Gift Ideas For An Aquarius Woman

Gift Ideas For An Aquarius Woman

In the Zodiac circle, the sign of Aquarius represents group effort, and everything we are ready and willing to do to achieve success. It’s ruled by the cold and dry Saturn, and also by hot Uranus, which will give her the zest for life and enormous energy to fight for what she knows is right.

An Aquarius woman will love loud and big celebrations during the festive seasons.

She will even love more the presence of other people than presents alone. However, she will be thrilled to receive something related to technology, like gadgets, branded clothes, handbags, or other accessories, but not too expensive.

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What to give to the young Aquarius girl

Since the natal Sun of an Aquarius girl is ruled by her natal Saturn and Uranus, she will be very lively and social from an early age. She will love fluffy and big, soft toys for babies, but she will love more to be held, cuddled, and talked to. And the more people handle her care, she will feel better.

In the same sense, when she starts to explore the environment, she will love all those packing boxes, household items, and all sorts of tools, and she will play with these grown-up toys more than things intended for her age.

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And she is the kind of girl that can hardly wait to join her little friends and play outside.

This is why you should give your little Aquarius girl all sorts of social-oriented games, like table games, video games, balls, strings, bicycles, skating boards, little ballet dresses, and shoes, sporting equipment, or all sorts of popular, widely-sold sweets.

She won’t dream to have something exquisite or unique per se when all of her interests will revolve around her age group.

And if other children have a certain type of doll, she will want the exact one. If all of them eat a specific type of biscuit, she will have the same. In general terms, she doesn’t want to be different, or radically different than her environment.

You only need to know what is the latest, most popular thing all children want in their neighborhood, and you will know exactly what to give to her during the festive season. And this goes the opposite way too.

If all children she knows are certain that they will get an “ugly” sweater without mistake during holidays, then you should give your little Aquarius girl a similar ugly sweater, and she will then parade in it together with her friends. And all of them will pretend that they are desperate.

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You shouldn’t be surprised by this fact because human psychology is at work here, and your little Aquarius girl wants to stand up to her environment in good or bad circumstances.

Besides “things”, all small and loud animals will suit her as great friends, and the more of them – to merrier, she will be. Of course, before gifting her with an animal, you have to know whether her living conditions and her obligations allow her to have an animal.

Gifts for Aquarius girls and women

A teenage Aquarius girl might start to show some surprising traits. At this point in her life, besides her natal Saturn, Uranus will start to show its influence. And depending on the strength of her Uranus, she will express or sustain rebellious behavior.

And even if she turns toward those Uranian forces, you shouldn’t confront her, not even with common sense logic, but help her to redirect this powerful planetary energy into something creative, and not destructive.

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So, if she is still that little, sweet girl, then the best present for your young Aquarius lady will be something she can use for her study, like the latest laptop model, some electronic gadgets, or a quality phone.

And she will always be amazed by some good-quality sporting clothes and equipment if she trains something.

The general rule here is to buy her something everyone around her has or desires to have. And even if you have the means, you shouldn’t gift her with some unique or too expensive thing because she won’t be able to value it if her friends or surroundings don’t have that thing or know anything about it.

For instance, do not buy her a ladylike type of dress in which Kate Middleton will steal all attention when all she needs is a big hoody with Lady Gaga’s face all over it. Don’t think about what is the proper taste, but rather what her environment values the most.

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If your Aquarius girl or a woman belongs to the rebellious part of her sign, then “challenge” her by gifting her the newest video editing program, some educational courses around the IT world, or popular online media, don’t just take her to the tattoo salon or get her a piercing when she could regret this decision a few years later.

And besides those “serious” presents your Aquarius girl or a woman will love popular, but not so expensive branded clothes, handbags, or shoes, with the brand names written all over those items, and she will also always say “yes” to colorful flowers and gift baskets filled with her usual sweets and chocolate bars.

Gifts for mature Aquarius women

Stick to the basic rule which says that even if you want to give some memorable and crazy-expensive gift to your favorite mature Aquarius woman, do not give her mansions with inner pools and automatic spas, yachts, or sports cars if she hasn’t been raised in a similar type of environment.

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A mature Aquarius woman will love to have the same or similar items her close neighbors or friends have, and nothing sticking out of those norms. So, your task is just to observe her lifestyle and gift her with something resembling that style.

And you can choose as the best present for your older Aquarius woman, a nice set of porcelain teacups, or plates.

She will love all those funny coffee mugs, usual tablecloths and bed linens, towels, nice little decorations which will remind her of you, popular chocolates or biscuits, classical flower bouquets, and discreet perfumes.

And she will love to have one of those little framed phrases like “home sweet home”, “never give up”, “love yourself” or something similar.

In general, your present won’t be as important as the love you have shown to her, and through your present, she will always remember dearly how much she loves you, too. 



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