Taurus Man In Bed: 8 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Taurus Man In Bed: 8 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Taurus men are sexually aware from a young age. In his childhood, he has already developed sexual fantasies. He wants to spend time with women when he’s younger, but he’s too impatient to do so. He may be with any woman as an adult since he has the same desire, but he is ultimately more daring.

To turn your Taurus man on, you can use sex toys and engage in slow and intimate sex. He also wants to touch you as much as he can. Be confident but feminine at the same time. He likes to be in a comfortable and spacious environment. He also loves whispering and dirty talk.

If you want to know more about a Taurus Man’s sexuality, everything will be explained further below.

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Taurus Man in Bed: What’s it like…

In bed, your Taurus Man is sensual. He loves pleasing all of your senses as well as his at the same time. He has a lot of stamina and energy. He loves taking things slow when making love to you. He’s attentive towards what you want to make sure you are enjoying just as much.

He is sensual

Taurus Man In Bed: 8 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste are all intensified and may give him limitless pleasures. He wants to tease and please all of your senses at the same time. He’ll soon discover what buttons to push to get you going since he’ll want to touch and stroke every area of your body.

He dislikes making love on the spot. If this happens, it is only because he believes the timing is right. He is the type of person that likes to take things slowly.

He has a lot of stamina

He is a big fan of foreplay. He’s too focused on admiring your beautiful body. The Taurus man isn’t one for rushing things and has the energy to continue all night. He may now go for a quickie now and again. When it comes to sexual intimacy, many would say he is simple.

And it’s true because his approach is simple and quick. He does, however, like having sex on a regular basis. In bed, the Taurus guy has so much energy that you can forget about his lack of imagination.

He is attentive

One thing is for sure, he will strive to please you and ensure that you have a good time with him. You don’t need to be concerned about him being a narcissistic lover. So long as you’re willing to return the favor.

He is interested in all of the passion you produce together, not just through each other. Your Taurus guy will make sure your every need is satisfied. He loves feedback, so give him enough of it and he’ll make sure your every need is met, always.

Their perspective on sexuality is unique, and they have a good understanding of what you want. If you want your relationship to be stable, you should pick a Taurus man as your partner.

8 Tips to Turn your Taurus Man On

Be ready to experience sex toys

Taurus Man In Bed: 8 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

In bed, a Taurus man is no stranger to toys and kink. In terms of what types of toys you may play with, as long as it’s something you enjoy, you’re free to do so.

It makes no difference if it’s a vibrator or whips and chains. His motive for living at that moment is your pleasure. If he had his way, the toys that allow him to come physically near you would most likely be his favorites.

Be ready to experience slow sex

His sexual virtue is patience, and quickies don’t even come close to satisfying him. With almost everything he does, he wants to take his time. It’s unusual to encounter a Taurus man in a hurry to complete the activity.

Rushing him in bed is rarely a good strategy. He’s a thoughtful, slow lover. He wants to be able to indulge himself in a world of pleasure that only long sex sessions can deliver. He enjoys teasing, rolling around exploring your body, and being surrounded by sensory stimuli.

Enjoy his physical touches

Taurus men are capable of sexual communication. He’s quite tactile, so you can pick up a lot from his body language and hand gestures. Usually, his actions speak louder than his words. Many Taurus men have trouble remaining silent.

The less inhibited, on the other hand, will make a lot of moans that express his pleasure. When he does speak, it’s generally in hushed tones, rather than screaming. Expect him to ask and guide primarily through touch in the end.

Be confident

Taurus Man In Bed: 8 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Taurus is a sign of self-confidence, and it takes a lot of it in a partner to turn him on.

A confident and self-assured woman awakens him. He is uninterested in neediness and insecurity. To him, security and stability are aphrodisiacs, and he seeks a mate with great inner strength who will not break in the face of life’s hardships.

Be feminine

He is more receptive to feminine energies than other men. He is enthralled by a confident, intellectual, and obedient feminine soul. He is turned off by snobbishness and primness. He is irritated by superficiality.

Any fake conduct gives a Taurus man the impression that sex will be efficient and neat, which is a turn-off for Taurus.

Be comfortable with him

He cares a lot about the atmosphere. His sexual adventures will be significantly enhanced by spacious surroundings. He finds that outdoor sex grounds him and appeals to his earthy sensitivity. With him, attention to decor and mood goes a long way.

With him, candlelight is always a sure thing. Dinner, a bath, and some nice music are enough to hook him. Above all, you must be comfortable.

He enjoys comfort the most. Get him into a bed and turn on some music to create the ideal lovemaking setting for him. He enjoys licking champagne from his partner’s bare body, so some champagne would be ideal.

Smell good

The smell is one of those minor details that has an impact on a Taurus. You’ll be surprised at how easily you can push him over the edge just by smelling good. For him, try to smell attractive and seductive since sense is one of those things that turn him on without you saying anything.

The aroma of a woman’s body will be an aphrodisiac for him. He may suck your toes or conduct oral sex as part of his foreplay routines. These activities spark his interest.

Enjoy his dirty talk

Taurus Man In Bed: 8 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Taurus men like being praised and worshipped as much as they enjoy praising and worshipping their mates. If you want to turn him on, whisper your favorite attributes to him next time you’re having tonsil hockey or even simply swapping delicate pecks.

Compliment him on his appearance, tell him how happy he has made you, and tell him how much you enjoyed what he did to you the other night. Bonus points for whispering it all into his ear while teasing his neck.

Are Taurus Men “Freaks” in Bed?

They can be, sometimes. Taurus could be interested in BDSM. Teasing and lighter bondage (collars, restraints) generally stimulate his interest. They’re normally dominating, but they’re not afraid to take on a submissive position from time to time.

He won’t add too many kinks, but if they’re shown to him, he’ll typically be open to them.

He’s usually more consistent than experimental and trying new things in bed. He tends to switch between slow and sensual, and full-on rough sex. Above all, he enjoys seeing you when you are having sex. He enjoys seeing how much he can get you off.

He is enthralled by your pleasure and climaxes. He’s turned on by a woman who pays close attention to him and establishes a deep bond with him.

Your Taurus man in bed, in a nutshell

To turn your Taurus man on, you need to:

  • Be ready to experience sex toys
  • Be ready to experience slow sex
  • Enjoy his physical touches
  • Be confident
  • Be feminine
  • Be comfortable with him
  • Smell good
  • Enjoy his dirty talks




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