Taurus Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign

Taurus compatibility with each zodiac sign
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In this article, my intention is to provide you with a summary of the compatibility of Taurus with each zodiac sign.  I have split up compatibility into five important sections:

  • Taurus Emotional Compatibility
  • Taurus Sexual Compatibility
  • Taurus Spiritual Compatibility
  • Taurus Financial Compatibility
  • Taurus Intellectual Compatibility

We have relationships with many different people, some relationships are intimate.  We have friendships and business relationships as well as acquaintances.  Each of these relationships has varying degrees of compatibility.

My goal here is to provide you with a bit of understanding of your compatibility with the other zodiac signs.  If you want a more in-depth, personalized compatibility analysis, then you can use our Synastry tool, below!

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To easily find the section you are looking for, use the Table of Contents below to read about each zodiac sign and how they are compatible with Taurus.  Have fun!

Table of Contents

Taurus / Aries Compatibility

Taurus – Aries Emotional Compatibility

The combination of those two astrological signs can often be a match made in heaven due to their most important planets Mars and Venus. However, when it comes to pure emotions they will always be mixed with personal ego tendencies and this relationship will under the strong influence of Aries’s Sun and Taurus’s Mercury.

As long as the Aries person is the “leader” in this relationship and shows courage and honor, Taurus will adore him or her, and the emotional dynamic will revolve around Ram’s protection and Bull’s surrender. This will create a wonderful energetic polarity and their feelings will be fresh and strong for a long time.

Taurus – Aries Sexual Compatibility

The planets Mars and Jupiter will play major roles in this type of contact. Aries tends to come strong in the beginning and then this individual often falls in routine treating the intimate experiences as some sort of a physical exercise, needed, but not so inspiring.

On the other hand, Taurus is all about the carnal pleasures and this is why their combination can be so successful, having in mind the strength and the initial bust Aries will offer, and the prolonged and knowledgeable slow steps Taurus will perform.

One will set the fire, while the other one will keep it burning for a long time.

Taurus – Aries Spiritual Compatibility

Some minor issues could appear between Aries and Taurus couple regarding their deep and very personal inner needs of the soul. While Aries will tend to neglect the traditional religious rules or obligations and take them less seriously, Taurus will consider the traditional family as the only way spirituality should be practiced.

This is why, for the peace between the two of them, Aries won’t parade with the ideas of nature and freedom, and this person will respect usual religious rituals.

At the same time, Taurus won’t try to rock the boat with the “complicated” or too frequent family’s religious practices, and they will both enjoy their company just avoiding those themes in general terms.

Taurus – Aries Financial Compatibility

Just having the Taurus person as a partner will improve the financial situation of each Aries individual. Taurus natal Sun will enlighten and pour the new type of energy into the Aries’s mind regarding all money matters. The Ram will feel strongly inclined to develop this area of life more.

However, Taurus could gain a lot from this union in the case Aries can bring contacts with foreign companies or people. The positive impact can be seen if a Taurus person earns through writing jobs or fine arts.

In all other cases, Aries’s presence could cause some minor financial losses.

Taurus – Aries Intellectual Compatibility

Taurus loves peace and manners in their daily communication, while Aries bursts with energy and is ready to confront at any moment, especially when there is no need for discussions, according to the Bull. Two of them will be able to communicate only if the Aries accepts the innate need for class and calmness Taurus needs so much.

Regarding all other themes, like the exchange of intellectual ideas or business cooperation, Aries will be the one to give the bust and the breath of fresh air, while Taurus will beautify and upgrade those fresh, but still raw ideas and maneuvers.

Taurus – Aries Compatibility Summary

Aries and Taurus couple will complement each other nicely and although this couple could have some minor disagreements from time to time, they will manage to create the unbreakable bond if Aries holds the “official” title of a person in charge here, while Taurus keeps the real power in their hands.

They will be a socially acceptable couple, with some madly romantic story in the back of their initial stages of dating. And if they are involved in business or any other type of partnership, Aries will serve as a heroic role-model, and Taurus will represent the style and lucrative material side of this union.

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Taurus / Taurus Compatibility

Taurus – Taurus Emotional compatibility

Taurus and Taurus partner could simply love each other immensely, or be annoyed by each other non-stop, and this will depend on their complete natal charts’ planetary aspects. However, they will share a deep mutual understanding and if they work together, their bond will be devoted and prosperous.

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The position of natal Venus will be a determining factor between two Bulls in the terms of having the romance and creating long-lasting commitment. And if this is present, they will approach each other cautiously.

The masculine partner will always lead and act conservatively, the feminine partner will receive graciously, and their emotional bond will become deeper and stronger with time.  Everything will take time, but this love will last.

Taurus – Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Wonderful harmony is expected between two Taurus partners when it comes to their sexual experience. The planet Jupiter governing the area of intimacy in their charts will bless them with all sorts of lavish and exotic love-making techniques, but that too could become a bit boring after a while.

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Two of them will be amazed by each other’s knowledge and skilled levels of pleasuring in the beginning. However, the real danger for their relationship lies in the fact that the masculine and passionate quality of Mars won’t be so strong, and this could cause a lack of initiative or complete boredom in the bedroom.

They could also fall into a trap to become best friends, which can be detrimental for intimacy, where the aspect of polarity is extremely important. This is why the placement of Mars in their natal charts will become a focal point here.

