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How To Attract An Aquarius Woman

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Aquarius is the “group efforts” part of the Zodiac wheel where the air element has a fixed nature, which indicates that a person feels alive when united with others.

The spark of spirit imagined in Aries, materialized in Taurus, spread in Gemini, rooted in Cancer, exploded with joy in Leo. Accomplished through realistic actions in Virgo, united with others in Libra, died and transformed in Scorpio. Reborn in Sagittarius, which resulted in accomplishments in Capricorn, is now ready to break the walls of the impossible in Aquarius.

An Aquarius woman loves versatility and excitement, and at the same time, she has to know that she belongs to a certain group of people to feel protected and strong. And if you want to truly catch and melt her heart, you have to appear as someone way above all people she usually meets, someone with style and grace.

Is Aquarius woman unfaithful in relationships?

There is the mythical story of how an Aquarius woman is unfaithful because she is “modern”, and that includes frequent change or exchange of partners and all sorts of sexual experiments. But, that is simply not true because this lady values and respects a true connection above everything else.     

It’s so easy and rather simple to mix the influence of the second ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, regarding Aquarius lady love life with promiscuity.

First of all, you should have in mind that this is a woman, and as such, she is not so prone to promiscuity at all, but more to emotional attachments, as her hormones dictate to her mind.

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And secondly, the effects of Uranus in her chart will be seen through her practical spirit which will create many innovations.

This comes from the fact that Aquarius woman in most cases belongs to the middle or even lower classes of society, and therefore, she is forced to find better solutions when she lacks material backup.

The only situation when an Aquarius woman can be seen as a cheater or quick to change her love interests is when her natal Venus creates tense aspects like squares or oppositions with Uranus or Neptune. However, there is an equal percentage of Aquarius women affected by those aspects as there are in other signs.

Have in mind that the ruler of her partnership area is the Sun. And her natal Sun is always placed in her own sign Aquarius. This means that she will seek someone who resembles her and her environment and yet “shines” brighter than all other people.

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Of course, how an Aquarius woman will perceive and receive love will be seen through her natal Venus, which can be positioned in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, or Aries.

If her Venus is in Sagittarius, she will love calm, educated, but funny and noble people, she can admire so much.

If her Venus is in Capricorn, then she will have some secret romantic feelings toward much younger or much older individuals, and this won’t be received so well in her social circles.

In the case an Aquarius woman has her natal Venus in Aquarius, then she will fall in love with someone who has similar habits as her and hangs around but seems better or more qualified for life’s challenges.

If her Venus is in Pisces, she will be prone to mix love feelings with material safety, and she could become easily attracted to artistic types of people.

And lastly, if her natal Venus is positioned in Aries, she will need to become best friends to be able to fall in love. And even then, she will be weak with people who are active, adventurous, brave, and sometimes aggressive in their approach to life.

What are the main traits of an Aquarius woman?

Everything can be expected from an Aquarius woman because she is unrestrained, unusual, and unconventional. She is aware of both her reactions and the feedback from the environment, she has a lot of practical sense, and her ideas often leave you breathless. And she accomplishes them all.

An Aquarius woman likes to hang out with a lot of people, she is always in a good mood and cheerful, and she also knows how to combine her fashion style boldly, attracting other people’s eyes.

She is very capable of dealing with money, so unpleasant financial surprises are practically impossible for her. She is always ready for bad times and keeps some savings somewhere safe.

An Aquarius woman is also very passionate and knows how to sacrifice, and in flirting she can be dominant in the beginning, only to later withdraw a little and show herself as a bit conservative lady. Her temperament is stormy, but she knows how to conduct herself, and she is always honest and without any last intentions.

In addition to all that, she easily adapts, she is talented and passionate in sex, and for many partners, she is an ideal woman.

How to pursue an Aquarius woman?

An Aquarius woman will fall for someone who is in the spotlight, all the time or at one point in their life. This aura of being special in some profession or having a charismatic personality will serve as a powerful magnet for her attention, admiration, and therefore, great attraction soon after.

An Aquarius woman strongly attracts a lot of people, because she has something promising in her, something mysterious, but only a very successful partner will manage to seduce her and make her commit.

She loves more with intellect than instinct, and often just a little more thinking and negative conclusions about a certain partner are enough for her to have an instant breakup.

For an Aquarius woman, love is initially wonderful, romantic, and dramatic, followed by satiety and disappointment. So if you want to seduce her, you have to stimulate her through intellectual twists, interesting discussions, and irresistible little adventures.

That is the best way to implant yourself in her heart for all time.

How to attract the younger Aquarius woman

If you want to attract a younger Aquarius girl, you must act like a public celebrity person. She has to find at least one thing in you to admire, and from the point of admiration she will be able to develop love feelings because you will come as someone special or touched by the “magical spark”.  

In an Aquarius girl’s natal chart, the ideal partner for her is seen through her natural partnership house which is placed in the sign of Leo. This sign is ruled by a powerful Sun but placed in her sign.

This is exactly why she will sense that you could be the one if you came from the same environment, but despite hardships and life’s obstacles, you have reached the point of success.

The Aquarius girl is simply the role model for all those little, naïve girls who fall for famous singers, actors or sportsmen, and excitingly wait in front for their “stars” to show up.

So, if you position yourself as some kind of a star, and you could be a little star for that fact, and you will still be better than the rest of the crowd, then she will fall for you.

How to attract a mature Aquarius woman

To attract a mature Aquarius woman, you become someone uplifting, talkative, and persuasive. At the same time, your words and appearance should have a note of politeness, diplomacy, and elegance. And this approach to her and life in general, will leave her breathless and expecting more.

The mature, single and available Aquarius woman is not a rare case to see because she will, in most cases go through disappointment in her long-lasting committed relationship or her first marriage due to the illusions she had about her partner, expecting their union to shine, to be better than the others and leave a legacy.

Since this is not an easy task to achieve, she will face the illusions about her partner, move on, and mature.

At the same time, her areas of romantic love and talents, in the sign of Gemini, and her area of spirituality and the second marriage or commitment in the sign of Libra, will become very active.

She will start to rely more on the judgments her natal Mercury and Venus will have about people as rulers of those two signs.

This is why, she will fall for educated, nice, and mannered people, way more than just some public “stars” or celebrities, and she will be more interested in how real influence and power are achieved by hanging close to people who are established in their professions, like diplomacy, marketing, education or law.

To attract a mature Aquarius woman, you must show her your true power through your calmness, very useful social connections, and the ability to change the world or some part of it in a positive direction. She won’t be able to resist your words and your smile soon after. 

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