Is Your Taurus Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

How Do You Know When A Taurus Man Is Done With You?

The Taurus man is a slow and faithful partner. He is reliable and seeks comfort in his relationships. He wants to build a stable life with someone and searches for a long-term commitment. This is a sign that enjoys his partnerships. He does not see spending life alone, however; this does not mean he settles for just anybody.

The Taurus man is done with you when he has chosen to spend more time with himself. What he used to share generously with you is cut off and he has built walls to keep you out. He no longer sees building a future with you.

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The Taurus man in love

How Do You Know When A Taurus Man Is Done With You?

The Taurus man is slow and is not afraid to work hard to win your heart. He is patient, preferring to think in the long term than to act on impulse. He is an earth sign and wants to be able to provide. He will get to know you and makes an effort to spend time with you.

When a Taurus man is in love, he is adorably shy. He could be awkward but it will be obvious with his eyes. He will make time for you. Most Taurus men put their vision on earning money and saving for the rainy day but he will still make time for you.

He is a sensual lover and wants to express that love privately. The Taurus man’s love language could be gift-giving, quality time, and maybe a physical touch too. He loves when he feels safe. When he thinks his partner will not abandon him and has shown commitment, that pleases him and he falls harder.

The Taurus man becomes clingy, he is possessive with the woman he decides to love. It is not to objectify his lover but the phrase “what’s mine Is mine” applies to them. He is security-driven, when his partner surrenders herself to him, he will assure her and make her feel secure in return.

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How to tell when a Taurus man has moved on

There was betrayal involved

How Do You Know When A Taurus Man Is Done With You?

Taurus is a sign that relies on stable foundations. Their drive is security. If one cannot remain faithful to him, he will lose all motivation to keep it working. Taurus men take their family and friends on a high pedestal, what more of his lover? It is like a death without dying.

They really do feel like a part of them will never exist. It will be like a ghost haunting them.

When someone cheats, it feels like a gunshot to the Taurus man, this could’ve literally killed him. It might take him a while to be completely over you but he is stubborn and would rather choose his standards of a loyal mate.

He changes a lot of things he used to do

When a Taurus man commits, it is a commitment for life. However, when you break up with a Taurus man, he usually takes a huge blow. He has given his effort and devotion to making it work. He is not impulsive; he would want to try to fix things before giving up.

When he does understand that there is nothing to salvage, he starts allowing himself to meet new people. He spends more time with his friends. He improves himself more. The Taurus man releases the thought of you meeting someone else.

He becomes more accepting of what happened. Taurus men will distract themselves with a new hobby while they’re recovering. For someone who likes routine, he will change his environment so he can avoid thinking about you. Taurus men are stubborn, he rarely changes for anything.

He could cut contact

The Taurus man will avoid anything to do with you. He might ask you to never talk to him again. He wants to feel alive again and seeing you will just open the wound. If he still likes you, he might let you get away with things, as you were his comfort zone, but when it is truly over, he will be firm with the decision.

He will refuse to reply to messages. He will block you on social media platforms. You could be muted, whatever it is he does, you will not hear from your Taurus man and he will distance himself from your friends and family.

Taurus men are possessive in relationships, when he has let go of trying to control it, you will know he is moving on, he will unapologetically and completely ignore you. He has become heartless with you.

He no longer lets you be affectionate with him

How Do You Know When A Taurus Man Is Done With You?

Taurus men like to express their affection physically. They are sensual and like to “touch” their lovers. When he rejects this from you, take it as a sign that he is trying to move on. If he is supportive of what you do, it can become the opposite.

Even if the phrase, “food is the key to his heart” applies to him, he will resist it. Luxury and material items are things he appreciates and if he is able to reject this from you, take it as a sign that you’re no longer welcome in his life.

He has already resented you

Taurus men don’t take separation lightly. He will wish you have never met; he will hate that you wasted his time. When he loves someone, it is like this person is part of his life, to lose her is a type of death that lingers.

He will keep on thinking of the things that disappoint him; he will make it a habit to remind himself that you were not deserving of his love. The Taurus man will eventually convince himself to completely let you go. This sign is not forgiving when it comes to a breakup.

He does not trust you at all

Taurus men are driven by security and that includes trust. He will avoid making you feel jealous because he does not want you to treat him the same way. You can always trust a Taurus to commit for life but for him to trust someone else is a different story.

Once you have broken this trust, it will be like a toxic roller coaster. He will always have assumptions certain things are happening behind his back. He does not feel like you belong to him. You will know he has decided to move forward when he chooses not to trust you anymore.

He is no longer considerate of you

How Do You Know When A Taurus Man Is Done With You?

The Taurus man dislikes change. He loves routine and he is famed for his stubbornness. He is who he is but when he loves he could try to open up his perspective, though don’t expect too much. Even though he may not change, he still takes note of what you like and what makes you happy.

He is an investor in a relationship. When he is done with you, he will not make an effort or think about what you feel. He is no longer tolerant of your sweet nothings, worse, he might become disgusted about it.

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When a Taurus man is done with you, in a nutshell…

When a Taurus man is done with you, he might have already gone through a lot of pain in the loss of the relationship. He is not a man that takes a breakup lightly. For him, separation is like death outside of the body.

Even so, it’s not impossible for him to move on, he will start to distract himself with new things. As a person that’s stubborn to change, he will suddenly change his environment, meet new people, and even convince himself it’s okay to see new women.

He will start resenting you, angry at all the wasted time and effort he invested in the relationship.

He will convince himself that he doesn’t deserve you. He will no longer be tolerant of your presence. He will cut you out from the internet and real life, even if it means removing himself from your friends and family too.

A Taurus man that truly loves someone has no intention of leaving the person he loves the most, not unless he doesn’t love you any more or had never loved you in the first place.



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