Taurus – Taurus Spiritual Compatibility

In general terms, two Bulls will have no problems regarding their spiritual views, if they come from the same or similar religious background. They will graciously stick to the family tradition, and they could just execute religious or folklore rituals without giving too much thought to them.

On the other side, both Taurus individuals can have a deep spiritual feeling, but those feelings will have emerged into their national spirit, and whether they fully believe in some religious dogma or just do what their ancestors did before them, this area won’t be any subject of discussion, and they will love to leave it just like that.

Taurus – Taurus Financial Compatibility

Both Taurus partners will have diversified types of incomes, and at the same time, they will tend to pay close attention to their investment or retirement funds. In the end, the success of their attempts, and wealth gains and returns, will depend on their natal Jupiter and Mercury positions.

Taurus individuals don’t have the same positions as their natal Mercury and Jupiter, and those are the planets that govern their direct income and their investments.

However, they are almost destined to be wealthy and with a little effort, they can achieve a lot and secure their family. And financial security is all they think about.

Taurus – Taurus Intellectual Compatibility

If the discussions are revolving around calculations and dealing with material items or ideas, two Bulls will get along beautifully well. For all other situations that will involve intellectual issues, they will have a conservative and highly diplomatic attitude, and therefore, respect each other.

The areas of daily duties, and also usual communication and intellectual exchange for Bulls, fall in the signs of Libra and Cancer. This is why their natal Venus, which governs their personality will portrait their thoughts too.

Depending on where their natal Moon is placed, they will react differently, but generally, they will treat each other with great respect and get along well.

Taurus – Taurus Summary

The union between two Bulls can be long-lasting in a majority of cases because their courting phase will take a long time. They will take everything slow, and get used to each other as the natural part of their environments. And this is why it could be too hard to even think about separation.

In all other types of relationships, two Taurus individuals will also get along well. As business partners, they will avoid rocking the boat and be focused on attaining financial success, and after, wise investment strategies.

As friends or family, they could be bored with each other, but they will cherish stability more than any act of surprise or adventure.

Taurus /Gemini Compatibility

Taurus – Gemini Emotional compatibility

Taurus will naturally feel a strong attraction toward Gemini, although this could seem odd in the beginning. However, Taurus will sense that Twin’s communication and networking abilities could serve them both very well. On the other side, Gemini might become bored too quickly, and cool down fast.

The issue here is that the Gemini area is covering the natural house of direct income for Taurus, and Taurus will feel the genuine friendship mixed with a passion for a Twin partner.

On the other hand, Taurus is the area of hidden things for Gemini, and the Bull’s slowness and thoroughness could be very exhausting and truly annoying for this fast and joyous Zodiac sign. 

Taurus – Gemini Sexual Compatibility

The sexual compatibility between Taurus and Gemini could work out fine if Taurus takes the role of the feminine or receiving part of their couple. Gemini will show great endurance and even a bit of harshness during the intimate act, while Taurus will ensure emotional stability for them both.

The area of sexuality for Gemini partner falls in the sign of Capricorn, and therefore their acts will be powerful, but a bit technical or emotionally dry because the Twin will separate lovemaking from love, especially in their early age.

On the other hand, Taurus will expect everything to be big and warm, and if Taurus can provide enough “warmness” for them both, then their experiences will be satisfactory.

Taurus – Gemini Spiritual Compatibility

Some problems are foreseen when it comes to Taurus and Gemini spiritual communication. This area could create many misunderstandings because Taurus will seem too conservative and close-minded for a Twin, while in the other direction, Gemini’s need for variety will cause many headaches for a Bull.

The area of spirituality for Taurus falls in the sign of Capricorn, and this is why a Bull person will agree with their family or national religious tradition not giving a second thought regarding religious dogmas.

At the same time, this area for Gemini is placed in the sign of Aquarius, which has the innate need to break the rules and reach for a better set of rules or creation of this Universe.

Taurus – Gemini Financial Compatibility

For the Taurus and Gemini couple, their financial compatibility will highly depend on positions of their natal Mercury and Moon. However, Taurus will gain a lot from this bond in any case because the mere presence of Gemini will positively affect their direct income and expand the business network.

The sign of Gemini is the natural area of finances or direct earnings for Taurus individual, and just by hanging with the Twin partner will have beneficial effects on the Bull’s valet. On the other side, the effects of this union for Gemini will depend on the position of their natal Moon, and the results may vary.

However, if Twin’s Moon is placed in Taurus, they can expect a huge wealth while being together.

Taurus – Gemini Intellectual Compatibility

The exchange of ideas and usual thoughts might be problematic from time to time for Taurus and Gemini couple. Whenever the two of them discuss some down-to-earth subjects, they will get along well. But, when their conversations reach the intellectual heights this will become boring for a Bull.

Gemini can become truly annoying and too fast, in general terms, for the Bull’s taste. On the other side, as much as Taurus is capable to be simply amazing when it comes to solving material, and especially financial and legal issues, this person can be too conservative or closed to new ideas or ways or execution for Gemini.

Taurus – Gemini Summary

Taurus and Gemini as a romantic couple could seem like an unusual combination, but they will never the less, have some substantial chances to last and find harmony. And this frequently applies to those two people who have big ambitions related to their future success and an affluent lifestyle.

Those two Zodiac signs will find the best to be united around the idea of business or professional success. And if they are in love or friendly relationship, this will help them both even more, because their mutual goal will stabilize this bond.

