5 Signs A Taurus Woman Is Using You

Being materialistic and luxurious is one trait that is known to most Taurus women. The thing about your Taurus woman is that she is going to do everything to get what she wants – even if it means using someone. If you want to know the signs that she is using, keep reading!

A Taurus woman is using you if she doesn’t introduce you to her family and friends. She cannot commit to a relationship and is always too busy to do something with you. She is going to be inconsistent with what she’s showing, and you’ll get confused. Lastly, she won’t open up about her personal life that much.

To give you more information about the red flags a Taurus woman has, I also included signs when she wants to break up and her weaknesses in this article. If you want to know more, read on!

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Signs A Taurus Woman Wants To Break Up

She does not talk to you anymore

A Taurus woman loves having conversations at home with her lover, and she prefers this kind of date night to go out. When she suddenly does not give you her time and attention to talk to you, it’s either you have given her reason to be upset with you or she wants to break up already.

When she speaks to you, it is going to be very short, quick, and simple.

It will be very hard to start a conversation with a Taurus woman that is on the verge of ending things with you.

When you are lucky enough to get a conversation with her, then the conversation will be very dry. It will be very obvious because you will somehow pick a vibe that something is off and that the love she once had is not there anymore.

She stops inviting you to her home

It is a stereotype that everybody knows that a Taurus woman is a home buddy. If she is not, then she is most probably the type of person who puts a lot of effort into decorating her home because she loves getting her personal space.

She loves having somewhere to go to when the world is too much for her. And when she loves someone, she invites people over to share beautiful moments in her space.

However, when a Taurus woman is over you and wants to break up, she will stop inviting you over to do things with her. Again, she considers her home her happy place, and there is no one in the world she likes to share it with more than the one she loves.

And to be honest, when she does not do her usual invites, this could mean that she wants to cut you out completely.

5 Signs A Taurus Woman Is Using You

She does not introduce you to her family

One indicator that a Taurus woman is serious with you is she introduces you to her friends and family. She is a person who places value on relationships with the people around her. When she is in love, she likes to let these people know that she is in love and show off the person she is in love with.

However, when her face changes when you start asking questions about her friends and family, her face changes.

A Taurus woman is picky about the person she introduces to her friends and family, and when she does not do this to you, consider this a red flag already. She might change the topic and completely dodge it. You will know that she is only using you because it will feel like she is hiding something from you.

She cannot commit

A Taurus woman that is in love is very loyal and committed to the person she is in love with. It is very unlikely for her to not want a commitment unless she is only using that person. I want to remind you that the Taurus energy is very stable.

She wants stability and commitment, and when she is not giving that to you but keeps you hooked and wrapped around her little finger, run.

She likes to keep you hooked because she wants something from you, and that is why there is this push-and-pull kind of energy in the relationship. She can go as far as becoming your girlfriend, but you will always feel that something is off and fake.

A Taurus woman also likes planning, and when she is not planning her life with you, then she is most likely just using you.

She’s always too busy for you

Just like a Virgo woman, a Taurus woman likes to keep things on schedule and plan things out – even dates. When she is in love, she is going to ask about your schedule and your routine so she can plan your dates and appointments together.

But if she is the type to just call when she is drunk or in need of some help, then she is definitely just using you.

When a Taurus woman is truly into you, she will always create opportunities for you to spend time together because she likes spending time with the man she loves. She will also make an effort to make these dates special. But if she is just using you, she’ll always be too busy to hang out when you ask her.

She is inconsistent

Almost all Taurus people are known for their consistency and loyalty.

It is actually innate for them to be consistent with everything that they do. And if a Taurus woman is in love, she is going to be very consistent with the way she expresses her love to her partner. She will always want to make you feel loved, valued, and validated.

However, if you feel like your relationship is constantly in a push-and-pull position, then you already know that your Taurus woman is not serious about you and is probably just using you for something.

She does not open up

You will need a lot of effort to make a Taurus woman open up to you; however, if she feels safe and likes you that much, she will eventually go out of her shell and really show her vulnerable side.

If she is really into you, she will tell you about her family – what they’re like, what they do on Christmas and New Year, and the childhood she shared with her siblings.

If these things do not happen, then it’s time to assess whether she is worth it or not. If she does not talk about her personal life that much, then chances are she is not that into you and might probably be using you.

A Taurus Woman’s Weaknesses In A Relationship

A Taurus woman likes all things beautiful and luxurious and even though it can be cute sometimes, it may really affect the relationship. One of her weaknesses is being materialistic. Material things make her happy because that is just how she is.

She is very impulsive when it comes to buying things, and it can really hurt the relationship more than you know.

She is also very stubborn, and this is another stereotype of Taurus women. Once she digs her heels in, it can be very impossible to change her mind. If she decides she does not believe in something, no one can alter that. It can be very annoying and, sometimes, maddening.

Things can get really hard in your relationship.

How To Keep A Taurus Woman Interested

To keep a Taurus woman interested, you just need to be faithful and loyal.

She prefers things that are familiar to her. this can be a job, an environment, food, and even people. So, if you show her that you will stay by her side no matter what, you can definitely keep her interested. Show her that you will always be there for her.

Another thing that you can do to keep her interested is to show her that you are willing to go the extra mile to make and do something beautiful for her. She values beauty, art, and design, so, you can give her fresh and beautiful flowers once in a while.

You can maybe plan a little picnic with her in a very stylish setting. You need to provide a different vibe for the regular activities that you plan to do.

5 signs a Taurus woman is using you, final thoughts…

If a Taurus woman is using you:

  • She does not introduce you to her family
  • She cannot commit
  • She’s always too busy for you
  • She is inconsistent
  • She does not open up



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