Do Taurus Men Come Back? (After a Breakup, No Contact)

Do Taurus men come back?

If you date a Taurus man, you’ve probably discovered, by now, that they’re stubborn. What happens when the relationship ends? Will he come back?

Taurus men will come back to a relationship if you ended it and he hasn’t lost his feelings or trust in you, but if your Taurus man initiated the breakup he will likely never come back.

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What if you broke up with your Taurus man?

You’re in luck! Your Ex will forgive you for dumping him. Taurus men are infamous for holding grudges, but he’ll make an exception for you.

Even though they are ruled by the aggressive and smelly bull, Taurus does not act that way. Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus, the planet of art, pleasure, wealth, romance, and lust. His inner feminine desire for romance will overpower the urge to shut you out. In other words: He can’t resist you!

Taurus men want to take care of you, be loyal to you, and see the best in you. They like creating their own little love story with you and want to be your pillar of strength in a crisis.

But he won’t return overnight. Remember that Taurus is an Earth sign. Like the mountains he is slow. He moves in increments, not leaps and bounds. Unless he has a lot of the spontaneous air sign or fire sign in his chart, he won’t be sending you a 2 a.m. text begging for you back.

If you want to get deeper insights into your Taurus man based on his Natal Chart, you could try this free tool. You should know his date, time, and location of birth to get the most accurate information.

You still need to give him time to process what happened. As anyone would, he has to go through the grieving process. He won’t forget what you did to him and will always remember the hurt he felt when you left him.

Are you compatible with a Taurus man?

Before we get into the 6 ways to get your Taurus man back, it’s probably a good time to check how compatible you really are with your Taurus man…

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6 Actions you must take to get your Taurus man back (if you broke up with him)

Assuming that you two have had some time away from each other, you can eventually get him back if you follow these guidelines.

Be Patient with your Taurus man

I know I’ve already said this but it just can’t be stressed enough. Time is the most important aspect of reigniting a relationship with Taurus, so it can’t be forced in a week.

That brings me to my next point:

Start Small

Don’t be over-dramatic or come off as clingy. Send him a quick text or talk to him in person if you can. Start with small talk and try to increase communication from there.

This will create the foundation for your re-made relationship.

Be Honest with him

Once you’ve gotten to a point where you two can have a serious discussion, start being honest. He won’t take you seriously if it seems like you are playing games with him or texting him just for sex.

He won’t be into that.

Apologize to your Taurus man

The Taurus man is a little egotistical, so he won’t be coming back to you unless you make him feel good.

Aside from that, an apology is good for closure. By apologizing for dumping him you are starting fresh and letting him know that the past is in the past.

Don’t Rush him!

The Taurus man is patient. He wants to carefully observe how something is going, and then make a decision about how to act. If you try to rush him before he considers everything, you’re just going to drive him apart.

Accept that he won’t change

The most important thing about revitalizing the relationship with him is accepting him for who he is because he won’t change. You’ve probably heard this before, but Taurus men don’t like change.

It’s just something you’ll have to accept when you date them.

OK, now that we’ve had a chance to review what to do if you broke up with him, let’s take a look at the situation where he broke up with you…

Will a Taurus man come back after a fight?

A Taurus man will come back after a fight, but he will need some time to get over his anger before he faces you again.

If you’ve had a fight and haven’t heard from him, it’s unlikely that he is ghosting you. He just needs some alone time to get his thoughts and feelings sorted out.

If a Taurus man is going to break up with you, then he will do it when he is calm and rational. He is much less likely to do it in the heat of the moment.

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What to do if your Taurus man dumped you?

If this is the case, you are in deep trouble. Taurus men are romantics who value commitment to a relationship and weathering the storm in the hope that things will improve.

It takes a lot to push a Taurus man to leave a relationship. If he dumped you, there’s a good chance he was miserable for months and it took him ages to prepare himself for the breakup.

He knew he was going to hurt you, but at the same time, he knew that if he didn’t make drastic changes to his life it would hurt him a lot.

He won’t be coming back to you if this is the case: He already made up his mind a long time that it was time for things to end.

Reasons your Taurus man won’t return

Here are some more in-depth reasons why the bull won’t return to you if he decided to break up with you.

