How Does An Aries Woman Test You?

How Does An Aries Woman Test You?

The Aries Woman is feisty, will not back down on a fight, and will definitely not be shy to put you in place. For an Aries woman, she is number 1.

Her charisma exudes because of her confidence and drive. Many powerful and achieving women have Aries qualities that help them to stay on top of their game. It’s no wonder you might want to know how an Aries woman will test you.

An Aries woman will test you by putting you in a competition with her. She wants you to accept her for who she is including her dominant traits. She will challenge you, and test your trust. She will show you off and also test your support of her. Pass these tests and she is yours!

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Before we go into detail about how your Aries woman will test you, let’s first review her traits and characteristics.

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Profile of an Aries Woman

The Aries Woman is ruled by the aggressive planet, Mars. She is personified by ambition and impulse. As an Aries woman, she seeks authenticity towards her freedom of expression and the doors she wants to enter. If there is no door, she will make one.

No is never an answer for her. What she wants she will get, even if it’s going to be a challenge, but that’s not a problem as that actually motivates her more.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is represented by the raw masculine energy of Mars but to manifest in a feminine personality means that you cannot expect an Aries woman to be a submissive type. She is not going to be a housewife or at the very least, she will not be content to be one.

Try to make her one and get a fire-breathing dragon greeting you when you get home. That is just not her place.

When an Aries woman likes you, she will shower you with gifts. Aries as a sign likes to look established; they don’t mind being generous when they can.

They love feeling like an alpha. Also, just to give stern cautionary advice Aries women are always jealous but only if they like you a lot! So, if you want to last, make sure you always assure your loyalty.

These women can forget you even existed once they get to say they’re done with you. They might feel hurt for a little bit but after they have decided you’re not what they want, well, I’m sorry to say you missed the chance.

For them, it’s easy to replace someone because they never needed anyone else. For an Aries woman, if you are not worthy, don’t bother to exist in their world.

5 ways an Aries woman will test you

Prepare to fight all the time

How Does An Aries Woman Test You

We say this to be prepared for fighting all the time, but it doesn’t always mean it’s serious. In fact, plenty of times it will be about petty arguments, guaranteed. If she talks to you as if she wants to start a fight, that is one way an Aries woman tests you.

Some people, describe a relationship with an Aries woman to be filled with love and hate. She will find you irritating but at the same time act like she’s addicted to you. It is as if you are a toy to her and your reaction gives her entertainment.

Chaotic, we’re talking about Aries and women together what did you expect?  

An Aries woman expects you to fight back not in a physical way but to hold your resolutions. She wants to be with a man that is sure of himself.

An example of this could be an Aries woman with a Virgo man, many times she could think he is too plain, but she respects that he is persistent and patient without ever bowing to her that she’s right.

She will test your ability to take charge

Aries women don’t like it if you are too compliant. She will start to roll her eyes if you are too submissive. Since Aries is ruled by the aggressive and war-like Mars, they don’t like being associated with weakness. Conquer or be conquered, if you are not confident with yourself, she might get turned off.

If you like giving up easily, then she’ll give up on you too. You have to remind her that you are valuable. Aries women respect men that can lead. Even if you have a soft personality, if you can hold your fort, she will gain admiration for you.

She will test your trust based on the freedom you give her

How Does An Aries Woman Test You

When an Aries woman dates, it Is usually because she might have decided she wants to settle. It is less about feeling lonely. In fact, it could even have something to do with boredom and she wants to have new experiences.

This woman wants to have great memories and adventures and you’re just invited. You don’t have to go if you don’t want to. She’ll do it herself if you don’t. Telling her what to do will backfire on you. She wants a dominant man that can give her freedom.

For her, freedom comes with trust, and that is what can make her feel secure with you.

She will test you on how supportive you can be

An Aries woman might be called a tomboy with the way she presents herself. She would want you to remind her of her strengths. Even though she always puts in a front that she can manage of course she hides her sensitive side.

She’s well aware of her weaknesses and does not want you to exploit them. The way your Aries woman acts and dresses may be boyish at times but once she makes an effort to be more feminine, see this as a way of her trying to make you happy.

Try to comment on her girly side and she will feel awkward and make a fight with you. Sounds like a dream.

She will test you if she can show you off

How Does An Aries Woman Test You

Aries is just one of the signs in the zodiac that like to show what they have. If they were birds, I’d equate them to the peacock. They like to impress; therefore, they want to be able to impress others with the man they’re with.

She wants to be proud of her partner. They want to look good but with you beside her.

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Is your Aries woman testing you, final thoughts…

An Aries woman tests you on how you are able to handle her bouts of jealousy. She wants you to be a dominant man but also gentle in a way that you appreciate her femininity. She might have been spawned from the mythological god of war Ares, but she still is a woman and wants to be desired.

Just make sure not to comment too much on it because that’s going to make her feel uneasy. An Aries woman wants to be proud of her partner and show him off to everyone.

An Aries woman is best for the more adventurous personalities.

Don’t expect her to be a housewife type as she will hate you for it, they dislike control and wants you to be supportive of what she does, as well as give her freedom to get the things she intends to have because, for the Aries woman, that’s how she knows you trust her.



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