If their natal Venus, Mercury, and Moon are creating mutually beneficial aspects, this relationship will last for life and bring them many great accolades.

Taurus/Cancer Compatibility

Taurus – Cancer Emotional Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer will reveal their true feelings to each other after some substantial time spent together. However, they will both feel a strong attraction, and more than just attraction, they will feel the true emotional and psychological closeness from the moment they meet. This bond will last.

Above everything else, Taurus and Cancer are two best friends. They will face life together with inner calmness and gentleness.

Taurus will act like a masculine partner here, carrying all the outside battles and challenges on their back, while Cancer will create inner harmony and beauty, feeling well protected by the Bull’s calculative abilities.

Taurus – Cancer Sexual Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer share great sexual compatibility, and although their relationship can seem rather conservative and calm to other people, they will show enormous versatility when it comes to intimate experiences. They will be ready to try many unusual techniques at any time or any safe place.

The area of sexuality for Taurus falls in the sign of Sagittarius which is ruled by the planet Jupiter and which is the strongest in the sign of Cancer. On the other side, sexuality for Crab is under the government of the planet Saturn, which is the teacher for Bull.

This is why their sexual encounters will be filled with uplifting joy and much experimenting.

Taurus – Cancer Spiritual Compatibility

The area of spirituality will be something very personal and hidden from the outer world for Taurus and Cancer couple. Taurus will tend to stick to traditional religious views and common rituals, but Cancer will tend to experience some deep insights related to religion. Taurus will respect that.

For Cancer, spirituality falls in the sign of Pisces which gives extreme feelings and inner experiences. However, for Crab, those experiences will be related to the ancestral religion, and therefore it won’t collide with Bull’s religious feelings in any case.

Taurus will simply let Cancer express those feelings, and they will act like a decent couple regularly visiting their church or temple.

Taurus – Cancer Financial Compatibility

In general terms, Taurus and Cancer will get along well regarding their finances, and the influence of Cancer will have several and very beneficial impacts on a Bull’s life and domestic happiness, while the Bull’s versatility and ambitious goals or actions could frighten Crab’s safety sometimes.

The area of direct financial flows for Cancer falls in the sign of Leo, which is the area of family, properties, and domestic affairs for Taurus. And this is why having a Cancer by their side, the Bull will invest more and gain greater profits related to all real-estate themes.

At the same time, Cancer could carry a great fear because Taurus will use “fast” and too risky ideas for gaining this wealth. However, those ideas will always pay off richly. 

Taurus – Cancer Intellectual Compatibility

Some minor disagreements are foreseen between Taurus and Cancer when it comes to their intellectual and practical exchange. On one side, they will truly become best friends, no matter what kind of relationship they basically have, but some Bull’s thoughts could be annoying for Cancer sometimes.

Cancer is the area of ideas for Taurus, but the part of practicality this Zodiac sign has is placed in the sign of Libra, and Cancer wouldn’t agree many times regarding the Bull’s social circles and open conversations their partner may have with many “outsiders”.

At the same time, Taurus will love deep ideas a Crab has, but this partner will be bored with the confused Cancer’s style of dealing with usual subjects.

Taurus – Cancer Summary

The union between Cancer and Taurus will be very harmonious and calm in its nature. Two of them will function the best as romantic, or even better, as a married couple. And they will do excellently well as the best friends, close siblings and through a “good” parent – “nice” child relationship.  

As far as their business co-operation goes, they can also be successful. However, this will take a great amount of time, because they will both lack the initial spark and ambition to start something big and adventurous. Their fear of change could keep them away from reaching new heights, and they will do their best in the food production or hospitality industry.

Taurus /Leo Compatibility

Taurus – Leo Emotional Compatibility

Some odd situations are possible between Taurus and Leo in the sense of their emotional compatibility, since the area of feelings is matching with the financial area of their partner, and this goes both ways. This is why desire for material security is, in most cases, related to affection.

The fact is that the area of love for Taurus falls in the sign of Virgo, which is the area of direct income for Leo. And Lion’s area of heart desires is placed in the house of investments for Taurus.

This is why they can be seen as the “gold-digging” or interest-oriented partners, or simply two people who are filled with true emotions while the times are good and of course, prosperous.

Taurus – Leo Sexual Compatibility

Taurus and Leo will have wonderful sexual compatibility, and whatever a Bull does during intimacy will have a magical impact on Leo, leading the king of Zodiac toward immense joy, and expanded and prolonged pleasures. And for Taurus, those experiences will be inspiring and emotionally safe.

The area of deep, intimate pleasures for Taurus falls in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the house of love for Leo. And this is why the certain wideness of views, joyful expansion, variety of techniques, and the need to do everything open-heartedly Bull does often, will have mesmerizing effects on Leo’s partner.

On the other hand, Leo will tend to be more passive in bed, and therefore appear safe for Taurus to shine up with the sexual knowledge or experimenting.

Taurus – Leo Spiritual Compatibility

Several issues are foreseen when it comes to spiritual compatibility between Taurus and Leo, for sure. Taurus will stick to family or national religious tradition without giving a second thought about anything wider than that, while Leo will seek soul freedom through uplifting action and joy.

The area of spirituality for Taurus falls in the sign of Capricorn, which signifies duties and usual activities for Leo, and this is why Bull’s spiritual attempts will seem exhausting or even boring for a Lion.

