Gift Ideas For A Taurus Man

Gift Ideas For A Taurus Man

The second sign in the Zodiac circle is Taurus. It represents the earth element, the neck, and the stability. Taurus is all about gaining something, profiting from life and personal efforts. And this sign revolves around values and beauty because it’s ruled by the planet Venus, the goddess of love… but also finances.

A Taurus man would love valuable and at the same time, useful items which will clearly show and confirm his status, and artistic or financial tendencies. He will appreciate any humble gift, too, but that gift will have to show love and consequently, he will feel loved and respected, the two things he values the most.

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What to give to a young Taurus

The young Taurus boy will be so easy to please. He will need big, fluffy, stuffed animals, sweets, and lots and lots of love. When he gets firmly on his little legs, then things will become more interesting, although he won’t be as “aggressive” or lively as other Zodiac children.

A Taurus boy will love to build up things. Thorough thinking and planning will become his thrills once he discovers those concepts. He will also be deeply connected with nature, and even if he lives in an urban environment, he will need to spend regular time in some parks or the country.

He is the “wrong” type of child for those who want to endlessly drag him all over the planet and run through the big cities. This will just disturb and annoy him.

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And in this sense, he will love to have a trusted friend or two because he will feel confused or in danger when surrounded by many children and coping with their characters. This is why the ideal present for him would be a big, fluffy dog or a cat, or any other animal which is not so fast or loud and loves to pet, of course.

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This is why, you can gift him, besides all sorts of chocolates, candy bags, cookies or cakes, he will gladly accept and even expect all the time, some nice books with beautiful illustrations, a bit less aggressive video games, some gardening sets for children, bulldozer or other construction-building toys, Lego will always be appreciated, so he can create his own “projects”…

And Monopoly will be something essential for him the moment he understands the concept of money.

Gifts for Taurus guys

When a Taurus guy reaches a certain age, he knows how things function in this world. Everything revolves around material things, mainly finances, and this includes love. However, as he matures, he will learn how to notice the difference between a price tag and a real value.

And he will seek something that has lasting value or the value of the item increases in time.

In his early twenties, a Taurus guy could fall for a nice pair of the latest and the most expensive, of course, pair of sneakers. And he will be more than happy with the most expensive type of phone, computer, or any flashy gadget.

He could love, don’t force me to repeat, the expensive bottles of alcohol, in some extreme cases, he will also love big rings, golden watches, and everything that is valued in his environment.

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However, when he starts to reach the golden thirty years, he will then become way more realistic and his appetite will increase. Now, flashy things will become a big “no”, and something lasting will make his heart sing.

Therefore, you could give him some elegant fragrance or a man’s cosmetic set wrapped in a nice box. He will love affluent fashion models of shirts, sweaters, nice ties, and lovely jackets, something he could wear to his work or leisure time, but feel elegant and admired.

In many cases, you will never go wrong if you gift him with a rare bottle of wine, a nice, again expensive, pen, a bag he can use for business, a pair of leather gloves to match his coat, a scarf made out of the finest silk or wool.

And interestingly, he will love all those “designed” coffee table books, you know those big ones, filled with photographs of beautiful models, or something about the history of architecture.

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If you don’t have the means to satisfy his exquisite taste, and you don’t want to insult him in any way, then the solution is really simple. You can make him wonderful cookies, a cake, or anything else, starting from dips and sauces, all the way to the seven-meal course.

He will feel enormous gratitude and be more than just happy to have you as his friend or a lover.

And if a Taurus man is your lover, and you don’t have the financial means, plus you don’t cook (which is a great minus and you must correct this “flaw” as soon as possible), then your present will be you.

Yes, you should look your best, have the hair and makeup nicely done, dress sexy but elegantly, bring that fine feminine essence to the table, and let your smile shine through that moment in time. And he will love this more than any other material thing.

Gifts for mature Taurus guys

A mature Taurus guy will have a very delicate taste. At that age, he will know exactly what he wants and what he values, and not the world around him. In most cases, he will live outside the urban areas enjoying his big garden and occasional fishing and camping adventures with his closest friends.

This is why you can always find something useful related to fishing or camping equipment. And he will never say no to a handy tool for his garage.

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He is also that type of man who will love any nice and of course, a useful tool for the kitchen, and you can show him your love by giving him lovely cooking appliances, smaller or bigger, it doesn’t matter.

He will simply be amazed by something rare or extraordinary you have made or found packed in nice jars or bottles. Delicate and chef-styled foods will suit his soul, but original Italian salami, exotic fruits, or liqueurs will leave him breathless, too.

And in some cases, the box of expensive Cuban cigars will do the trick.

If you have the means, he will be stunned with works of art, paintings, decorations, and books about politics, history, arts, or even, sex.



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