5 Aries Woman Weaknesses in Love

5 Aries Woman Weaknesses in Love

She can be very hard to deal with because of her impulsiveness and rudeness. But just like any other human being, she has weaknesses in her – especially in a relationship. Knowing these weaknesses will let you understand her and be in a happy and healthy relationship. Here are these weaknesses.

The weaknesses of an Aries woman are she is selfish and impatient. She does not care about the thoughts, ideas, and feelings of other people because she can think she has the best idea. She can also be aggressive and rude with her words. She can also be impulsive with her decisions. She is also moody.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface…

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Dating an Aries Woman

5 Aries Woman Weaknesses in Love

Right off the bat, it can be very hard. An important thing to know about your Aries woman is that she loves her family very much. She is very caring and loving and likes putting her family together.

In other words, you can say that an Aries woman is like the matriarch of the family and like to bring her family members together. She wants her family to be doing good, and if you are doing very well, she is going to brag about you. So, you do not want to embarrass her.

You need to know that she is the boss. She knows what she wants and how to get them. She is never a slouch, and if you like being a slouch, an Aries woman is not for you. However, you also need to know that she is a hopeless romantic. She wants a man that can wow and swoon her.

She wants to be taken out. If you want to impress her, you need to take the initiative to do the extra things for her. You should know how to step your game up.

Just a little heads up – she will test you over and over again. She will intentionally set a trap for you to see if you would fall for it. She is the type to send her best friend to a club and flirt with you just to see if you would fall for this trap.

She wants to know if you can be trusted because she does not like to waste her. Also, if she calls you, you better pick it up best believe that she will not be happy when you don’t.

She may seem like the type to be fiery and passionate. She is the type to be always out there doing her thing. However, even though she seems to be the type to do all things on her own, he also wants someone who steps up.

It may seem like she looks at you and judges you. If you are looking to have a long-lasting relationship, an Aries woman can do that.

Your Aries woman can do everything on her own. However, if she is in love with someone, she can open her doors up. You should know that you are dealing with a hustler, and she knows how to take care of herself. She desires a man or a woman who can do the same.

She desires someone who can do all of these things and become more assertive than her. She does not need a lover, but she wants one.

Use fractionation to connect emotionally…

At this point, I want to talk about fractionation… What is fractionation you ask… Fractionation is like putting a woman on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s a sequence of repeated, intensifying cycles of emotional ups and downs… You give her an emotional high, then an emotional low, etc.

Women are emotional “creatures” and really connect with movies, activities, and men who satisfy their emotional needs. For her, the emotional ride that fractionation creates is absolutely addicting!

For instance, you can send one-sentence texts using fractionation, in one of these 2 formats:

  • express your approval of one of her bad qualities… or,
  • express disapproval of one of her good qualities…

For example, “I love how you can be so boring.” or “I’m disgusted by your good manners.”

Statements like this will stop her in her tracks and she’ll reply to your texts asking what you mean.

This is just a quick example… Click here to read more details about fractionation in the Shogun Method.

OK, let’s look at the signs she’s in love…

5 Weaknesses of Aries Woman in Love

She is selfish

5 Aries Woman Weaknesses in Love

Your Aries woman likes to lead, and when I say that she is selfish, I do not mean that she is selfish with material things. I also do not mean she only cares about herself.  It’s just that she does not like to consider the feelings and opinions of others.

She thinks as if she knows best so she often makes decisions without consulting her team members or in this case, her partner.

She tends to be focused on herself without knowing what her partner feels. She may be doing something that she knows upsets her partner, but she does not care. If she feels like she is not doing anything wrong, she will continuously do it, no matter what her partner says.

She is impatient

If you have been hanging out with an Aries woman, you would know how impatient she can be. You will notice how she constantly interrupts people when they are trying to get their point when talking with an Aries woman.

You will notice how she rushes you when you are taking too long to get ready. She will get impatient when you are trying to do things that you want to do.

She can get frustrated if she notices that things are not moving as fast as she wants them to. She is also quick to jump to conclusions, and a relationship that did not go as she planned can be taken as a complete failure.

She will not realize how much you need more time because she is too focused on what is happening around her.

She is aggressive

5 Aries Woman Weaknesses in Love

Your Aries woman can go from zero to a hundred.

By aggressive, I do not mean that she is aggressive physically. I mean she can get angry and can confront you with a very loud voice. If she feels like the relationship is not working anymore, she will let you know that she does not feel like there is still a chance to work things out.

If she feels like you have done something wrong to her, she will confront you about it.

Her communication type is uncompromising, and she can be rude, especially to people who are to her. Her words can be hurtful, and other people can take her friendly advice as hard criticism. So, just a reminder, do not anger her.

She is impulsive

With her nature of not caring what other people think and feel, she may not think her decisions through. She acts with confidence that she can figure things out along the way. She believes in the saying that “When there’s a will, there is a way.”

Dating her can be an amazing experience, but you must be prepared for it because it can get a little crazy.

When on a carnival date, be ready to get on rides that she tells you to do with her out of impulse. Get ready to buy her things out of impulse, and sometimes she can regret the things that you bought for her. She can do things literally out of impulse.

She is very moody

5 Aries Woman Weaknesses in Love

Because of her impulsive nature, your Aries woman can be very moody.

She can be happy and smiling one moment and can be very mad the next second. She is very quick-tempered and competitive, and when something does not go her way, she can get a little aggressive about it, and it will show in her emotions.

You see, being with an Aries man can be thrilling and terrifying, but when she really loves you, she is going to be devoted. It is a misconception that an Aries woman cannot settle down. She can. She just needs to be with the right person.

This person should be able to understand her and can deal with all the things that she does.

More details about getting her emotionally connected to you…

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Aries Woman’s weaknesses in love, final thoughts…

The weaknesses in the love of an Aries woman are:

  • She is selfish
  • She is impatient
  • She is aggressive
  • She is impulsive
  • She is very moody



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