On the other hand, this area of Leo falls in the sign of Aries, and Taurus will be afraid of Leo’s innate need to seek higher truths through some active engagements because the Bull will see this need as something dangerous and hostile.

Taurus – Leo Financial Compatibility

When it comes to financial matters, Taurus and Leo will get along perfectly well. The areas of their direct income are under the government of one planet, Mercury, and diversifying business deals and taking care of all little expense or detail will make out of two of them the invincible team.

For Taurus, the area of direct income falls in the sign of Gemini, and for Leo, this happens in the sign of Virgo. Therefore, they are both under the strong influence of Mercury, which will show excellent operative capabilities around monetary matters.

The areas of their investments and returns will fall in Sagittarius and Pisces, ruled both by the planet Jupiter, and complimenting their natal Sun positions. They will be exceptionally successful together.

Taurus – Leo Intellectual Compatibility

Taurus and Leo will have a really mixed bag of various ideas and challenges when it comes to their intellectual compatibility, and this will depend the most on the aspects their natal Venus and Saturn will make. But, generally, Leo could annoy Taurus with the lack of practicality and discipline.

Leo will need some substantial time to get their ideas and duties in order, and although Taurus is considered a slow type of person, this lack of clear strategy and discipline could be annoying.

On the other hand, Leo will gladly let Taurus lead intellectually feeling safe and open toward Bull’s ideas as long as those ideas are socially acceptable.

Taurus – Leo Summary

Taurus and Leo couple can be the perfect match whenever the financial component is strongly associated with their relationship. You can see them as two gold diggers striving to secure an affluent future, or as a sugar baby – sugar daddy/mommy way of seeing love mixed with influence and power.

The glittery Leo is the “home” for the Bull’s heart, and Taurus is the highest point of achievement in Leo’s mind. Therefore, two of them will have a strong bond based on their properties, financial flows, and business deals.

This relationship will turn out great even if they are just friends or in a parent-child situation. They will support each other in lucrative deals and strongly oppose when things don’t match their expectations.

Taurus /Virgo Compatibility

Taurus – Virgo Emotional compatibility

Taurus and Virgo will become truly inseparable no matter whether their relationship is based on romance or friendship. They will slowly and very carefully open their hearts while getting to know each other better, and when this happens, at last, they will be amazed by pure and very stable love.

The area of romantic feelings, talents, and progeny for Taurus is placed in the sign of Virgo, and everything a Virgin does will have a mesmerizing effect on a Bull.

On the other hand, for Virgo, this area falls in the sign of Capricorn, which is the area of education and spiritual uplifting for Taurus. This is why both of them will be honored to love and be loved by their partner.

Taurus – Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Taurus and Virgo will do nicely in their intimacy department, with some minor issues. And those issues could be seen through Virgo’s need to have durable and frequently harsh types of sexual experiences that might seem hostile, or even a bit frightening or hostile for Bull’s taste in love-making.

The area of sexual pleasures for Virgo falls in the sign of Aries, and this is why the style Virgo can often practice could seem too fast or too aggressive for Taurus.

On the other hand, Bull will give a sense of elegancy, safety, and understanding to Virgo, and this is why Virgin will feel very tempted to keep and do more for their Bull partner.

Taurus – Virgo Spiritual Compatibility

Taurus and Virgo spiritual compatibility will look simply wonderful because the sign of Taurus is the area of spiritual uplifting for Virgo. And a Virgin just loves the way how Taurus deals with everything using calm actions, adding beauty to everything Bull touches. And Bull will be honored.

The area of higher knowledge for the sign of Taurus is placed in the sign of Capricorn, which is the natural area of heart desires and talents for Virgo.

Two of them will deeply honor each other’s spiritual needs and admire them. Taurus will simply love traditional rituals and Virgo will find stability and safety in those rituals.

Taurus – Virgo Financial Compatibility

The area of finances will be taken with the utmost care when it comes to Virgo and Taurus partnership. Two of them will use all Virgo’s intellectual capabilities and social networking skills, and Bull’s innate talents to gain, increase wealth. And this is why they will simply excel in those matters. 

The area of financial gains for Taurus falls in the sign of Gemini which is the area of career for Virgo. And the same area for Virgo is placed in the sign of Libra, which is the working environment for Taurus.

This is why the two of them will use all Venus and Mercury positive traits to organize their business deals or ideas, and to achieve lasting and stable success, with naturally, great financial gains.

Taurus – Virgo Intellectual Compatibility

If their intellectual exchange is oriented toward business and their well-being, then Taurus and Virgo will get along perfectly well. They will support each other seeing the greater purpose of their union and their mutual efforts will lead them to success. Other themes won’t be so important at all.

The area of ideas for the sign of Taurus falls in the sign of Cancer, and this same area for Virgo is placed in the sign of Scorpio. This is why their talks will be oriented toward their home, family wealth, or partnership.

Taurus will let Virgo’s shrewd mind take care of many of those issues and lead. They simply won’t have enough time to discuss some abstract matters, and they won’t mind it all.

Taurus – Virgo Summary

In general terms, Taurus and Virgo will be a wonderful couple, no matter whether their relationship is romantic or just friendly, parental, or business-oriented. Two of them will highly respect each other and try to learn as much as they can, having in mind some good and great goals related to future.

Taurus and Virgo will be related through the major influences of Venus and Mercury in their natal charts, and this is why their bond will be oriented toward tangible, material goals, but true love will be present all the time, too.

