What Happens When You Ignore A Taurus Woman (It’s Not Good!)

What happens if your Taurus woman has offended you and you choose to remain silent or ignore her about it? Perhaps you’re attempting to keep a Taurus woman interested in you and have decided to ignore him. To help you out, let me guide you on what happens when you ignore a Taurus woman.

When you ignore a Taurus woman, she will also ignore you back and will probably hold a grudge if you continue to ignore her for a long time. A Taurus woman will be hurt and may seek comfort from somebody else. Moreover, a Taurus woman will need time to reflect and think about her relationship.

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That said, let’s first get a better understanding of her weaknesses and what she’s like when she’s angry. OK, let’s go!

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Taurus Woman’s Weaknesses

Taurus women are known for keeping their cool under pressure and when you push her past her stress threshold, she transforms into a bull.

A Taurus woman is likely to embody a dictator because she is independent and has done things her way because her craving for control is satisfied by imposing her will on others.

A Taurus woman has a desire for material security that may lead her to become greedy. You can see her ugly side if you mess with her money or relationship. She stomps her feet in quest of a battle and acts like a bully when someone crosses her path, much like a bull.

Because Taurus women are strongly attached to the material realm and place a high value on the things they work hard for. This includes people, jealousy is an understandable weakness.

When A Taurus Woman Is Angry…

If you have hurt a Taurus woman, she is unlikely to ask forgiveness, preferring instead to vent her anger and you might notice that she has a frigid demeanor or that she is roiling with rage.

If you want to bring up previous mistakes, as a Taurus woman may. This confrontation may become heavy and unclear. A Taurus woman who has been damaged in this way may decide to end the relationship. So, if you act aggressively, she will most likely become unresponsive.

As your relationship with a Taurus woman develops, it’s conceivable that you’ll have a conflict or that your actions will make her feel hurt. When a Taurus woman chooses to express her genuine sentiments to you, she will very certainly do it in an acceptable manner.

When you learn what occurs when a Taurus woman is angry with you, you may notice that she decides to leave your company to spend time with others.

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When You Ignore A Taurus Woman…

She ignores you

When you have decided to ignore her, the Taurus woman may ignore you back and make it apparent that you don’t matter to her.

If you did something major such as lying or cheating on her.  She’ll most likely give you the cold shoulder and start looking for better possibilities until she’s fully recovered from the deep-seated pain.

When you ignore a Taurus woman, she may find it difficult to accept because she is reticent and likes to keep her personal affairs private.

As a result, a Taurus woman wouldn’t go to great lengths to express their feelings to you or anybody else.

If, on the other hand, your plan of turning a blind eye to the Taurus woman backfires, she may continue to investigate what provoked this reaction on your part.

If Taurus women are angry and your behavior seems out of place or unfair, she may track you down. She could stalk you on social media. She could even storm into your home.

Ignoring her will put a Taurus woman in a terrible situation.

When hurt, a Taurus woman may become sad for days. Rather than punishing her for the sake of amusement, it’s best, to be honest with her.

She is hurt

When you start to ignore her, a Taurus woman will get the impression that you aren’t into her, don’t love her, and are moving on. Taurus women crave affection and adoration just like everybody else.

She, on the other hand, wants things his way, and if you ignore her or give her the silent treatment, she will be crushed since you are not showing her your love. You could as well stab a Taurus woman in the heart because if you ignore her, this is how she will feel.

When it comes to their partner’s sentiments and whether or not they did something wrong, Taurus women are ignorant. Taurus women can be a complete jerks and not realize how damaging their actions were.

You must take the initiative and tell him what your Taurus woman did wrong, as well as how painful or furious it made you.

Addressing it is the only way she can work on it or avoid doing it again because Taurus women are physically strong, yet they are ignorant on the inside. Taurus women are lovely women who are devoted to and sincerely invested in the person they name their own.

She seeks comfort

If you decide to give a Taurus woman the silent treatment, she’ll interpret it as you no longer loving her and may drive her over the edge, causing her to be in the arms of another man.

Not all Taurus women are like this, but some will seek consolation from someone else if they can’t find it at home. Ignoring a Taurus woman will effectively clinch the deal, so proceed with caution.

If you want to keep your Taurus woman but are sad or irritated with her, tell her how she’s making you feel and beg her to stop. A Taurus woman needs to know the reality as well as her feelings.

If you don’t talk to your Taurus woman, she’ll want to talk to someone else or confide in a man who will understand her requirements better. Don’t let your Taurus woman become a home ground for another man.

She holds grudges

When you’ve had enough of your Taurus woman and decide to give her the cold shoulder, she may respond in kind. If you can’t convince your Taurus woman to start talking again, things will grow unpleasant and a breakup may be imminent.

Taurus women hold grudges for a lifetime, and she’ll hold one against you if you unjustly shut her down. Taurus women are excellent at providing quiet treatment to others, but not so much at receiving it.

Taurus women are pros at not returning calls, texts, or face-to-face conversations; but if their partner does it, she can’t handle it and screams or flees. You’ll need to figure out how your Taurus woman works because ignoring her isn’t a suitable strategy unless you’re ready to risk losing her.

There are certain gambles that pay off, but the majority do not because some Taurus women will go insane trying to find out what’s wrong with you, and they may make conclusions about things that aren’t happening.

She needs time

Taurus women require space and they prefer to contemplate and be alone. As a result, give your Taurus woman her space to spend some time alone because she is obstinate; so it might be best to leave her alone for a while and allow her time to ponder.

It’s best not to irritate the enraged Taurus woman. If your Taurus woman has ceased communicating with you, it’s evident that she no longer wants you in her life.

If a Taurus woman pulls away from you, she’s asking for some alone time without saying it explicitly. After all, she isn’t the most outgoing person and feels extremely shy when confronted with her emotions.

After you’ve given a Taurus woman ample space, call her and express your real worry for her; this will allow her to relax her guard and become more adaptable. Simply tell your Taurus woman you’ll be there anytime she’s ready to talk and that you’re there to support her, despite everything.

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What happens when you ignore a Taurus woman, final thoughts…

When a Taurus woman ignores you:

  • She ignores you
  • She is hurt
  • She seeks comfort
  • She holds grudges
  • She needs time



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