How To Get An Aquarius Woman To Chase You

How To Get An Aquarius Woman To Chase You

So, an Aquarius woman caught your attention. That’s not surprising. Aquarius women tend to have this completely different physical feature that you cannot just ignore. If you are planning to win the heart of an Aquarius woman, this is for you.

To get an Aquarius woman to chase you, you need to be unique enough to stand out from the crowd by staying true to yourself. Cultivate friendship at first, and do not ever appear as a threat to her freedom. Keep her interested. Be adventurous and be her equal. Lastly, accept her for who she is.

What do you think? Will you be able to handle all these tips? If so, keep reading because we’ve just scratched the surface here and there is much more you can know about your Aquarius woman…

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That said, let’s first get a deeper understanding of what your Aquarius woman is all about…

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Understanding you Aquarius Woman

How To Get An Aquarius Woman To Chase You

As you might have noticed your Aquarius woman, has this sort of unique, different, and beautiful physical feature. There is something that sets her apart from the crowd. She is so unique that you felt the need to study her features. Lucky you – getting blessed by the beauty of an Aquarius woman.

She is very intelligent and would settle for a partner who is not intellectually stimulating. She likes to talk about all sorts of things, especially ones that fascinate her and get her mentally stimulated. She is very independent and thinks very logically. She has this humanitarian vibe.

She loves talking with people so you cannot expect her to just sit around and keep her mouth shut. She has a vessel, and she will feel the need to network and build connections. However, she can also be very straightforward and blunt, especially when about social issues around the world.

If there is something that she is very passionate about, she will not hold her tongue. At some point, you may not be able to contain her. After all, she is an air sign, and just like the element, you cannot hold it.

She understands her emotions very well and will not let her emotions affect her decisions in life, most especially big ones. You cannot expect her to be head-over-heels with somebody to the point where she’s going to miss out on important dates.

She can be a little affectionate in relationships, but she cannot lose her freedom.

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That said, let’s look at some specific ways you can have your Aquarius woman chase you…

8 Ways to Get an Aquarius Woman to Chase You

Stand out from the crowd

How To Get An Aquarius Woman To Chase You

If you were thinking of dressing up according to what’s trending, you’re getting the wrong idea. Your Aquarius woman loves something unusual about a person. This can either be his or her background, lifestyle, or culture. It’s like appealing to her inner eccentric.

You need to be someone who stands out from the crowd too – just like she does. So, do not be afraid to completely be yourself. Dress up how you want to dress up. Do not be just one of the sheep because she will not lay her eyes on you. Be different from everyone else in the room but be authentic.

Be her friend first

When you finally get to talk to her, confessing your feelings right away is a NO-NO! She will definitely get the ick. What you can do is try to be her friend first. Do not approach her with hearty eyes and be apparent with how you feel towards her.

Yes, you can get laid with an Aquarius woman right away, but do not expect her to stick with you the next day. She doesn’t fall in love this way. She likes to get to know her potential partner at first ad cultivates friendship before even considering dating him or her.

Do not be a threat to her freedom

Your Aquarius woman is very independent, and the last thing she wants is to change. If you are jealous, do not even attempt to date her because if there’s one thing that she hates the most, it is getting manipulated.

Let her be. Let her build networks and mingle. And if you are thinking of making her jealous by getting with another girl, you are wasting a lot of time and effort She won’t care! Do not ever attempt to be too pushy and demanding. Because if you do, she will evict herself from your life.

Keep her on the hook

Keeping her curious about who you are by being mysterious will definitely want your Aquarius woman to want more. The key here is to not put all your card on the table right away. Your Aquarius woman will enjoy the thrill of guessing things about yourself. Let her be.

You also need to educate yourself with a lot of things that she’s interested in, especially if it has something to do with social justice. Always keep the conversation interesting by not being afraid of getting outside the box on what to talk about.

You can talk about anything under the sun! Well, to be fair, leave out the boring stuff. She doesn’t like small talk, and she definitely does not want to talk about how good or bad the weather is. Keep her interested.

Be her equal

How To Get An Aquarius Woman To Chase You

As mentioned, your Aquarius woman is humanitarian, and she will ensure that the power of justice is distributed equally in the community. You have to see, respect, and share her vision. Support her on it. Be the first one to step up and materialize that vision. Her heart will definitely melt when you do that!

Be adventurous

You see, your Aquarius woman is a good sport, and she will be down to explore and do things she has never done before. Take that to your advantage and suggest activities that you can do both together. Again, do not be afraid to think outside the box!

She is someone who wants to experience the world, and if you have the same vision for yourself, you surely will enjoy each other’s company. This does not limit the adventures you can do though. This also applies in the bedroom.

Do not be afraid to ask to try something new to spice things up with your Aquarius woman.

Stay true to yourself

Remember that your Aquarius woman loves something unique in people. Pretending to be someone you are not just to fit in the standards of society is not a thing that she gravitates toward. Do not even attempt to lie about who you truly are because she will eventually know.

This is an Aquarius woman we are talking about.

If you have a different culture from her, do not be afraid to show her it.

Talk about it and let her experience things she never experienced before. Be as real as you can be! Not to roast Libras, but unlike them, your Aquarius woman will definitely see beauty in imperfections and flaws. She tends to be very accepting of that.

Accept her

How To Get An Aquarius Woman To Chase You

Her acceptance of who you truly need to be reciprocated because her type went through a lot. She may have been called a black sheep or other petty things because of how she stands up to what she believes is true. Let her know that you like her because of it.

Do not ever attempt to change her. Do not judge her and convince her to be something that she is not just because of the way she acts. Be encouraging and let her know that she is perfect just the way she is!

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To get an Aquarius woman to chase you, you need to:

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Be her friend first
  • Do not be a threat to her freedom
  • Keep her on the hook
  • Be her equal
  • Be adventurous
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Accept her

Happy chasing!



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