5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Taurus Woman

You should take time and think about what you need to say to her because it’s hard to convince a stubborn Taurus woman. If you want to know the flirty and dirty things you can say to your Taurus woman, you have come to the right place.

A Taurus woman will definitely be drawn to you if you manage to compliment her about her hard work and her appearance as well. She is a sensuous sign, so let her know how much you miss spending time with her and you may also ask for comfort.

Moreover, a Taurus woman will appreciate hearing how much you trust her.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we get into the dirty things to say to this woman, let’s see what she’s like in bed…

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What A Taurus Woman Is Like In Bed

A Taurus woman will spoil and treat you like a king in the bedroom if she has fallen for you. She gets highly attached both physically and emotionally to the person she falls in love with, thus she would never cheat on you.

Physical intimacy with a Taurus woman is incredibly sensual because she doesn’t rush and savors each second as if it were the last.

A Taurus woman is seductive and sexy while making love, doing so with passion and care. She will want her partner to be able to recognize all of these attributes in her both inside and outside of the bedroom. Like any other girl, the Taurus woman appreciates it when her lover focuses solely on her.

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How To Flirt With A Taurus Woman

Be patient

Trying to push a Taurus woman into doing anything is one of the worst ways you can make when dealing with her. You must try to put her at ease and give her the impression that all of her feelings are natural. Instead of pressuring a Taurus woman to make a choice, let your calm and collected manner do it for you.

Randomly approaching a Taurus woman would probably not work because there is nothing you can say or do to make her feel more at ease. She might even appear a little hesitant at first, but that’s just because she wants to be very certain that you are sincere before she begins a serious relationship with you.

Compliment her

Giving a Taurus woman in general sincere compliments never gets old. This way of flirting can be used to both support her, and her endeavors and to flirt with her. A Taurus woman will get more self-confidence when you compliment her on how she appears and how smart she comes across.

A Taurus woman is hard-working and will do anything to fulfill herself, so hearing a compliment will surely make her feel good. She is a woman with a lot of abilities and talents, so you can commend her on how well she did in her tasks.

Although this may be a common way to flirt with someone, this will go a long way with a Taurus woman.

5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Taurus Woman Crush

“I admire your hard work”

One of the most dedicated signs, a Taurus woman really appreciates it when her hard work and efforts are not only noticed but also acknowledged. This sign will be immediately drawn to you if you start to compliment her with a sentiment that acknowledges all of her hard work.

She spends a lot of time refining her routines and habits to work as effectively as possible so that she can accomplish a lot. If your Taurus woman is an overachiever, she’ll appreciate being praised for her work ethic.

The effect of your compliment is amplified when you follow it up with a strategy on how to express your appreciation.  This also positions you to compliment your Taurus woman in a subtle and seductive way.

“You’re beautiful”

The conventional kind of compliments, where you tell her how beautiful, intelligent, and amusing she is, goes a long way with a Taurus woman. She will always like to present a polished, businesslike image at all times, and she is typically not reluctant to spend money on herself just to look good.

Tell your Taurus woman that she is beautiful and always be honest with her.

Give the Taurus woman in your life compliments and you may even ask her about where she got her clothes to understand more about her sense of style and dislikes. She is sincerely moved when you let her know how much you admire her even if she doesn’t expect anyone to swoon over her.

“I trust you”

You’ll discover that a Taurus woman is trustworthy and a good listener if you’re close enough to her to be able to share your issues with her. She will also understand when you need problem-solving advice or just want to be heard.

Tell your Taurus woman how grateful you are if she has always been there for you. It’s likely that you can’t fully rely on people the way you can with this sign.

A Taurus woman is dependable and thorough, so if she says she can get you something, you can be sure she’ll be able to. This sign will also consistently appear whenever you need someone to talk to or just to accompany you. Talking about how reliable and trustworthy a Taurus woman is will flatter her more.

“Let’s cuddle”

Since a Taurus woman is not big on spontaneity, she will appreciate this even more if you plan ahead. However, this strategy appeals to this earth sign because she is all about comfort. The Taurus woman will choose an easy way to get her hands on you.

Being a sensuous woman born under this sign, the idea of cuddling up to you will make her immediately say yes.

Asking the Taurus woman if she can come over to your house to relax and just cuddle is a great way to play the game. She is all about action and isn’t just big on words, so this would be really a big thing for her.

A Taurus woman would admire you for taking the initiative to do this if she likes you or wants to know more about you.

“I miss you”

It is important while speaking to a Taurus woman that you voice out what you feel. She’ll probably respond that she wholeheartedly feels the same, while also offering her an opportunity to maintain the flirtatious tone.

A Taurus woman will appreciate it if you don’t play hard to get and directly admit to her how you feel.

This one can also be intriguing because it engages the Taurus woman in a few flirtatious activities.

You’re being direct with her, which she definitely wants when flirting with someone. It conveys your goal while still allowing her the freedom to respond in her own unique way, which is crucial because a Taurus woman won’t react well to excessive pressure.

How To Keep A Taurus Woman Interested

A Taurus woman is a real person who moves slowly and steadily over time. When it comes to the man she wants to keep, she searches for the same qualities. This sign does not lose her temper quickly and does not have emotional outbursts, thus she expects her partner with a similar level of restraint.

Keep your romantic side alive while courting her or while you’re dating her; this will keep her interested. However, when you are flirting with a Taurus woman, go slowly and avoid rushing.

She remains engaged and interested when you can flirt with her the right way, and she will participate in the game. A Taurus woman is reluctant to make commitments, but if you make an effort and move in that direction, she will inevitably follow.

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5 flirty (and dirty) things to say to your Taurus woman crush:

  • “I admire your hard work”
  • “You’re beautiful”
  • “I trust you”
  • “Let’s cuddle”
  • “I miss you”