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How To Know When An Aquarius Woman Is Done With You?

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The Aquarius woman is an independent, humanitarian, and rebellious personality. She is the antithesis of the traditional woman. She wants to be unique and to challenge systems so that she can pave the way for an innovative one. She keeps busy and likes to spend time on her interests.

The Aquarius woman is done with you the moment you break up with her. She moves on fast. Life does not stop for her just because a relationship did. Maybe she will mourn or regret certain things but she is a woman visionary and is focused on looking towards what’s yet to come.

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That said, let’s see what it look likes when an Aquarius woman is in love…

How To Know When An Aquarius Woman Is Done With You?

The Aquarius woman in love

The Aquarius woman is about her community, friendships, and network. She is a natural leader; she is the trendsetter and most likely to innovate the causes she’s in. It may be the same treatment that she does for her relationships.

She loves for a very long time. The Aquarius woman is loyal and makes a reliable lover. Though the catch is, she is hard to convince for commitment. She is the type of wife that will give her lover space. She is not emotionally dependent and loves through acts of service.

She knows life is beyond a relationship with one person. Instead, she focuses on the collective. The Aquarius woman makes her own rules, trying to make life better for the people she cares about. She wants her loved ones to see the world from a child-like perspective. She is a woman that’s outside of the box.

When the Aquarius woman loves, she is a fighter, a protector, provider, and teacher in one body. You only get one chance in her life. She is still a fixed sign, if you are able to make it to a stage that she would be in a relationship with you, don’t waste it because she will surely won’t.

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That said, let’s talk about how you can tell an Aquarius woman has moved on…

How to tell when an Aquarius woman has moved on

How To Know When An Aquarius Woman Is Done With You?

She is not excited or fascinated by you

The Aquarius woman that likes you may act flirtatious around you. She is interested in what you have to say and tries to open up topics that seem to make you excited. She is usually aloof but if you’re around she will suddenly have sheer focus. The Aquarius woman will be ready to take notes about you, about every detail she can get.

It is quite the opposite when she is no longer interested. She will avoid trying to converse with you and face another person. She may try to play an online game instead or keep busy reading a book. You might be with her, but she will act invisible.

She doesn’t confide in you anymore

Aquarius women may be social and are included in a lot of circles but she is still a private person. She is not emotionally expressive and those that see the vulnerable side of her are granted to an exclusive few. When you have separated and you lost her trust, she will no longer treat you like her best friend or lover.

She will show this by starting to keep secrets from you. She will not be open about what she feels anymore or what her deeper thoughts are about. The Aquarius woman will just find a different crowd or counsel that she does trust.

She excludes you from her group of friends

The Aquarius woman is active in her community. She is concerned about the well-being of others. As the water bearer of the zodiac wheel, she carries the burden so others don’t have to. She is a symbol of compassion and humanitarian duties.

When she no longer is concerned about you, she will not give you an invite to hang out. You might discover she is with her friends and she didn’t update you. She will have less time with you. She will begin to have excuses that something else came along and she can’t make it.

It will be in no time that the Aquarius woman will forget you even existed.

How To Know When An Aquarius Woman Is Done With You?

She ghosts you

When an Aquarius woman no longer wants to be with you, she just disappears suddenly. There can be two scenarios here. She may tell you upfront that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, how the relationship is not working, and that she no longer sees a future with you.

The second possible outcome has to do with her fulfilling her commitment while being detached. She may have a separate life altogether. It’s like being married but only on paper. She would still see other people, whether you know about it or not.

She doesn’t take care of you anymore

The Aquarius woman is the type of partner that wants to improve and provide your quality of life. She is the rebel of the zodiac wheel. Her ruling planet, Uranus, is often given the title, the Great Awakener. She tends to break the norm in favor of something progressive.

She symbolizes change. This is the same energy when you have separated from her. You would have been used to her doing small favors for you, taking you to something unique, or helping you in projects. Now that she doesn’t see spending her life with you, she doesn’t make an effort because there’s no reason to do so.

She may still remain friends if she has unconditional love for you, but that doesn’t always translate to a second chance. The thing with Aquarius is that they do not conform to society’s expectations which includes partnerships. She is not just independent; she is also a trendsetter. The Aquarius woman paves her own way.

She stops creating new memories or having experiences with you

To love an Aquarius woman is an energizing experience. When she loves you, she truly listens to you. She makes sure friendship is the foundation and then if there is a spark, she takes it to the next level. She will focus on the trust that you are building between the two of you and prefers a private romance.

She will encourage you to be your own person. To be authentic to yourself. The Aquarius woman will nurture your ideas. She is the ultimate supporter and the significator that she loves you is when she stays behind your back and protects you.

When you have said your goodbyes to an Aquarius woman, she will gradually fade away. She is on the lookout for her equal who is able to show her appreciation and is not emotionally dependent on her.

How To Know When An Aquarius Woman Is Done With You?

She makes you feel you are a waste of time and effort

The way an Aquarius woman love is to provide for you. She wants to improve your life. She does a lot of small and big favors to you to show how important you are to her. The Aquarius woman is independent and is not aiming to have that fairytale love story.

She wants to be the face of TIME magazine, be the evil genius in a movie, or the inventor that changed the world. Communication will always be the key to keeping the Aquarius woman in check but now that she gave up on the connection, she will feel regretful of the effort, energy, and time she sacrificed to make you and your life better.

She feels that she would have used it on something else. She may have traded her goals just to make you happy and it feels quite disappointing that it didn’t work out. She may not be the most committal of all the signs but she is still a fixed one, and a loyal partner at that.

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When an Aquarius woman is done, she moves on fast. She only focuses on what lies ahead. She is not the type to stay stuck in the past. Relationships like the movies do not fascinate her. She may explore it just for the experience but unless you have that special connection with her, she will not commit.

It is almost safe to say that Aquarius is a commitment-phobic sign, though it is not impossible for them to experience love like the rest of us, manage the expectation that they’re non-conformist, and prefer a relationship that’s contrary to what we’re used to seeing in the movies.

If you have broken up with her and she has decided to remain friends, she may love you unconditionally but it doesn’t mean a second try in the romance. Once an Aquarius woman is convinced that it is no longer worth it, she doesn’t look back.

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