What Does An Aquarius Woman Like In A Man?

If you want to win the heart of an Aquarius lady, you need to know the traits she looks for in a man. 

An Aquarius woman wants a man who is self-reliant, self-assured, and genuine. Her perfect guy is easy on the eyes, hilarious, and different from any other man she has met. She likes a man who is more logical than emotional, and she’s looking for a guy who can be both her best friend and soulmate. 

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface…

Before we jump into the 10 Characteristics your woman likes in a man, I need to point out that it’s also important how you pull these off! There are subtle things you can do that make a huge difference.

Researchers have found that women find men attractive based on how they carry themselves (their body language). They discovered that a guy’s looks are just a small part of what really attracts a woman.

After reading through this article, click here to find out how to carry yourself like a sexual rockstar! That said, let’s take a look at the 10 characteristics that an Aquarius woman likes in a man!

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10 Characteristics an Aquarius Woman Loves in a Man


Aquarius is one of the most independent signs of the zodiac, and an Aquarius woman values her freedom. She can’t stand being with a needy partner. 

She wants a guy who can take care of himself. He should want to be with her, but not rely on her or need her for anything. 

An Aquarius woman in a relationship needs lots of time to herself, and if she’s with a man who wants to spend all of his time with her, she will feel suffocated and smothered. 

She is social and outgoing, but she enjoys hanging out with her friends sometimes without her man, and she likes some quiet time to herself to relax and recharge. 

Although she will happily share her time with the man she loves, sometimes she wants to take vacations or spend a night alone, and her dream guy has to understand her solitary and independent nature. 


Aquarius is considered the philosopher of the zodiac. Aquarians are highly intelligent and they think in unusual ways, coming up with solutions and innovations that most people couldn’t fathom. 

They are very logical and rational, but they also enjoy exploring abstract concepts. They like to research and discuss topics such as science, patterns, and conspiracy theories. They also love learning about the paranormal, supernatural, and metaphysical. 

An Aquarius woman needs an intelligent partner who can carry on a stimulating conversation. She wants a partner who is also her best friend and will stay up all night talking to her about anything. 

If you’re trying to impress an Aquarius lady, talk to her about the books you’ve been reading lately or the last documentary you watched. 

She loves an intelligent guy who actively tries to learn new things, so inviting her to any sort of class, like a cooking lesson or a wine and paint night, is sure to excite her. 


Besides being the philosopher of the zodiac, Aquarius is also a rebel. Aquarians tend to think a little differently than everyone else, and they’re not afraid to challenge authority or go against the standard way of doing things. 

An Aquarius woman wants to be with a man who will stand up for himself and others when he thinks something is wrong, and she likes a bad boy with a rebellious streak. 

She can even be a bit argumentative because she loves debating an issue and trying to see it from all angles. She wants a man who will challenge her and help her see different points of view. 

She wants a man who thinks for himself instead of just going along mindlessly with what everyone else is doing. 


Aquarius is one of the most truthful and frank signs of the zodiac, and sometimes an Aquarius woman’s unfiltered honesty can get her into trouble.

She says whatever is on her mind and is very direct, but because she has such a unique way of thinking, others who don’t understand her often think she’s joking or being facetious when she’s quite serious. 

Although she is a people person, sometimes she comes off as rude because she never sugarcoats her words or holds back her opinions. 

An Aquarius woman thinks everyone else should be as honest and upfront as she is, so she can’t stand sneaky, deceptive people. She needs a man who is truthful and straightforward because she will never open herself up emotionally to someone she can’t trust. 


Aquarius is an innovative and inventive sign, so an Aquarius woman embraces progress and change. 

She can follow a schedule and be structured and responsible when necessary, but she needs to break free of the dull daily routine occasionally and try something new. 

For example, you might be out running errands with your Aquarius woman when suddenly she suggests a spur-of-the-moment road trip. She needs a partner who will accompany her on these spontaneous adventures and will come up with ideas for wild things to do, too.

