7 Effective Ways To Get An Aquarius Woman Hooked

I guess you are curious about how to get an Aquarius woman hooked; can’t blame you. Getting an Aquarius woman can be challenging yet fulfilling. To help you out, here are the effective ways how to get an Aquarius woman hooked.

To get an Aquarius woman hooked, you must give her space and be patient. In a way, you can build a trusting friendship and eventually flirt your way into getting your Aquarius woman hooked. You should also impress an Aquarius man with your intellect and show off how unique you are from the rest.

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That said, let’s first see what she is like when she has a crush and then how to seduce her. Let’s go!

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When An Aquarius Woman Has A Crush

If an Aquarius woman enjoys your company, and believes you’re amusing, attractive, and intelligent, she is likely to want to spend time with you since you are already her crush.

When an Aquarius woman wants to spend time with you, that’s a fantastic situation to be in because it increases your chances of developing a bond. An Aquarius woman has the audacity to tell someone she likes him, has a crush on him, or anything similar.

Aquarius women must really like you if they’ve gotten this far. Moreover, Aquarius women enjoy flirting and seeing where things lead; they don’t always choose the obvious path.

To Seduce An Aquarius Woman…

Aquarius men are drawn to persons who are different from the others; so show her how you’re distinct from the rest of the crowd. Wait to be openly emotional or vulnerable with her because an Aquarius woman takes time to connect with others, and she prefers people who are steady and confident.

An Aquarius woman values creating a warm, sensual bond with their partner. Moreover, an Aquarius woman doesn’t want her partner to be shy, so she takes one step at a time, focusing on what most thrills him.

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7 Effective Ways To Get An Aquarius Woman Hooked

Be her friend

An Aquarius woman requires someone with whom she can communicate and on whom she can rely. If you want to know how to get an Aquarius woman hooked, keep in mind that she isn’t just searching for a partner.

Before you can become a special part of an Aquarius woman’s life, you must first become her best friend. Aquarius women value strong, lasting friendships with their loved ones and if you demonstrate that you are a loyal friend, she will most likely develop affection for you.

Don’t worry, an Aquarius woman is perfectly capable of looking after herself; all she wants to know is that she can rely on you in times of need. You must prove to your Aquarius woman that both of you are compatible in multiple ways.

You should make your intentions known even though I mentioned a lot that you should be her friend; remember to express your interest in her as a future girlfriend. A romantic connection is much more than just romance for an Aquarius woman because she’s seeking her life partner.

Give her space

Avoid pressing an Aquarius woman to commit as you get to know each other. Even if you already have her hooked, an Aquarius woman wants to spend as much time as possible with her circle.

An Aquarius woman will always have a life outside of her relationship, no matter how much she loves you; expect her to remember her friends, hobbies, and interests just because you entered the picture.

An Aquarius woman will be grateful to have discovered someone who truly knows her if you give her time to let go and do her thing.

Don’t worry, an Aquarius woman won’t be unfaithful behind your back when she is having her space as she simply does not want to lose herself for the benefit of others. Meanwhile, continue to develop your own life because even if you two form a team, she will always value your uniqueness.

Prove to an Aquarius woman that you can be a happy, whole man without a girlfriend. An Aquarius woman will become hooked on you once she realizes that you’re self-sufficient and independent like her.

Show your uniqueness

You won’t succeed if you try to figure out how to hook an Aquarius woman if you’re too ordinary. You don’t have to be a fitness model or a billionaire to get her attention; you must, however, find additional ways to stand out from the crowd.

She will never be attracted to a rigorous man who follows the rules to the letter because she’d rather be with a laid-back guy who knows how to go with the flow.

You should be adaptive and impulsive, among other qualities, and take the risk of stepping outside of your comfort zone. Prove to your Aquarius woman that you have what it takes to make significant changes in your life without much thought.

Make it clear to her that you’re a man who enjoys taking chances because this is the only method to maintain her interest in you indefinitely and everything else would eventually tire her.

Intellectually challenge her

An Aquarius woman is extremely intelligent, which is the component of her personality that you must impress in order to hook her. You can be the most attractive man on the planet, but that won’t keep her interested in you; although it will attract her attention, it will not entice her to stay.

Instead of casual talk, when you next hear from an Aquarius woman, don’t be scared to bring up some serious topics.

To excite an Aquarius woman’s interest, bring up topics like philosophy, art, politics, and humanitarian issues. As you converse, be free to express your thoughts and listen to your Aquarius woman’s opinions as well.

Remember to maintain your composure because Aquarius women enjoy courteous debate but avoid hot, emotionally charged discussions. An Aquarius woman will be hooked on you in a heartbeat if you approach the conversation with politeness and an open mind.

Surprise her

Because an Aquarius woman is often bored, she may tire of weekly dinner dates. Plan and surprise your Aquarius woman with activity-based dates instead, such as hiking, bowling, or even volunteering.

To show her how daring and spontaneous you are, choose stuff you’ve never attempted before and she’ll appreciate how you keep her on her toes and be overjoyed to have found someone who shares her sense of adventure.

Surprising her suggests that you’ve been thinking about your Aquarius woman. Aquarius women require appreciation from their partners; otherwise, they will go their own way.

Give her a tiny gift to express her profound gratitude and choose something that ties to her passions, such as a vinyl record of her favorite album or a book by a beloved author. Your Aquarius woman will be moved by the gesture and grateful to have discovered someone who values her so highly.

Flirt with her

When you see your Aquarius woman, send her a flirty smile. When you meet an Aquarius woman, give her a nod of the head, and don’t forget to make physical contact.

You’re ready to take the next step toward intimacy once your closeness has become comfortable. Take care with your pick-up lines because she’s not going to fall for the same cliched traps that most other ladies do.

You’re out of the picture if your Aquarius woman finds out that you’re flirting with her in the same way you flirt with every other woman.

Wordplay, banter, sharing some inside jokes, playfully teasing her to generate an argument, and perhaps trying some subtle innuendo will win her over. An Aquarius woman will be ecstatic to have discovered an intellectual match and will very certainly return the flirtation.

Smart flirting is an excellent method to make an Aquarius woman feel special and to make her hooked on you. Show your Aquarius woman that you’re good at flirting as well, and you’ll impress her and earn added points in her book.

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Be patient

You’ll just drive an Aquarius woman away if you push this girl too hard to take your relationship to the next level. This does not imply that an Aquarius woman is incapable of committing; she simply requires more time before taking that step.

And if you want to keep an Aquarius woman around, you should give her that time. Don’t force an Aquarius woman to do something she doesn’t want to do; else, you’ll end up with a negative outcome.

When an Aquarius woman notices that you have patience, she will recognize that you respect her and will give her the space she requires. An Aquarius woman is a type of woman who values her freedom above all else in the world.

She’ll never let herself become financially or emotionally dependent on you, no matter how much she develops her feelings for you. If an Aquarius woman chooses to let you into her life, it’s because she wants to.

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7 effective ways to get an Aquarius woman hooked, final thoughts…

To get an Aquarius woman hooked…

  • Be her friend
  • Give her space
  • Show your uniqueness
  • Intellectually challenge her
  • Surprise her
  • Flirt with her
  • Be patient



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