They will need some time to get to know each other better, but once they open up, things between the two of them will shift immediately, and they will make a brilliant team.

Taurus / Libra Compatibility

Taurus – Libra Emotional compatibility

Taurus and Libra can get along well in majority of cases. Libra might feel some sort of magical, but really, sexually-based attraction toward Taurus straight away, while Bull will need some time to open up and stop looking at the Libra person as someone who demands a lot of work and adjusting.

Libra is the sign of daily duties and work for Taurus, and Taurus is the sign of sexual desires and acts, inner transformations, taxes, legal issues, and investments. And this is why their emotions might be mixed with many other themes, such as a sense of duty and responsibility.

This is why they will need some substantial time to open up and see are they compatible after all.

Taurus – Libra Sexual Compatibility

The sexual compatibility between Taurus and Libra could lead to some minor misunderstandings because their rhythms and styles can differ significantly. And they will need open-hearted communication to be able to primarily, emotionally open up to each other and enjoy those acts in their fullness.

The sign of Taurus is the area of sexual or hidden pleasures for Libra and this sign is all about sensuality and masterful love-making. On the other side, this same area for Taurus falls in the sign of Sagittarius, and this means that if two of them can feel like the closest friends, then their sexual life will be free and full of genuine surprises.

Taurus – Libra Spiritual Compatibility

Mixing religious beliefs with monetary gains could be the best definition when it comes to Taurus and Libra spiritual compatibility. Taurus will act in a traditional way, having great respect for national rituals, while Libra will keep their faith based on some paranormal information.

The fact is that Taurus’ area of spirituality falls in the area of Libra’s family and properties. And in this sense, there will be no problems what so ever because Libra will respect Bull’s need for the established order of things. At the same time, Libra’s faith will reside in the sign of Gemini, filled with all types of stories about unusual experiences. But having in mind that Gemini is the sign of direct income for Taurus, those stories could serve as some sort of business idea for a Bull.

Taurus – Libra Financial Compatibility

Taurus and Libra’s financial compatibility will look simply great at any moment, and this is why they could excel as a married or business couple in any type of economic turmoil. Taurus will hold the position of someone who knows how business should be conducted, while Libra will offer new ideas.

The sign of Taurus, besides intimate and transformational experiences, will also be an area of investments and all legal issues for Libra. And the area of direct earnings for Taurus, Gemini, is the place for additional education for Libra, too. This is why Libra will learn a lot from a Bull. On the other side, Libra’s area of direct income is in the sign of Scorpio which is the ideal marital or business partner for Taurus.

Taurus – Libra Intellectual Compatibility

As long as two of them have frequent discussions or exchange of ideas regarding their finances, the intellectual compatibility between Taurus and Libra will function marvelously well. For other themes, Libra will find it hard to understand Bull oftentimes, which could lead to some conflicts.

The main issue happening here is the fact that the area of intellectual ideas for Libra is placed in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the area of returns of investments and transformations for Taurus. In this regard, Libra will inspire and uplift Bull’s spirit to risk and gain. On the other side, the same area for Taurus is placed in the sign of Capricorn, which is the highest career achievement point for Libra.

Taurus – Libra Summary

Taurus and Libra couple will get along wonderfully well, if their bond is based as a partnership, of business or marital nature. They will put aside all possible misunderstandings to achieve harmony and financial success, as well as the useful social circle, which will increase their success more.

Their relationship will be based on mutual support and admiration, and they will tirelessly help each other to climb a social ladder and ensure their wealth. However, if they are close friends or in a parent-child relationship, some frequent misunderstandings will take place regarding all other aspects of their lives. But, most of the time, they will choose not to confront each other.

Taurus / Scorpio Compatibility

Taurus – Scorpio Emotional compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio’s emotional compatibility will be filled with the powerful initial attraction and the strong sexual background which will bond them in a passionate and also, lucrative relationship. They will need to start trusting each other, and once this is established, they will surrender.

Taurus and Scorpio couple is almost made for novels or the entertainment industry because the levels of drama and all sorts of emotional turmoil will be very strong between the two of them right from the beginning. Scorpio will act as the protector here, and Taurus will greatly enjoy this situation of full devotion and dedication Scorpio will provide.

Taurus – Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

The sexual compatibility between Scorpio and Taurus will depend on the positions of their natal Jupiter and Mercury, but in a majority of cases, everything will function beautifully well. And Scorpio will tease or take the initiative, while Taurus will beautify their acts with the innate sensuality.

The areas of sexuality for Taurus and Scorpio fall in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini, and this means that Taurus will need some more time, but Scorpio will almost always take the first step toward pleasure using different styles, while Taurus will enrich those experiences with all sorts of long-lasting and uplifting sexual techniques.

Taurus – Scorpio Spiritual Compatibility

The area of spiritual compatibility between Taurus and Scorpio will depend largely on their natal positions of Saturn and Moon, but in general terms, they will get along very well and respect each other’s deep innate needs, without any heated discussions about those hidden themes what so ever.

The area of spirituality for one partner will match up with the area of close friendships for another partner when it comes to Scorpio and Taurus couple. This is why two of them will agree and respect the inner needs, and Scorpio will see this area as something very personal, while Taurus will consider it through the lens of their family or national tradition.

Taurus – Scorpio Financial Compatibility

Financial harmony and success between Taurus and Scorpio will depend on aspects their natal planets Mercury and Jupiter, as the rulers of their income areas create with each other. However, in a majority of cases, this union will be blessed with prosperity and strong financial, and wealth awareness.

