7 Effective Ways To Seduce A Taurus Woman

Known to be as stubborn as a bull, it can be a little hard to move a Taurus woman. You just cannot do something impulsive to a Taurus woman because she will not like it. If you are wondering how you can seduce a Taurus woman, then you have found the right article for that!

To seduce a Taurus woman, you need to be patient but direct with what you want. Do not rush things with her. Show her that you support her and always look your best. You should smell nice, be affectionate with her, do things that make her happy, and give her presents. Show her that you are loyal and trustworthy.  

Sounds easy? If you need more information about your Taurus woman and how she is in bed, I have provided more details about those! So, read on!

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How A Taurus Woman Is In Bed

Your Taurus woman is one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac. She is all about the senses, and if you have already been with her for a long time, you can notice that setting the mood and the atmosphere is very important for her.

She likes to be somehow conditioned before getting into the real deal. She enjoys aromatherapy, candles, sexy and seductive music, and rose petals on the bed.

The energy of a Taurus woman is very charming and sexy, and seductive, and lovemaking with her is very slow and sensual. She likes to tease and seduce he partners with the way she looks and smells.

She is not the type to try out new toys every week or month because if she finds a position that works, then she will stick with it. She does not favor change that much. She likes to let things that work stay and do them over and over again.

The missionary position is something that is favorable for a Taurus woman. However, this does not mean that a Taurus woman is boring and has no thrill in bed because she has a natural sex appeal and bodily magnetism that attracts people to her.

Remember that the most important thing to her when it comes to her partner in lovemaking is that you are someone who sets the mood first before getting into the real action.

One thing to know about your Taurus woman is that she rules the throat. This means that she is good with anything that has to do with her mouth.

So, you can expect a very good head from her. She also loves food, and if you can incorporate food into your lovemaking, she will appreciate that. You can use food as a way to tease her a little bit.

She is also the lady of the zodiac, and she is very respectful. She will ask about what your boundaries are, and she will respect them.

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7 Effective Ways To Seduce A Taurus Woman

Be patient

Again, your Taurus woman is slow-moving, and she does not like when somebody rushes her. She does not need to be rushed because it is already in her nature to be slow-moving. Also, she will not do it any faster.

So, you will just be wasting your time and energy. Making her go faster or pushing her to do something that she does not want to do is like dragging a bull through the mud because she is that stubborn.

However, after everything you do for the things you ask for, once she knows that you can be trusted, she will be a solid sexual partner.

This also means that you have romanced her properly, and this means that she is going to have a heavy appetite for lovemaking She is built for this kind of thing, and she desires to have true love and security. This is why she likes to take things slow.

Show her support

Your Taurus woman is all about stability and showing her that you support her is one way to seduce her. She is like a beaver digging up the soil to secure her own home. She is the type to like patterns, schedules, and all that, just like a Virgo.

So, you can say that she knows what to expect from her partner.

She does not like to be surprised, so, you need to support her in everything that she wants in the bedroom. You need to respect what she wants and does not want to do. As long as you can appeal to her romance, then you are definitely good to go!

Aside from that, you can also show her that you can support her in other aspects like financially and emotionally. With that, then you can definitely seduce her.

Look your best

The lady of the zodiac is someone who enjoys luxury and things that are nice. This also applies to the person she loves or considers her sexual partner. When seducing a Taurus woman, then you need to prepare yourself with things that will let her senses tingle.

What you can do is buy a nice suit for your date or workout and prepare your body for the hot session. You need to make sure that you wear the perfume she likes on you.

You need to be looking like you are expensive and put together. Brush your hair or maybe get a haircut. You also need to trim your fingernails, so you end up looking like you are one heck of a catch!

Be affectionate

Your Taurus woman likes the traditional take on romance. She does not like modern dating that much, and the fact that you are already on the level where you get to do things with her sexually, then you are definitely up there!

So, you have been doing the right things to get to this point. However, if you want to seduce her even more, here are some things you can do.

You can bring her flowers every now and then and buy her favorite chocolates. You can also go dancing or maybe take a walk in the park. You can also roam around the city with your car and kiss her right when you park in front of her house.

You need to be someone she enjoys life with. And when you do these things, you’ll surely end up in bed with her.

Give her presents

Again, your Taurus woman likes luxurious things and a nice lifestyle. You can use this trait of hers to seduce her by buying her lingerie that she will like just to prepare her for what’s about to happen. She likes elegance and that is something that she looks for in a gift and from other people, in general.

Aside from that, you can also show her that you are well-behaved and well-mannered. You need to avoid being loud and obnoxious because these things will surely seduce her.

Be loyal

Just like I said earlier, your Taurus woman likes stability, and the last thing that she needs is someone who is not loyal to her. Loyalty is something that a Taurus woman definitely looks for in a partner.

You can seduce her by simply showing her that. Again, she loves the good life, and she wants to do these things with the person she loves.

You need to show her that you are trustworthy and will be able to keep her deepest and darkest secrets. You need to be someone whom she can vent out about things that she likes and dislikes, especially in the bedroom.

Be direct

Your Taurus woman does not like to play mind games. She does not have the time and the effort to tolerate anything that has to do with something unstable. She does not like people who make her wonder what their intentions are.

So, if your goal is to seduce her and get her to do things with you, then you need to be direct and tell her exactly that.

7 effective ways to seduce a Taurus woman, final thoughts…

To seduce a Taurus woman:

  • Be patient
  • Show her support
  • Look your best
  • Be affectionate
  • Give her presents
  • Be loyal
  • Be direct



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