been loyal throughout the relationship even if she thinks you are flirting with other people. Alongside that when given the chance it is best to find out what her love style is so both of you feel loved and she doesn’t feel alienated from you.

Mind games like making your Aquarius woman will only be effective to a certain extent.

As much as possible try to talk it out with her so you can have a fruitful, strong, and stable relationship with her and that you must understand that each of you has your differences and it is up to both of you to change for the betterment of the relationship.

Open communication saves your relationship with your Aquarius woman. This is the most effective way if you truly want her back genuinely without resorting to petty games like making her jealous.

Making An Aquarius Woman Jealous (& how to draw attention from her!), final thoughts…

Your Aquarius woman isn’t the overtly obsessed and jealous type. She is quite laid-back and chills when it comes to relationships. She is loving and optimistic with her partner but she can be pettily and detached sometimes.

However, this does not mean your Aquarius woman will not get jealous if she was given the motive to do so!

Yes, your Aquarius woman will be jealous with the right circumstances!

She will be jealous if you properly make her by following the steps below! Fun, exciting, and exhilarating to be with but can be weird and sometimes eccentric her personality is one of a kind so it is expected that she might express her jealousy and frustration eccentrically and unpredictably.

Your Aquarius woman is rarely jealous or possessive because she analyzes situations before acting. She is level-headed and cool when deciding when and what to act on it. Although not a jealous type she will not tolerate cheating and that means going beyond the line of flirting or interacting with other women.

If you ever do this you’ll be sure to see your Aquarius woman go away for good. If you have her heart broken it will be impossible to win it back. At the end of the day, it is best not to truly go hard mode in making her jealous and have a fine line between flirting and not flirting. 

At the end of the day, it is still best to have open communication with her in particular as it can help both of you understand each other’s motives and feelings in the relationship.

Alongside that, it is important for both of you to properly communicate your concerns without hurting each other to have and build a more stable, loving, exciting, and fruitful relationship with her!

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