Where does a Taurus Woman like to be touched?

Do you want to please your Taurus woman and make her feel relaxed in the bedroom? Is she stressed and you want to make her feel relaxed by trying to use your touch as a weapon?

Do you want to step up the game by being a more passionate lover who knows how to push his buttons? Do you want to know where her pleasure spots lie?

Worry no more because in this article we are going to tell you exactly where does a Taurus woman like to be touched! We will tell you exactly what to massage and touch on these certain body parts that are extremely pleasurable to her!

You’ll be sure to make your Taurus woman overall satisfied, relaxed, and more in tune with you!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Taurus woman likes to be touched and caressed around the neck. This is because Taurus is the sign that rules the neck, vocal cords, larynx, and adam’s apple.

Being a Venusian sign your Taurus woman is hedonistic and likes to be touched, massaged, and caressed in this sensitive area of her body along with the areas that are near it.

So emphasize the other parts too such as her scapula shoulder, her arms, her upper back which is connected to her neck, and her lower back.

Taurus women are the alluring, sensual, down-to-earth, slow-moving yet stable, and steady women of the zodiac who are born between April 20th to May 20th. Taurus is represented by The Bull and is a fixed Venus sign.

This second sign of the zodiac heavily focuses on material accumulation and possession and centering the energy on the needs and wants of the body. Aries deals with identity while Taurus deals with one’s accumulated possession or inheritance.

Taurus women are extremely friendly, supportive, trustworthy, humble, honest, and down to earth. Being an earth sign they have a connection to mother earth like no other sign has. They can be stunning being ruled by Venus!

A heavily feminine and alluring sign but their earth element also makes them practical and heavy in “growing” energy. 

This makes them good at growing businesses or planting and gardening which can be incredibly therapeutic to them. In romantic relationships, your Taurus woman can be a stable, committed, and loyal partner who might be prone to jealousy if you don’t give her enough time and attention. 

Also in romantic relationships, your Taurus woman can be pleasure driven. Because her ruling sign is Venus she can sometimes place a high value on comfort and pleasure more than anything.

So whether it’s good food, luxury items, or good romance and sex. She will place a high value on these things that sometimes it can be hard to cope with your Taurus woman.

We have just scratched the surface of how to truly turn on your Taurus woman through effective touching! We have also given you some beginner knowledge on how to truly understand her psyche!

But don’t fret as in the next section we will dive deep into how to touch a Taurus woman to make her feel loved, pleasured ad relaxed!

Let’s find out!  

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Where does a Taurus Woman want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Taurus woman is born under the sign of Taurus. Taurus rules the throat, neck, vocal cord, tonsils, and thyroid. Unusual as it may seem but Taurus women are gifted with beautiful and sensual voices that can sometimes be hard to resist them!

Alongside that being blessed by the earth element they can quickly heal from any ailments due to their affinity with Mother earth!

With this information, it is essential to point out that the neck is the only viable part that you can truly touch with your fingertips is the neck although it doesn’t truly mean that you should only touch her neck to truly make her feel satisfied.

The other parts of the body that are also near the neck can be viable pleasure spots that you can massage and touch. 

You can also incorporate lots of back massages especially the upper back that is connected to his back neck. But you must accentuate lots of touching and pressure points around her neck, especially the side muscles which are connected to the skull.

Once you’ve emphasized gentle pressure points and light caressing in this part of her body she will feel extremely relaxed and pleasured!

Another thing that you should take notice of is that Taurus women love massages! Being a pleasure-driven sign this also means that they love being given affection, and their favorite language can be physical affection!

This means you’ll have no hard time pleasing her as touching her affectionately comes naturally to her, unlike other zodiac signs who are repressed with touch.

Alongside the obvious fact that your Taurus woman loves caressing and touching you must also have a clear goal in mind when touching or caressing her! Are you touching her to make her feel loved as of that moment then light stroking and caressing is essential.

If you are touching her to turn her on and make her more in-game in the bed then you can incorporate heavy and deep massages in her back and neck!

Alongside that, if you are touching her with the intent of seducing her you can also add a few extra things by setting up a nice and comfortable bedroom. Fresh pillow satins, scented candles, and a dark but well-lit room is a nice touch to further turn her on and make her feel special and loved!

She will deeply appreciate it and love that you are pampering her.

Remember when pleasuring your Taurus woman you must fully stimulate her five senses and touch is one of them. Taurus is an extremely hedonistic sign who centers her needs and wants towards pleasure so make sure to have that moment as comforting and relaxing as possible.

Touch and caress her body with intent and be passionate about it!

Quick Overview: Taurus Woman’s Erogenous zones!