Taurus and Scorpio are two “financial” or material-oriented signs in Zodiac, and this is why their bond will always be backed up with strong financial interests. The areas of their direct and indirect gains will be placed in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, and this is why they will strive to diversify their projects and amplify investments and of course, returns.

Taurus – Scorpio Intellectual Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio will have a specific type of intellectual exchange which might seem odd to other people because they will keep their ideas and discussions very private and emotionally open. Scorpio will act as a stabilizing force here, while Taurus will love to experiment with various ideas.

When it comes to their daily obligations and work, Taurus and Scorpio will excellently take care of all practical tasks which might look scary or hostile to their partner. On the other side, when it comes to their close intellectual exchange, they will love the privacy, and act like best friends working for a mutual cause, especially if they are in a committed relationship or business partnership.

Taurus – Scorpio Summary

Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs in Zodiac and therefore, they are considered as the ideal partners. Their connection will be deep, devoted, and above all, wealth and family-oriented. They will act like two protectors of one fortress, being this fortress their marriage or business project.

The innate Scorpio’s need for dramatic expression, when this sign feels endangered, will be softened by the stability and trustworthiness of Taurus. And the Bull’s desire to be fully accepted and loved will be cherished by Scorpio greatly. This is why their bond will be powerful, filled with pure emotions of love and respect, and backed up well with substantial wealth.

Taurus / Sagittarius Compatibility

Taurus – Sagittarius Emotional compatibility

The emotional compatibility between Taurus and Sagittarius will depend on their natal planetary placements the most. However, in general terms, Taurus might feel the strong initial emotional attraction based on sexuality the most, while Sag won’t open up until the true friendship is established.  

The main issues here are the fact that Sagittarius is the area of sexuality and investments for Taurus. And this is why Bull will feel strongly interested in Archer only if the sexual attraction or some obvious financial benefits are present. On the other side, Taurus is the area of daily obligations for Sagittarius, and therefore, Bull can appear to be too demanding or too tiring for Archer. So, this partner will need some time to get to know Bull better, and then decide about their future.

Taurus – Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Surprisingly, the sexual compatibility between Taurus and Sagittarius will function excellently well. Taurus will simply amaze the Archer with their openness and the innate need to try many new techniques, while Sag will offer a certain level of closeness and friendship Taurus will truly cherish.

The area of sexuality for Sagittarius falls in the sign of Cancer, which is the area of close friendships for Taurus. In this regard, if Taurus is the masculine type of partner and their relationship is solely sexually based, those aspects will be enough for both of them to feel appreciated and satisfied during intimacy. However, if Taurus is a feminine partner here, Bull will need emotional support as well to open up fully.

Taurus – Sagittarius Spiritual Compatibility

Taurus and Sagittarius could get along well regarding their spiritual views if the strong financial component is intertwined with their abstract views. This might seem odd in the beginning, but while Sag creates a stable income and invest it in their properties, Taurus will “spiritually” agree.

The matter of fact here is that the area of spirituality falls for Bull in the sign of Capricorn, which is the area of earnings for Sagittarius. And also, the area of spirituality for Sag is placed in Leo, the area of family and properties for Taurus. This is why if two of them create substantial incomes and invest them well, they will have not one discussion regarding their highest views. They will understand that their views are different, and they won’t make a fuss about those issues.

Taurus – Sagittarius Financial Compatibility

Taurus and Sagittarius will share an exceptionally good financial compatibility. And having in mind their basic differences, two of them can strive and achieve lasting success if they chose to unite for the business building cause, or their love is strongly backed up with financial interests.

The area of direct income for Sagittarius is placed in the sign of Capricorn, which is the area of spirituality and also, the higher education for Taurus. This is why Bull would learn a lot from Sag. On the other side, the area of direct income for Taurus is the area of marriage and business partnerships for Sagittarius. This is why, those two people who could seem unrelated for many things, will get along excellently well regarding their finances.

Taurus – Sagittarius Intellectual Compatibility

Taurus and Sagittarius will simply not get along so well when it comes to intellectual exchange. This won’t be the question of who is smarter here, and who is faster juggling ideas between two of them, this is more like two separate worlds with different interests and their ways of communication.

The areas of logic, intellectual exchange, and practicality for Taurus fall in the signs of Cancer and Libra, while for Sag, those same areas are placed in the signs of Aquarius and Taurus itself. However, this won’t mean the common types of views, except in the case they are bond through business solely. This will mean the lack of mutual understanding, or better to say, mutual flow.

Taurus – Sagittarius Compatibility Summary

Taurus and Sagittarius could be a truly unusual couple. And the quality of their relationship will heavily depend on many other planetary positions they have in their natal charts. They could be a great business-oriented union, but the other areas of their relationship won’t function so smoothly.

As lovers, friends, or in a parental relationship, Taurus and Sagittarius will tend to operate at different speeds and they will have somewhat conflicting opinions and plans. As sexual partners solely, they will enjoy each other, but after a while, this connection will lose its enthusiasm, and they will understand that they are simply not made for each other.

Taurus /Capricorn Compatibility

Taurus – Capricorn Emotional Compatibility

Taurus and Capricorn will instantly feel the great mutual attraction. And this attraction will be based on their true emotions, more than on pure carnal pleasures. They will need some time to emotionally open up, but once they do, their relationship will flourish and prosper for a long time.

