How Does A Taurus Man Test You?

How Does A Taurus Man Test You?

Taurus men are one of the most hardworking signs in the zodiac.

They are influenced by the element of earth and their values always lean on tradition. They appreciate routine and practicality. As a fixed sign, he is stubborn to changes, however, will be reliable when things get tough. If you want to keep life simple, this is the guy.

Taurus men test their partner by checking how she is able to support him. He wants a partner that shares the same dreams and goals as he does. He is looking for a long-term commitment and expects his lover to be the same. A Taurus man wants a woman that will not try to change him.

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Profile of a Taurus man

Taurus can either be known as the patient, reliable, and persistent sign or he might be called to be lazy and a lover of comfort. The thing with a Taurus man is that if he does not think something is not what he wants, he will not make an effort. He will not bother.

As they are ruled by the planet of Venus, Taurus men can be hedonistic. They are very sensual and his love language includes physical touch. Most of the time they are devoted to their lovers and it takes a lot of reasons for a Taurus man to cheat.

Loyalty is their nature and for them to do that means he might have never been committed in the first place. Determination is their key trait.

Taurus men want to have a secure life and always plant seeds for their future. They are not afraid to work hard and invest a lot of years to do that. It is seldom that this man is broke. Even though it seems like it Is easy to understand him. It is the opposite.

He dislikes sudden changes. He prefers routine and structure. The Taurus man likes their woman to be appreciative of who he is instead of trying to change him. The ideal partner for him is someone who shares a similar view of long-term commitment.

What are your chances with your Taurus man?

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7 ways a Taurus man will test you

He tests your motives

How Does A Taurus Man Test You?

Taurus men would rather have a quality partner than have plenty. He does not need a lot. He is conservative when it comes to his relationships and takes his time before he commits to anyone. He is looking for someone who would like to settle with him as the end game.

He is a family man and wants a woman that can respect him.

He tests you on your behavior

They are looking for a partner that mimics a housewife. The Taurus man wants a devoted and supportive partner. He wants to feel nurtured. He does not want to be with a woman that is comfortable with flirting with others simultaneously. Taurus is easily jealous and will act possessed of you.

He might act as if he owns you, this is not to objectify you at all but to say that is how he sees you. You are his and therefore he expects you to treat him the same. As a bonus, he wants someone that can cook or at least appreciate it. The phrase, “food is the way to the man’s heart.” applies to the Taurus man.

He tests your devotion

Many times, a Taurus man gets himself into the friend zone or settles to be a friend instead. This is because he is choosy. If he thinks you are not the one it will not bother him. He will test you on how devoted you can be. Since he is slow, he wants to know if you could be patient with him.

When he has his own priorities, will you be able to wait for him? He is a determined personality and he wants someone that shares his goals that is willing to work through thick and thin.

They don’t want to find a woman only for her to be a distraction, they want someone to build their life with and are willing to support them regardless of the status of their life now.

He will test your willpower

How Does A Taurus Man Test You?

Like Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, he tested Daenerys with a series of uncomfortable trials. The Taurus man wants to know how strong you can be. He wants to see you are able to stand on your own. This is how he would judge if you will always rely on him for anything.

He believes that the type of partner he chooses will affect how his future will turn out. Taurus men are supportive when they can and are willing to go the extra mile but you have to develop characteristics that don’t give up easily.

He will test you on how you can handle his jealousy

Taurus men want their woman to give her assurance that he is the only man in her life.

There are times that they might try to stalk you or find different ways to see if you are getting close to someone else. He won’t admit it but once he starts getting suspicious, he will keep trying to point it out indirectly until she reassures him.

He will test your honesty and try to catch you if he thinks you are lying. The Taurus man values truth, especially in an intimate relationship. He would not appreciate it if he finds out that the love of his life is hiding things from him.

You don’t have to constantly tell him where you are but just keep a transparent approach with him

He tests you by letting you be

Taurus is still a practical sign and even though they can prove to be devoted lovers, he will still have his own trials to give you. They are looking for a woman that they can be equally yoked. He wants to see the decisions you’ll make when life gets tough, without him.

He will observe if you are complaining about his absence. If you can prove that you are capable even without him, you will gain his respect.

He will test you on how you treat him

How Does A Taurus Man Test You?

Taurus men don’t like to be used. In fact, no one does. He does not want to be exploited for the things he can give you or the security he can provide. He doesn’t want to be an option or be the person you run to when things go wrong.

If you constantly whine about previous flames to him, he might start to think you will treat him the same way. He wants to be respected as a person and wants someone to value the things he works hard for. The Taurus man is looking for someone to look eye to eye,

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How a Taurus man tests you, the final word…

The way a Taurus man will test his woman is mostly on her character. He wants her to be someone that thinks long-term the way he does. He wants to be in a committed relationship and may avoid bossy or domineering women. He does not like to be told what to do and wants a partner that can be supportive.

With that, he needs a partner that shares the same values as him. The Taurus man will test how independent she can be. He will test her based on how she handles herself when he is not available. As the Taurus man is a ride-or-die personality so should the person he chooses.



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