1. Lightly touch and caress her neck down to her collarbone

When you are in the mood make it more intimate with her you can build rapport by maintaining strong eye contact while lightly touching and caressing her neck down to her collarbone or vice versa. Do it back and forth and smile as you do it while subtly teasing her.

The feeling of your fingertips on her skin will give her immense sensation and that will make her extremely pleasured.

When you caress her skin with your fingertips you must be prepared to take a course of whatever action she may do next. With that said when you are doing this to turn her on make sure to be in the mood too. Do not be afraid to use your voice to turn her on and ask her if she loves what you’re doing.

By lightly touching and caressing her neck you are turning her on and at the same time making her feel relaxed and vulnerable in the situation.

The neck is a very sensitive and vulnerable part of your Taurus woman and rarely does someone that close gets to do that on her so incorporating this style of touching will surely turn her on like no other!

2. Touch and caress her arms down to her hands

 The next body part to touch is her arms down to her hands. A viable pleasure spot next to her sensitive neck you can also incorporate touching and caressing her arms down to her hands as a signal that you are deeply interested in creating intimate moments with her.

By touching and caressing her arms down to her hands you are showing her that you are deeply interested and that you like her deeply.

When touching and caressing her arms down to her hands be sure to talk to her and as her, if she feels pleasured while you’re touching her arms. You can also put light massages on her shoulders and make her feel the love that you feel for her.

When applying pressure be sure to be gentle with it instead of going hard and ask her if the pressure feels nice. Adjust it to her want.

Politely kiss her forehead or lips while doing so. This will make her insanely loved and appreciated like no other! This is truly the proper way to pamper your Taurus woman with physical touch!

3. Massage her neck

Your Taurus woman’s neck is the most erogenous zone in his body and this means you must emphasize putting deep and heavy massage on this part! When massaging her you must first let her sit in a comfortable position either lying down or sitting down.

Position yourself behind her and begin to lightly stroke her hair then stroke her neck.

Ask her which part of her neck feels insanely good to be massaged at and explore it with her command. When done properly she can have the most relaxed experience in your hands which means more time for him to be in love with you!

Alongside that, she will also feel extremely loved and at the same time sleepy to the point that your touching seems to sedate her whole body!

When massaging emphasized the side muscles which make up her neck. This is where her body is at its most tense. Either due to heavy work or stress, this muscle can be a little stiff so it is good to do gentle pressure on this part.

Put the light to heavy strokes on this part of her body and use your knuckles to accentuate pressure on side of her neck where it is probably stiff and heavy.

Massage her neck carefully and gently while putting effort into making her feel your heavy and deep breathing. This is a soft touch to add to turn her on while being relaxed at the same time. If you are being confident and sexy enough you can gently whisper some sexy words into her ears.

Ask your Taurus woman where it feels good to touch.

Ask her “does it feel good?” or “do you like that” with a sexy voice this will surely turn your Taurus woman on and make her feel relaxed like no other.

4. Playfully touch her lips

Gently rubbing your thumb over her lips is a surefire way to turn her on and make her feel the most unimaginable of things! When touching her lips you can grab the opportunity to playfully tease her by smiling or either by kissing her gently or hard. Remember to do this while maintaining deep eye contact!

Her lips are a sensitive and delicate part that most people do not realize to be a viable pleasure spot. When you touch this part it is an act of playfully teasing her and being flirtatious with her. All the more making the relationship better and the sex more passionate.

5. Massage her lower back and upper back

You can also massage her lower and upper back which have muscles connected to the neck. This may not be the most viable erogenous zone like her neck but it will give her comfort and relaxation once you’ve put deep and heavy massages on this body part.

Remember that her lower back and upper back can also become stiff due to stress and heavy work so emphasizing this part will ease her anxieties and stress.

Touching a Taurus Woman…Final Thoughts

Your Taurus woman is loyal, sincere, devoted, and loving but you must also not forget that Taurus rules the second house which means in this lifetime your Taurus woman will need to refocus her energy on finding pleasures whether it romance or sex you must truly give in your all in making sure your Taurus woman feels happy in the relationship.

A good way to show this is to know where her pleasure spots lie which is a good way to turn her on and make her feel relaxed especially if she is full of stress and anxiety at work or business.

You must be able to work with your hands and please her body to make sure that she feels the most relaxed and pleasure at the same time.

Alongside that you must also know the difference between slight touching, caressing, and massaging as these things can be highly similar yet quite different from each other. To sum up, your Taurus woman likes to be touched in areas such as:

  • Her neck and collarbone
  • Her arms down to her hands
  • Her lips
  • Her upper and lower back

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