What Happens When You Ignore A Taurus Man (Don’t Do It!)

Just because your Taurus man is a humble, down-to-earth, and very patient person. However, this does not mean that he is going to buy every little drama you cause. Right off the bat, this is a very dangerous act. So, here’s what will happen if you try to ignore a Taurus man.

When you ignore a Taurus man, he is going to give you a taste of your own medicine. If you give the silent treatment, he’ll do it back. He will be hurt, a lot, which may cause him to cheat. He is going to seek love and affection from other women. He’ll wait for closure and gradually will move on from you.

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That said, let’s first take a look at your Taurus man’s weaknesses and what he’s like when he’s angry. Let’s go!

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Taurus Man’s Weaknesses

A Taurus man is known to be very stubborn. Although it can be a good thing, it can very much be a bad thing. He is the type of person that does not like to welcome change in his life. He likes to stay in his comfort zone with his old habits and doings.

Out of all the signs in the Zodiac, he is probably the one who hates to change the most. He even fights it! Within this attribute, it is safe to say that he is the worst with it because he will fight for you for his stability which is sometimes annoying and alarming.

He is also very confrontational and does not like to sugarcoat things. He will say the things that he does not like about you or the things that make him uncomfortable. He is going to say it to your face and can even put up a fight.

However, it can be a good thing too because you know that your Taurus man will be capable of protecting you. He can also be a bit secretive, and he does not like to talk about his feelings and emotions.

He does not like to expose what is going on with him. Remember that he is an earth sign, and so he is very practical.

He avoids things that cause drama and sometimes, he does not know what exactly he is feeling.

When A Taurus Man is Angry…

As an earth sign, a Taurus is very down-to-earth and patient. It takes a lot for him to get angry, but when he does get angry, he can be your worst nightmare. As I have mentioned earlier, a Taurus man is not afraid to get confrontational and be involved in a fight.

Sometimes, he even gets into fights just because he feels like it. Sometimes, he does it for fun. Although he sounds dangerous and a total red flag, know that he chooses his battles. If he sees that whatever it is that you are fighting about is not worth his time, he will not waste even a minute arguing.

Sometimes, he can be seen as the most dangerous sign. He has a very passive-aggressive attitude, and again, he is not afraid to hurt people that did him wrong. He does this because he likes to have an outlet to let his anger out.

This is because gain, he does not like to share his feelings and finds it hard to express them.

When a Taurus man is angry at you, there are tendencies that he is going to give you the silent treatment. If he does this, know that you have done something that made him upset. However, again, he chooses his battles, and he does not like to dwell on things that make him mad.

He does not allow these things to bother him that much as he likes to keep things even. If he does get angry, know that he needs a little time to spend for himself and clear his head.

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When You Ignore A Taurus Man…

He’ll give you the taste of your own medicine

If you have been in a relationship with a Taurus man for a while now and suddenly, you give him the cold shoulder because of an argument, know that he is going to do the same to you. He is going to react the same way.

Know that even if you start this game of ignoring, he will finish it. You’ll start to give in because he’s way better in this game than you are.

You need to remind yourself that a Taurus man holds a life-long grudge, and if he feels that you are starting to ignore him, he is going to shut down. He is very good at giving silent treatment, but he is not going at reacting when he is given it.

In other words, he has double standards when it comes to the silent treatment. Know that the silent treatment is a gamble that is not going to work with a Taurus man.

He’ll get hurt very much

This applies when you have been in a relationship with him for a little while. If he has learned to love you and get closer to you, if you give him the silent treatment, he will definitely get hurt.

He is going to feel devastated because we all know how a Taurus man loves to be loved, and he likes to get well taken care of.

As I have mentioned earlier, a Taurus man has tendencies to be oblivious about his feelings and whether his actions are hurting his partner or not.

There will definitely be tendencies that your Taurus man’s actions will be hurtful once you start to ignore him. So, the best thing to do here is to step up and tell your Taurus man directly. Address what made you upset and how you want him to act the next time.

It may cause him to cheat

You should know that as a bull, your Taurus man is very loyal if he is 100% committed. Again, he is an earth sign, so he is stable and likes to be with only one partner.

If your relationship has been good and all, but suddenly, you decided to give him the cold shoulder, it may push him over the line and may seek love from other women. This only means that he is not yet 100% committed to you.

If he feels that he is being neglected and that you are not giving the same comfort and love to him as before, then he will seek that same love and comfort from someone else. So, again, it is not the best solution to give him the silent treatment. Let him know directly what made you angry.

He’ll wait for closure

If this silent treatment has been happening for weeks or months now, know that he is just waiting for that “talk” and final conversation. Again, he does not like to open up about his feelings and emotions and what’s going on in his mind.

So, he’ll wait for you to initiate the conversation to have some clarifications before you decide to go your separate ways.

In other words, if you give him the silent treatment because you want him to fix things with you, he is going to buy this card. He will think that you are already moving on from the relationship, and so he’ll go ahead and assume that you are going to leave him for good.

He will move on

If you are not yet in a relationship with a Taurus man yet, this one applies to you. If you have been talking with your Taurus man for a certain amount of time now, but still do not have the assurance that he likes you, then this is for you.

If you are planning to give him the silent treatment because you want him to chase you, think again.

This is the most dangerous act that you are going to do with a Taurus man. You need to realize that your Taurus man does not like to play games, and he will move on if he feels that you are not into him.

To other guys, this can work, but this can’t with a Taurus man. Remember that a Taurus man only enters a relationship when he knows that person is genuinely into him. So, if you plan to ignore him to make him chase you, know that it won’t work.

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What happens when you ignore a Taurus man, final thoughts…

When you ignore a Taurus man:

  • He’ll give you the taste of your own medicine
  • He’ll get hurt very much
  • It may cause him to cheat
  • He’ll wait for closure
  • He will move on



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