How To Talk Dirty To A Taurus Man?

How To Talk Dirty To A Taurus Man?

If you’re trying to talk dirty and get down to business with a Taurus man, you probably know how sensual and great of a lover he is! If you’re looking to spice up your sex by talking dirty to him, look for no more as we’re here to give you the ways on how to properly turn on your Taurus man while dirty talking to him!

You can talk dirty to a Taurus man by appealing to his five senses because he has an immense pleasure spot in his senses, triggering those will make him comfortable enough and aroused to keep going, use visual imagery when dirty talking to him, let him know what you want in him and what you want to feel in return.

Taurus men are the 2nd sign in the zodiac wheel, being ruled by the sensual Venus which is a fixed earth sign, these men know what they want, incredibly sensual and comfortable creatures, these men thrive to live in an extremely pleasurable life like no other.

And, with this, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, how can you turn on a Taurus man through dirty talking? Let’s find out!

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How to turn on a Taurus man through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Taurus Man?

To turn him on through dirty talking, you must know the psyche of the Taurus man you’re dealing with, your Taurus man gets his pleasure mainly by feeding his five senses, which means that to effectively talk dirty to him you must acquire imaginary imagery to effectively get on his pleasure senses.

You’ll have an easy time if you’re a natural smooth talker and verbally inclined, vivid imagery or description of the desire, an act of sex or pleasure will immensely turn on a Taurus man all you need to do is to be great at keeping his senses in touch with the vivid imagery you put upon him.

Because he is a pleasure seeker rather than a thrill-seeker he can be slow at movements and words, as such you can speed him up by appealing to his senses, during sex you can tell him things like “I would love to run my tongue up your neck down to your chest” or things like “I would very much like to touch your supple lips as I go down on you”.

Also, try to be sexy while saying it to him, you can whisper it to him gently to his ears while caressing or rubbing his back, whisper things that you want to do to please him and the things you’d like him to do to you.

By stimulating his senses you are appealing to the Taurean sense of pleasure, he will be incredibly mind-boggled once you do it to him and you’ll expect the sex to be more pleasurable and more hedonistic.

What are your chances with your Taurus man?

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How to talk dirty to a Taurus man through text

Assuming that you’re texting him through chat, these are some good ways to talk dirty to your Taurus man to spice up your relationship and make her go crazy for you!

Send him voice messages…of you whispering

How To Talk Dirty To A Taurus Man

You can also whisper to him through texting by sending naughty phrases that are spoken in a soft and whisper-like manner, like what is said a while ago, you need to appeal to the Taurean sense of pleasure and he gets that by stimulating his 5 senses, what could be more useful than using your voice to talk dirty to him.

Be calm and sensual in speaking, and use your feminine voice to seductively talk to him, in this way subtle or not, you are appealing to his senses and chances are he’s already thinking about doing the dirty deed with you.

Compliment him, sincerely.

Compliments go on both ways, compliment what you desire on him, whether it’s his body, his face, his voice, his intellect, his humor, or even the smallest of things such as his hand, genuine and unexpected compliments enable him to get more vulnerable and comfortable around you.

In most cases this also makes him feel wanted and loved, your Taurus man craves affection and needs to be desired and as such by complimenting him on his good and attractive qualities, he’ll be more likely to reciprocate.

Entice him with obsessive romantic sex

Sexually suggestions are great to turn on a Taurus man, when flirting with him through messages be sure to make it known that you are madly obsessed with him and the pleasure he gives you in the bedroom.

Be Clingy and attached

How To Talk Dirty To A Taurus Man

Text her with sexy and dirty messages with deeply romantic and emotional undertones like “I’m so in love with you and how you make me feel…I hope this never ends”. Trying to be more clingy and attached to him is essential.

Be emotionally reactive in your texts with him and he’ll be sure to reciprocate it back.

Be Imaginative in texting him

Get creative in sending him messages that will sexually entice him, turn your wild and crazy side on, use some imagery and detail in sending him dirty text messages, and send him messages like “I can’t wait to see you again and feel the weight of your body pressed against mine…”

Reminding him of sex through detailed sexual imagery in your dirty messages helps him get aroused full-time…

Assume the role of a good and hedonistic wife

If you’re dirty talking with him always be prepared for comebacks as he always does reciprocate the dirty talking, if that happens, always assume the good wife who always tries her best to go in with the flow with her husband.

Showing him that you like him dirty talking to you back and showing him that you crave the things that he’s saying to you will instantly be a turn-on to him as he knows his sensuality and love for pleasure is understood and deeply wanted.

Do not be afraid to say the “3 words”

How To Talk Dirty To A Taurus Man?

Unless you’re in a romantic non-serious fling with him, saying “I love you” during the dirty talking is essential and a crucial step, as much of a hedonist he is, he is a possessive and loyal partner throughout and wants assurance like no other.

Saying affirming words that you love him and not just his body ensures that both of you will have a long-lasting and wonderful relationship!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, check out Anna Kovach’s book, Taurus Man Secrets, for more in-depth training about turning your man on with dirty talk and she covers so many different situations you will experience with your Taurus man.

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Talking dirty to a Taurus man’s final thoughts

Dirty talk is a powerful tool that deeper levels of sexual intimacy and strengthens the connection the two of you both share, in this case, your Taurus man might need a little imagery to turn up his senses, if you successfully do it then you have mastered sexual power and control over your Taurus man!

Nevertheless, the most important aspect is that you are enjoying it and you’re learning to trust the process!



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