5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Aries Woman

An Aries man is extremely enticing and has a long list of admirers, so it can be hard to win her affection. If you want to know the flirty and dirty things you can say to your Aries woman crush, you have come to the right place.

Your Aries woman crush will definitely be drawn to you if you sincerely compliment her about her looks. This sign appreciates it when someone is straightforward, so directly asking her out will definitely be attractive to her.

An Aries woman will also be interested in someone who is also interested in what she wants.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we get into the dirty things to say to this woman, let’s see what she’s like in bed…

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What An Aries Woman Is Like In Bed

An Aries woman is often quite outspoken and energetic, but in the bedroom, she becomes a little more sensuous and seductive.

She believes that engaging in any physical intimacy should be a profound, passionate experience that necessitates giving her entire self to the other person at that precise moment. It can be simpler for the Aries woman to express herself sexually than emotionally at times.

You must adapt to an Aries woman’s techniques and pay attention to her feelings.

Sometimes a little gentleness is good for this sign because she craves passion in the bedroom so frequently. The Aries woman wants to feel desirable and appealing because no matter how much passion is given to her, she will always return it.

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How To Flirt With An Aries Woman

Be confident

An Aries woman seeks a partner who is as confident as her.

Match her level of confidence if you want to impress and fascinate her because this will surely make him fall head over heels for you. Confidence will make you highly alluring to an Aries woman, so have confidence in your abilities and don’t be scared to take chances.

Make it clear to your Aries woman that you can take care of yourself and that you are not scared to deal with issues that arise in your social life, employment, health, or any other area of your life. Don’t go on and on about your concerns with her because she has to see that you can be tough too if you want to impress her.

Be honest

An Aries woman is known to be quite outspoken, honest, and frank about her emotions. She doesn’t like keeping secrets and detests them when others keep secrets from her as well. Be direct and honest about what you want from the relationship if you want to be in a relationship with an Aries woman.

Avoid lying to or manipulating an Aries woman at all costs if you want to be on her good side because being dishonest makes her very uncomfortable. Additionally, be sympathetic to her by maintaining an open mind, seeking clarification, and restating her words so that she knows you are paying attention.

5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Aries Woman Crush

“You look good”

Encourage your Aries woman, give her compliments, and express your feelings to her. Despite being an intellectual and confident woman, this sign still has emotions.

The key here is to come off as genuinely interested in her while keeping your level of attraction to her a secret by not becoming overly sexual. Take the time to acknowledge your Aries woman’s looks and make her feel good about herself.

You should have a motivation or main goal for each time you tell her a compliment. Keep in mind that an Aries woman dislikes pointless chats and small talk. Despite what might seem contradictory, she is more drawn to guys who are sure about what they want.

An Aries woman enjoys the challenge of trying to get to know you, so make sure to catch her interest first through compliments.

“Any plans today?”

An Aries woman will be less attracted to you the longer it takes to arrange a date or meet up. She appreciates when a man who is interested in her keeps things straightforward and is direct in his approach.

Don’t be the guy who contacts her for weeks but never makes the first move because that is how you get rejected by this sign.

An Aries woman gets annoyed by someone who makes a move on her and tries to be clever and sincere without actually setting up a date.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go ahead and tell her you like her, but you do want to convey your sincere interest in getting to know her and, most importantly, spend time with her if you want to seduce her in this way.

“I like you”

Although this way of flirtation is less subtle, you might as well go all out if you’re going to seduce your Aries woman crush. When she is with someone she is in love with and believes she can trust, she is more inclined to let her emotions out.

Speak your thoughts and feelings out there because an Aries woman usually has a hard time when it comes to emotions.

An Aries woman won’t likely share her feelings with others, thus she will probably talk a lot to you if you make the first move. Take this as a huge compliment and pay close attention to what she has to say because this is not something she is used to.

If you want to see this relationship succeed long-term, you should strive to become her next obsession.

“Tell me what you want”

It would be nice if you frequently ask what your Aries woman wants because she usually appreciates the extra attention. When you do talk about yourself, make an effort to draw her attention with your best, most captivating words.

I’m telling you, if you do this, your Aries woman will be more thrilled to see you the next time.

Nothing about an Aries woman is very passionate about getting what she wants. You can also question her about it later if she brought up anything intriguing during the conversation but the topic changed too rapidly for you to follow up right away.

An Aries woman enjoys imparting all of her knowledge to you, and you’ll learn a lot about them and the subject matter in the process.

“Let me take you out”

An Aries woman is drawn to action-oriented men, whereas passive ones turn her off.

She is also drawn to an assertive, self-assured man and she appreciates when a man who is interested in her keeps things straightforward and is direct in his approach. You’re going to need to come up with a technique to get her interest so she wants to spend more time with you.

When you hesitate to ask an Aries woman out, it shows that you believe you need to first win her over before you even bring up the subject of a date. She can see that you’re attempting to be her friend first so you can ask her out later, but it’s not something she would like.

Again, an Aries woman likes a confident man, so make sure to be direct with your approach.

How To Keep An Aries Woman Interested

Being overly serious at first will make you seem needy, and a clingy relationship is the number one thing that turns an Aries woman off. Make jokes, have fun, and most importantly, treat her politely until she reacts to your advances.

When you are together, cultivate a strong sense of spontaneity and friendliness. Keep things fresh and interesting by trying new things together, collaborating on projects, or participating in friendly banter.

Never take an Aries woman for granted because she will rebel against you since she won’t enjoy it. You must always treat her with respect, ensure she feels special, and make her aware of her significance in your life.

An Aries woman will be grateful for everything you have done for her and will go to great lengths to uphold your love and trust if you decide to continue a relationship.

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5 flirty (and dirty) things to say to your Aries woman crush:

  • “You look good”
  • “Any plans today?”
  • “I like you”
  • “Tell me what you want”
  • “Let me take you out”