How Does An Aquarius Woman Test You?

How Does An Aquarius Woman Test You?

Aquarius is the water bearer and has its own imagery on the Tarot which is the star card. It is about having hope in the future and being content in the situation. Aquarius is the 11th sign in the zodiac and is ruled by Uranus, known as the Awakener, and the planet of innovation.

They are the rebels of the zodiac and they are known to be originators.

The Aquarius woman will test you with your purpose and outlook in life. She is always looking towards the good of everyone even if it doesn’t benefit her. She is independent and detached and would rather have a partner that is able to share her causes than be dependent on her.

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Profile of an Aquarius woman

How Does An Aquarius Woman Test You

The Aquarius woman is influenced by masculine air qualities. She is more of a provider than a nurturer. She is assertive and it is natural for her to be a leader even though she does not ask for it. In the cosmos, Uranus is the only planet that has a unique position and is symbolic of her love of rebellion.

Uranus is popularly called, the Awakener, and Aquarius is ruled by this planet making her a force of sudden changes and shocks. Harry Styles and Shakira are Aquarians and they both embody uniqueness to the public’s eye, with Harry’s confident take on the female skirt and just Shakira being herself.

It is often that Aquarians get bullied for their love of originality that they even get called aliens. This is just for fun though; they know that deeply they are meant to envision a future and to remain authentic to themselves. They may even be called geniuses at times too.

The Aquarius woman is intelligent and open-minded. They do not mind seeking different relationships and setups.

It is not best for a conservative or traditionalist type of person to be in a relationship with this woman because she wants to bring change because, for the Aquarius woman, that is the very essence of her existence.

7 ways an Aquarius woman will test you

She will test you with her stubbornness

How Does An Aquarius Woman Test You?

The Aquarius woman is a fixed sign, which means she is stubborn, and having an air placement also makes her detached. She is not dependent on anybody to feel validated. They can take care of themselves.

Relationships are just an option but since they do manage the 11th house in astrology, they are extremely social.

They love to be in communities and might be found where activists form their groups. She decides based on what she wants and not what people expect of them. She does not do well in a position where an authority figure just wants her to follow what he says.

She is looking for freedom to do the things she wants, the way she wants. When you date an Aquarius woman, do not attempt to control her, it will just bring frustration to both parties.

She tests you with her avoidance of commitment

Dating an Aquarius woman feels like you never know if it will last. She is unapologetic and wants to build a revolution. She is like Madonna trying to reinvent herself all the time, at the same time she wants to make a lasting impact on others.

She will never trade a relationship in exchange for her independence. Relationships are just another experience or a detour in her life. In the bedroom, expect a lot of weirdness or excitement if that is your thing.

Don’t expect cuddles either. In fact, they might hate that, don’t do it. No, seriously.

Really, when an Aquarius woman loves she really does act like more of a provider than a lover, even without expecting things in return. She is hands-on with her lover and highly involved when miraculously committed.

She will test you with her rebelliousness

Aquarians have a reputation for neglecting their relationships. When they are told what to do, the more they push their boundaries, the more they become distant from the person who is trying to control them.

Air as an element does not want to stay in one place, it constantly moves and when it is of a fixed quality, it is stubborn.

This combination makes an Aquarius woman sarcastic and communication might become a bit of a challenge with this sign. She might not take note of those she offended even if she does not mean it.

She tests you by being hard to understand emotionally

How Does An Aquarius Woman Test You?

The Aquarius woman is actually an emotional person but they naturally keep it private.

When they feel doom and gloom it is not surprising if they suddenly ghost everyone so they can isolate themselves. They don’t even bother to explain what’s going on with them and those that care for them might become hysterical thinking what’s wrong and feel hurt for being kept shut.

The Aquarius woman is a deep thinker and can get lost in her daydreams. This is a good quality to have when it comes to being focused on developing skills but alienates the people who do care about them.

She is also not the easiest sign to gain trust. Though she is very friendly, the Aquarius woman is selective of her true circle and they are the only ones who know what she really feels.

She tests you with her impatience

The Aquarius woman is not the most patient sign in the zodiac wheel.

With a fixed quality, she is stubborn, and once she decides on something she will be restless until she achieves it. With air as its element, she wants what she wants fast and may get bored or frustrated if she does not get it immediately.

Similar to Pisces nature, the Aquarius woman is idealistic and will try her best to reach the standard that she set for herself. The problem is sometimes it is too high and her impatience stops her from trying.

She will test you with her know-it-all approach

The Aquarius woman loves sharing ideas and enjoys solving problems. She sometimes comes as a know-it-all because of her reluctance to admit others know more than them. She is also too confident in her intelligence that she doesn’t realize she is making other people feel small.

They always say pride comes before a fall, when people assume one is arrogant, one can lose opportunities.

Adding to her high standards is also her perfectionist tendency. The Aquarius woman makes their life hard this way. They will then retreat to their imagination or deep thoughts. This is often why they are stereotyped as eccentric geniuses.

The Aquarius woman can get lost in her pursuit of knowledge but only if they’re interested.

Good luck trying to keep an Aquarius woman listening if she doesn’t even like the topic in the first place. It will be like talking to a wall.

She will test you with her love of isolation

How Does An Aquarius Woman Test You?

Aquarius women are comfortable with loneliness. She may be social but her batteries would need to recharge every now and then. She does not do well with a partner that is too dependent on them whether it is emotional or other means.

The Aquarius woman wants to have someone who is also as independent as her. She wants him to know she can’t prioritize him 24/7. They want him to have their own world, own hobbies, and obsessions and are turned off by jealous tendencies.

They don’t need that drama and know deep in their heart that she is a force of change. The Aquarius woman has a greater purpose in the world than to be contained in a romantic relationship.

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Is your Aquarius woman testing you, final thoughts…

The Aquarius woman will test you with your purpose and outlook in life. She wants to be with someone who is independent and will not attempt to control her in any way. The Aquarius woman is the type of person that knows a relationship with someone is not all there is in the world.

She could be out there inventing something that changes how the world moves.

She knows she could be doing something for the good of the community. The Aquarius woman looks toward the world as a whole and she wants to be a contributor without having to conform to any form of authority, especially a controlling relationship.



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