Sometimes, an Aquarius woman can be a bit of a dreamer, and she needs a partner who can bring her back down to earth. But being with someone exciting and spontaneous is more important to her than being with a predictable and steady guy. 


Every zodiac sign is unique, but Aquarius might be the most different of them all. Aquarius is a very eccentric and quirky sign, so an Aquarius woman is probably unlike anyone else you have ever met, even other Aquarians. 

An Aquarius woman is attracted to quirky, eccentric people who stand out from the crowd. She is drawn to outliers and underdogs, and she likes a man who is different from all the other guys.

If you have something special or unusual about you, like a funky scar or a bizarre talent, show it off to your Aquarius woman. She will be sure to remember you and think of you often when you stand out and show off what makes you unique. 

Here is a good opportunity for you to utilize your body language to get her attention. Click here for more details about how to use “body language” to create intrigue and interest in your Aquarius woman.


Not only does an Aquarius woman seek a unique man, but she also wants a guy who isn’t afraid to show the world how special he is. 

An Aquarius woman finds confidence extremely sexy, and she doesn’t want to be an insecure man with low self-esteem. 

Giving frequent compliments doesn’t come naturally to an Aquarius woman, so she needs to be with someone who doesn’t need words of affirmation as a love language. 

Because she likes to be by herself and do her own thing, she needs a man who is confident enough to know that when she needs time alone it doesn’t mean she dislikes him or that the relationship is in trouble. 

She adores a man who can stroll confidently into any room or social situation and start a conversation with anyone. She thinks self-assuredness is hot, so her perfect man must possess this trait. 


An Aquarius woman has a quirky, somewhat dark sense of humor, and she needs to be with a man who will appreciate her funny side. 

Aquarius is a zodiac sign that is prone to anxiety and depression, so an Aquarius lady also needs a light-hearted man with a good sense of humor to cheer her up when she’s feeling blue. 

The right man for an Aquarius woman likes to joke around and doesn’t take life too seriously. She is looking for a guy who will be both her lover and best friend, so sharing a sense of humor is important to her. 


An Aquarius woman isn’t shallow in almost every other way, but looks and attractiveness are important to her in a partner. 

She needs to have instant chemistry with a man to be interested in him romantically, and she loves having a gorgeous, sexy man in her arm. 

An Aquarius woman takes care of herself, and while she may have a unique and eccentric sense of style, she cleans up nicely and knows how to look good. 

She wants a man who is her match in terms of looks, and she has to be physically attracted to him right away for love to grow. 


Some zodiac signs are more emotional than others, and Aquarius is perhaps one of the least emotional signs of the entire zodiac. 

An Aquarius lady thinks with her head, not her heart. She is guided by logic and statistics rather than intuition and gut feelings. 

She struggles to open herself up emotionally to others because she dislikes acknowledging and expressing negative feelings like sadness and anger. 

She doesn’t want to be with a moody guy who will pout and sulk when he’s feeling sensitive. She needs a man who is as practical and rational as she is, and he needs to be able to compartmentalize his feelings when necessary. 

An Aquarius woman dislikes big, dramatic displays of emotion, so she gets turned off by a man who throws temper tantrums or cries frequently. 

93% of human communication is non-verbal… Tap into this…

Did you notice that these 10 characteristics that we’ve discussed don’t involve words (or talking)… Your body language has a huge influence on how a woman perceives you (likes you).

Kate Spring, a relationship coach, has found the key and calls it your “secret language”. Subtle changes in your posture and facial expressions can make the difference between a woman looking past you or walking up to you.

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What is an Aquarius woman like in a man, final thoughts…

An Aquarius lady is very independent, and she’s also selective when it comes to choosing a partner. She would rather be alone than settle for a guy who doesn’t live up to her standards. 

An Aquarius woman wants a smart, funny bad boy with a bit of a rebellious streak. He should be confident and good-looking, and he must have a unique, quirky personality. She wants a man who can make her laugh and will be playful with her like a best friend. 

If you possess all of the special qualities she’s looking for, then you might be the right person for an Aquarius woman.



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