The sign of Taurus is the area of romantic love, progeny, and talents for Capricorn. And on the other side, Capricorn is the area of higher education and spiritual uplifting for Bull. This will mean that the energy building between the two of them will be honest, filled with true respect and admiration. And they will cherish and protect each other for a long time, in most cases, for life.

Taurus – Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

Taurus and Capricorn will have somewhat mixed results when it comes to their sexual experiences. Taurus will seek for more variety and surprisingly, show wide knowledge in this area, while Capricorn would love a more traditional, and in some way, respectable and emotionally safe, style of sex. 

The main issue here is the fact that the area of sexuality for Taurus falls in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the area of hidden things for Capricorn. This is why this partner might sometimes feel challenged by the Bull’s need for experimenting. On the other side, everything that Capricorn needs and does will feel familiar with Taurus and Bull will truly enjoy the “royal treatment” Capricorn will offer.

Taurus – Capricorn Spiritual Compatibility

Taurus and Capricorn will have complete harmony and understanding when it comes to their spiritual or religious views. Taurus will respect everything that comes from Capricorn’s soul, and at the same time Capricorn will have the structure and orderly spiritual views Taurus will love so much.

The area of higher knowledge and spirituality for Taurus falls in the sign of Capricorn. And therefore, Capricorn’s structured and nationally oriented views regarding everything will suit Bull’s pursuit for the “truth”. At the same time, this area for Capricorn is placed in the sign of Virgo, which is the area of heart’s desires for Taurus. This is why they will both enjoy very neat and traditional spiritual conversations and rituals.

Taurus – Capricorn Financial Compatibility

Taurus and Capricorn’s financial compatibility will simply look great. They will both help each other to diversify and spread their business ideas and deals, and achieve lucrative results and reach a large number of clients. The union between them will bring them expansion and fortune for sure.

When it comes to financial flows, the moment Taurus and Capricorn unite, there is no possibility of failing. Those two signs are notoriously known as materialistic, and whether they just work together or are in a love relationship, they will harmoniously involve in many unique ideas, create the precise plan, and shape their future success by using the support of their social circles.

Taurus – Capricorn Intellectual Compatibility

When it comes to exchanging ideas and plans, the feelings regarding close friendship or practicality, Taurus and Capricorn will get along excellently well. They will respect each other’s opinions, and they will be of great support in terms of expanding their social circles and influence.

The area of close friendships and operative thinking for Taurus falls in the sign of Cancer, which is the area of marriage and partnerships for Capricorn. And in similar ways, this area for Capricorn will fall in the sign of Pisces, which is the place of social support and networking for Bull. This is why their ideas and plans will complement each other all the time.

Taurus – Capricorn Compatibility Summary

The union between Taurus and Capricorn can be seen as a lucrative merge of wealth and influence, the way successful business and politics merge in high social circles. They will appear to be somewhat conservative, but their bond will truly be filled with love and respect, and they will last.

Whether their union is based on business interests or love, Taurus and Capricorn will survive successfully all trials life can put in front of them. And they will thrive, always focusing on important and lucrative plans. This will hold in situations when two of them are just close friends or in a parent-child relationship, as well.

Taurus /Aquarius Compatibility

Taurus – Aquarius Emotional Compatibility

In general terms, Taurus and Aquarius will have a small chance to feel the true emotional attachment to each other, if the other planets in their charts form beneficial aspects. However, more often, the sense of misunderstanding and ego-battles will be present too much and disrupt their feelings.

The sign of Taurus carries the deep meaning of family origin and tradition for Aquarius. And it’s well known that this sign is all about rebellion and established patterns changes related to society. On the other side, Aquarius is the area of career achievements for Taurus. And as such, Taurus is perceived as someone who failed in life unless this person had great professional success. But in this case, Taurus will look at Aquarius as competition.

Taurus – Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

It might surprising, but the ego battle going on between Taurus and Aquarius will produce a powerful polarity, which will consequently create strong sexual attraction between those two signs. Aquarius will amaze Taurus during intimacy, and Taurus will show unexpected levels of knowledge. 

The fact is that the area of sexual experiences for Aquarius falls in the sign of Virgo, which is the area of heart’s desires for Taurus. At the same time, the same area for Taurus falls in the sign of Sagittarius which is the friendly support for Aquarius. The only danger here is that Taurus could fall in love with Aquarius, while the other partner will see their connection as something non-committed. 

Taurus – Aquarius Spiritual Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius will share very conflicting spiritual or religious views. And this is why their compatibility in the field of higher knowledge can simply seem disastrous. Taurus will stick to traditional mannerism, and Aquarius will primarily look for a humanistic approach to Universal power.

The area of spirituality for Taurus is placed in the sign of Capricorn and this sign is all about national and family tradition without giving much thought to abstract themes. On the other side, Capricorn is the area of hidden things and often hostility for Aquarius. And the area of spirituality for Aquarius is placed in the sign of Libra, which is the area of daily obligations for Taurus and therefore, filled with hard work, not mysticism.

Taurus – Aquarius Financial Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius will have the capacity to become great business partners if they are willing and disciplined enough not to mix their emotions with this partnership. They will learn so much from each other about various ways of gaining money and maintaining successful long-term projects.

