How Does A Taurus Woman Test You?

How Does A Taurus Woman Test You?

Taurus women are sensuous, practical, and fixed. These women are like trees with deep roots. It is hard for anybody to try and change their minds. They have quite the patience but like the portrayal of their sign, the Bull, you might want to think twice about pushing her buttons.

Taurus is a hedonistic personality due to Venus, being her ruler, the planet of love and wealth.

The Taurus woman tests you by basing on your stability. If you are willing to stay, for richer or poorer, through thick and thin. The Taurus woman is fixed, she does not want to invest her time and devotion in someone who doesn’t see her as the end game.

She wants to be with a man that can give her emotional security and of course, spoil her from time to time.

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Profile of a Taurus Woman

The benefit of having a Taurus woman in your life is that they can be devoted once they set their mind to it. These women make good housewives if that is what you’re looking for. As represented by the earth element, the sign of Taurus likes to keep on building.

For example, they say Capricorns are the CEO of the zodiac, well Taurus is the trust fund and investor. 

Being ruled by Venus, Taurus women enjoy their senses. They enjoy feeling their partners and food becomes a type of love language to them. These women are actually quite loyal even if you may have broken up with them there is still this sense of duty.

Adele and Gigi Hadid are examples of that. For Taurus, memories are always cherished.

She is a down-to-earth lover. A Taurus woman likes everything to last for life. She is not in a rush to be committed. These women love hard through their devotion and take eternities to move on, however, it’s not impossible.

When they have finally accepted that there is no benefit in holding on to you, think twice, you will regret it one day.

As Venusians, these women can be hedonistic. It is not surprising for some Taurus women to be stereotyped as lazy and comfort-loving. Out of all the earth signs, Taurus is the one that knows how to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

You can expect Taurus women to put up a fight to keep a relationship working. Taurus is one of the most dedicated signs in the zodiac.

7 ways a Taurus woman will test you

She tests you with your motives

How Does A Taurus Woman Test You?

The Taurus woman does not have a preference for flings. She rarely goes out on a casual date. The Taurus woman might enjoy the encounter but when given choices, she will always choose the long-term commitment.

Most of them want to be emotionally invested in someone and to build security with someone they want to spend their life with.

Taurus women choose quality over quantity. She would rather be single than settle. This is why she takes her time before trusting anyone. She loves

She tests you in how you build yourself, eventually on how you build with her.

As Taurus also rules the 2nd house in Astrology, they would appreciate a partner that is reliable. She wants someone that understands what value actually means. To keep adding that value to the life they are trying to build.

She is attracted when she knows you can handle what life hands you. For her, it is all about the legacy that you can build with her. 

They are like the parable of the ants, keep building when the seasons allow it. The Taurus woman is traditional in the sense that she does not mind if she is placed in a supportive role, she will not mind if you decide to take the lead.

She tests you on the attention you give her

A Taurus woman will start to question things if you do not give her enough attention. She might think you are committed to other things or prioritizing something else. If work comes in the way, communication should be established.

The Taurus woman is stubborn so in order to change her mind, you have to be patient and gentle, like watering a seed every day to make her see your point of view.

She will test you on how you can support her

Taurus is a sign that dislikes changes. If you need a wall to talk to, get a Taurus. It is not that they are closed on the idea of change but since they are long-term planners they will get stressed if things do not go accordingly.

An ideal partner for the Taurus woman is someone who has similar values and is aligned with what she is trying to build. She needs a partner that can understand what she is trying to achieve and build instead of trying to change her plans.

She may let someone convince her to change the way she does things, although it may be frustrating for both parties, but to her, the end result should be the same.

She will test you on her possessiveness

How Does A Taurus Woman Test You?

Not that she wants you to feel like it but a Taurus woman may treat their partners like property. We don’t mean that she objectifies you but the phrase, “what’s mine is mine” applies to them. They are quite protective of whoever they love so she might ask where you are or what you are up to. 

It is not because they do not trust you, they are afraid of losing you.

She tests you on how flirty you are

This might be a bit challenging for some signs, especially Gemini and Libra if you are into a Taurus woman. She does not appreciate any bit of flirting if it is not targeted at her. Sometimes you could be a bit friendly to another person and she might assume that you are a flirt.

Avoid giving her reasons to get jealous. They do not handle this very well. Taurus women may be patient, but a reminder that they are terrifying when they do snap, also Taurus can hold grudges for years.

She tests you on how you see her

How Does A Taurus Woman Test You?

A Taurus woman may be called to be materialistic as this is due to Taurus being an earth sign that appreciates the senses, and also because of the association of being the ruler of the 2nd house. They want to set a high standard for the public. They want to be seen as established.

They will not mind having to fake it to achieve that. The Taurus woman wants a partner that does not equate her to the shallow meaning of materialism. She wants a partner that understands her primary motivation is security.

If you are able to give that assurance to her, I am convinced you will be the only man in her life.

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How a Taurus woman tests you, the final word…

Overall, the Taurus woman tests you on how long-lasting you can be. She is the type that will pass on flings. She is sensuous and wants a lover that is the same. These women want to have love as our grandparents did.

They are devoted, loyal, and reliable and yet they dislike changes or surprises, so they require a lot of patience on being convinced.

The Taurus woman’s primary drive is security and one of the ways you can ensure that is by providing her attention and purposely avoiding giving her reasons to get jealous due to her possessive personality. She dreams of a happily ever after with someone.



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