What Does A Taurus Woman Like In A Man?

What does a Taurus woman like in a man?

If you want to win a Taurus lady’s heart or help her find her perfect match, then you should know what she wants in a romantic partner.

The typical Taurus woman seeks a trustworthy and reliable man. She wants a partner who likes cuddling on the couch and entertaining friends and family at home, but also appreciates nature and enjoys exploring the outdoors. She wants a man who can be not just her lover but also her best friend and life partner.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface…

Before we jump into the 10 Characteristics your woman likes in a man, I need to point out that it’s also important how you pull these off! There are subtle things you can do that make a huge difference.

Researchers have found that women find men attractive based on how they carry themselves (their body language). They discovered that a guy’s looks are just a small part of what really attracts a woman.

After reading through this article, click here to find out how to carry yourself like a sexual rockstar! That said, let’s take a look at the 10 characteristics that a Taurus woman likes in a man!

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10 Characteristics a Taurus Woman Loves in a Man


Some women like a man with an eccentric, androgynous, or grungy sense of style, but not a Taurus lady. She prefers traditional gender roles and a man whose style reflects that.

A Taurus woman appreciates the finer things in life, and she likes to surround herself with beautiful, luxurious things. She needs a guy who shares her sophisticated taste, and she likes a man with a very masculine style that makes her feel more feminine in comparison.

A Taurus lady is attracted to a down-to-earth guy who will stick by her side when times are tough, but he should also look great in a suit and enjoy choosing furniture and art for their home.

She is more attracted to the man in a simple collared shirt and ironed pants than a guy wearing flashy, ostentatious clothes.


Every zodiac sign has a guiding heavenly body that reveals something significant about that sign’s character and values. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of money, love, and beauty.

As the sign ruled by the planet of beauty, physical attraction is very important to a Taurus woman. She wants a well-groomed man who cares about his appearance and takes good care of himself.

A Taurus woman likes a guy who looks healthy and fit because it tells her that looking good and taking care of his well-being is important to him. She wants a partner she knows will always look good on her arm, no matter where they go together.

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Nature Lover

Just as each zodiac sign has a ruling planet, every sign also correlates with one of four natural elements. These natural elements are air, fire, water, and earth. A sign’s natural element reveals important aspects of that sign’s personality and temperament.

Taurus is an earth sign, and earth signs are known as being steady, grounded, and rational. The earth sign Taurus is especially attracted to nature, and although she likes cozying up indoors, surrounded by her favorite beautiful possessions and loved ones, she also craves time outdoors.

A Taurus woman needs to spend time in nature to connect with her sign’s natural element. Hiking and camping make her feel spiritually fulfilled and refreshed. But because she likes spending so much time in the comforts of home, she needs a partner who will encourage her to go outside more often.

Her ideal man should also be nurturing and love plants and animals. He should appreciate her garden and help her care for a shared pet.


As much as a Taurus woman likes socializing, she is also probably an introvert and needs a lot of time at home alone to recharge. She is perhaps the most sensual sign of the entire zodiac, so she surrounds herself with luscious fabrics, gorgeous art, and delicious scents.

She likes traditional gender roles, so she wants a man who works hard all day, then comes home to her at night. A Taurus woman is a wonderful homemaker and enjoys doing things around the house like cleaning, cooking, and decorating. She needs a guy who appreciates these qualities and the effort she puts into creating a warm and welcoming home.

A Taurus woman knows that the way to any man’s heart is through his stomach, and she enjoys impressing her partner with her culinary skills. Her partner should appreciate that she learns to cook his favorite dish and keeps the kitchen stocked with all of his favorite beverages and snacks.


A Taurus lady is honest and trustworthy, and he expects the same from any man she dates. She would rather be with a brutally honest guy than someone who lies or omits the truth.

It takes time to earn a Taurus woman’s trust, and even longer to rebuild it after it’s broken. Once she catches someone deceiving her, it takes a lot for her to trust that person again. If you want to attract a Taurus lady and keep her, you must be honest with her at all times.


A Taurus man moves slowly in relationships, not because she is reluctant to settle down, but because she takes commitment so seriously.

If she is in a committed relationship with a man, she will never cheat on him. Trust is of the utmost importance to her in a relationship, so her ideal partner has to be faithful and monogamous.

You should never try to make a Taurus woman jealous to make her chase you. You are much better off showing her how much you care about her and how invested you are in your relationship if you want to get her attention.


Some women like an unpredictable bad boy who always keeps them guessing, but not a Taurus lady. She would rather be with someone dependable who she can always count on to be there for her.

Every sign rules one house of the zodiac, and the house conveys that sign’s values and strengths. Taurus is the ruler of the second house, which is the house of work ethic, money, habits, and daily routines.

This tells us that a Taurus woman is a creature of habit, and she gets anxious and irritable when her plans and routines are disturbed. She wants to be with someone reliable rather than a flaky, inconsistent guy, no matter how thrilling and passionate he is.


With her guiding planet in Venus and her sign ruling the second house, it’s no surprise that a Taurus woman is highly ambitious.

She believes that hard work always yields rewards, and she has many goals she wants to achieve. She is particularly focused on making money and having a healthy lifestyle. She wants to secure her finances and be physically fit so she can provide a stable, comfortable home for her family.

Because she works so hard, a Taurus lady isn’t attracted to a lazy couch potato. She knows how to relax and play just as much as she works, but she needs a man with the same self-discipline and ambition she possesses.

She doesn’t care if her partner has different goals than she does – for example, she doesn’t need him to compete with her at the gym. But her ideal man should make plans for the future and take practical steps to achieve them.


Although the typical Taurus lady is an introvert, she is also social and gregarious. She needs a polite and outgoing partner who enjoys parties and entertaining just as much as she does.

A Taurus woman likes entertaining from her home, so she wants a man who can help her host lavish dinner parties and events. He must be a friendly, considerate guest and impress all of her friends, family, and coworkers at social gatherings. If he is aggressive and abrasive, especially towards her loved ones, she won’t want to show him off.

When you’re trying to impress a Taurus woman, always have snacks and refreshments on hand to serve any friends who might show up at your door. Bring a gift whenever you go to someone else’s house, and always be warm and welcoming when you meet new people.


Some zodiac signs are more submissive than others, but Taurus is certainly a dominant sign. A Taurus woman needs a partner who can be submissive to her sometimes.

Every zodiac sign has a unique symbol that portrays the special characteristics of that sign. Taurus is symbolized by the bull, which tells us that a Taurus woman is stubborn and charges through any obstacles that stand in her way.

She can be very unyielding when she feels strong enough about something. She is a conventional lady and is often willing to be submissive to her male partner, but she will dig her heels in when it comes to her core beliefs.

A Taurus woman comes off as easy-going and laid-back, but she is not a weak-willed woman. She’s a confident lady who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. She needs a partner who lets her take control when it’s important to her.

93% of human communication is non-verbal… Tap into this…

Did you notice that these 10 characteristics that we’ve discussed don’t involve words (or talking)… Your body language has a huge influence on how a woman perceives you (likes you).

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What a Taurus woman likes in a man, in a nutshell…

If you’re trying to impress a Taurus lady or set her up with the right person, then you need to know what traits she wants in a partner.

A Taurus woman wants a faithful, reliable partner who she can trust completely. He should appreciate her home-making skills and be a wonderful, welcoming host to her. He should also enjoy exploring the outdoors and spending time in nature. Her ideal partner should be kind and loving, and he should work hard to build a stable home and family with her.



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