Aquarius will learn how to diversify financial flows and use marketing techniques from Taurus since the area of Bull’s finances falls in the sign of Gemini, which is the area of heart’s desires and talents for Aquarius. And Taurus will learn from Aquarius how to better use their social circles and network interactions since the area of finances for Aquarius falls in the sign of Pisces which is the area of social support circles for Taurus.

Taurus – Aquarius Intellectual Compatibility

Practical ideas, intellectual and abstract exchange between Taurus and Aquarius can yield wonderful results as long as two of them are bound through their work or daily obligations. When it comes to other types of social gatherings and friendly conversations, they won’t understand each other at all.

The areas of close friendships and work for Taurus fall in the signs of Cancer and Libra. And cancer and Libra are areas of work and higher knowledge for Aquarius. Therefore, this sign will learn a lot regarding practical and business ideas from Bull. At the same time, the areas of close friendships and work for Aquarius fall in the sign of Aries and Cancer. And Aries is the area of hidden things for Bull. This is why this sign will be annoyed or even scared with some of Aquarius’s ideas.

Taurus – Aquarius Compatibility Summary

Taurus and Aquarius could be a very good team when it comes to working together if they manage to avoid the leadership or ego battles. For all other types of relationships they will need to put enormous effort, and this process will be so exhausting, that they will choose to separate soon after. 

When it comes to Taurus and Aquarius, two of them will excel working together. Taurus will admire Aquarius’s seemingly easy success, and Aquarius will be amazed by the level of diversifying and strategizing Taurus is capable to manage at the same time. For all other types of relationships, they won’t be such a good match, and they should especially avoid solely sexual types of bonds because Taurus will emotionally suffer after a while.

Taurus /Pisces Compatibility

Taurus – Pisces Emotional Compatibility

Taurus and Pisces will always be a great emotional match. Their bond will be deeply rooted in strong feelings of appreciation and gratefulness for what they can offer to each other. This love will be quiet, but so powerful that it will amaze all people around them and serve as a role model.

Taurus is the area of close friendships for Pisces. And Pisces is the sign of social support for Taurus. This is why they will surely become best friends. But if they are romantically involved, their relationship will simply bloom because the planet ruling the sign Taurus, Venus will exalt or become the strongest in the sign of Pisces in terms of astrology. And everything related to the flow of emotions will function perfectly between the two of them.

Taurus – Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Taurus and Pisces’ sexual compatibility will look rather good, but their experiences will base more on sensuality and romanticism, than the actual acts. When they are together, they could be too slow or too immersed in the matters of the heart, to show some heightened passion or special techniques.

The issue present here is the fact that the area of sexuality for Pisces falls in the sign of Libra, which is the area of usual duties and obligation for Taurus. And Piscean need to talk too much about feelings and to need romantic gestures could appear a bit tiring for a Bull. The area of sexuality for Taurus falls in the sign of Sagittarius which is the area of highest accomplishment for Pisces, so those experiences will mean a lot to Fish.

Taurus – Pisces Spiritual Compatibility

Taurus and Pisces will achieve a very good spiritual compatibility. And their views will be similar in most of the cases. Pisces will incline toward ecstatic experiences, while Taurus will stick to the traditional norms. However, they will complement each other and respect different expressions.

The area of spirituality for Taurus is placed in the sign of Capricorn which is the sign of broader social support and network for Pisces. In this regard, Bull will be perceived as someone stable and with similar views. For Pisces, the area of spirituality falls in the sign of Scorpio. And although Pisces will love deep transformative experiences, those expressions will be something Bull is used to because Scorpio is their ideal partnership area.

Taurus – Pisces Financial Compatibility

Some problems are foreseen when it comes to Taurus and Pisces’ financial compatibility. Taurus will put in knowledge, effort, and useful connections to achieve diversified and increased incomes, while Pisces will behave recklessly and frequently, very irresponsibly regarding money matters.

The area of financial flows for Taurus falls in the sign of Gemini, which is the area of home and properties for Pisces. This means that Pisces will gladly use Bull’s funds, and this sign will do this in a rather chaotic way. On the other side, the Piscean financial area is in Aries, the place of hidden or hostile things or events. Earning and especially, spending Piscean habits will scare a Bull a lot, due to inconsistency and lack of planning.

Taurus – Pisces Intellectual Compatibility

Exchange of ideas and intellectual conversations look pretty good for Taurus and Pisces. Pisces can have some grand projects in mind and Taurus would love them, but the Bull will add up a little bit more reality to them. And Pisces will love calm and harmonious Bull’s approach to everything.

The area of practicality and execution for Pisces is placed in the sign of Leo. And this is why Pisces can overflow or over-react while dealing with ideas and plans. On the other side, Taurus will love this way of “luxurious” thinking. But, since this area for Taurus falls in the sign of Libra, Bull will operate with the down-to-earth way of reasoning and see what ideas can eventually become viable. 

Taurus – Pisces Compatibility Summary

Taurus and Pisces will have very good mutual compatibility in general terms. They will understand and respect each other’s feelings and views. The only danger present here is that Pisces will assume way more regarding everything they do, while Taurus will take a realistic stance and behavior.

Pisces will always grow all sorts of illusions regarding Taurus, especially when it comes to their emotions and intimacy. At the same time, Taurus will admire Pisces and find inspiration in their mere presence and ideas. It’s like Pisces will serve as the true muse for Bull. They could be great as co-workers, friends, and in a parental type of relationship also, where Pisces will feel protected and Bull inspired by their partnership.

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