Taurus is a fixed sign

In astrology, every sign has a modality: Fixed, cardinal, and mutable. As mentioned earlier, Taurus is fixed. Fixed signs are the great stabilizers of the zodiac: reliable people who trust themselves to make the right decision at the right time. The bad part about this is that they always consider themselves to be “right”.

If you two have had an unresolved conflict linger throughout your relationship he was likely unwilling to compromise or even look at the issue from your point of view.

Taurus men are uncompromising

Some lovers try to patch things up with their ex. They may make a peace offer with their ex before they dump them or persuade them to be friends after. Not Taurus. Once the bull begins its wrathful charge, they don’t hold back!

If a Taurus is pushed to the point of dumping you, he’s probably going to cut you out of his life for a very long time and not look back. Even if he does look back at the past with some sympathy for you, he won’t let you know that.

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Is your Taurus man coming back, final thoughts…

The Venus-ruled bull is not a malevolent sign. Based on these descriptions it may sound like he is, but he’s not.

The “hopeless romantic” sections are better representations of what most Taurus men are like because you have to really push them over the edge to be on the receiving end of their anger because they are usually very laid-back people.

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Comments & Reviews

  1. Sally Avatar

    So I met this taurus man on a tinder like app and our first date was a disaster for me.I thought we had nothing in common and even rushed to leave so early. I usually end the date by saying if there will be a second date or not but in this case I thought he got the hint and didn’t need to say anything.However,suprisingly he asked for a second date and even tho I had to turn down a few times due to my work schdule he finally convinced me for a second date.
    I am a scorpio woman by the way. He was very different in our second date, he seemed very excited,caring, chatty and somehow I could feel that he was attracted to me. He complimented, used every chance to get close to me or make a physcial contact with me.I have a history of men getting too attached to me and become obbsessive so I kept my distance and didn’t let my guard down. Plus I still didn’t see us having a future due to our differences.I never initiated the contact just went along with it. He insisted us to get together again, and in our third date he was distant and cold sometimes,so I got confused.
    Anyway, after a few days he called me and I wasn’t able to talk and told him I was gonna call him back later, then I didn’t.
    After a few days,he calls me again and this time he tells me that he wanted to clarify that he is not romantically interested in me, he enjoys talking to me and we can hang out as friends sometimes.And with a follow up question, is it ok for you too? No hard feelings?
    I found it very weird, why did he even call me to say that? Did I ever call you or bother you? Did I ask you where this was going? I was just being polite..
    I didn’t even question and said it is fine, works for me..
    Then after a week, I see three consecutive missed calls from him on my phone.No voice mail or text.Why would he call me like it is an emergency? I didn’t call him back and he didn’t call me again after that, but I can’t help wondering what his game was…
    Him being a real taurus, are there any guesses here? 🙂

    1. Steve Avatar

      It’s unlikely that he is a “pure” Taurus. The only way to get real insights into this man would be to review his birth chart, you’d need to know the specific date and time of his birth as well as his birthplace. That said, it doesn’t sound like you were interested in the man, so I wouldn’t waste your time. As a Pisces, here is an article you could read that goes into detail about how you are compatible with each zodiac sign.

      As a Pisces woman, you are very intuitive and your emotions run deep. Listen to your intuition when you are dating and in all aspects of your life. If something doesn’t feel right, then don’t proceed. If something feels right, then you know you are on the right path. You have a very strong emotional guidance system. Listen to it.

    2. Sally Avatar

      @Steve, Thanks for your input. I am a scorpio and unfortunately curiosity is my biggest weakness. I wasn’t maybe interested at all, but now I wonder what it would have been like. I kept on seeing him just out of curiosity too, and now I just can’t stop wondering why he did all these.And I know I am just being silly 🙂

      1. Steve Avatar

        That’s fair. Isn’t there a saying… “curiosity killed the cat”

        Don’t worry about this guy. I’m not sure what you’ve explored related to manifesting… In my opinion, we manifest what we think about. The more you think about old, bad, weird relationships the more you manifest these again into your life. (Worrying is a way to manifest the things you don’t want in life.) Use your experience with this man to focus on the qualities that you like in a partner. I thought you described these qualities really well… -he was excited, chatty, and attracted to you but not obsessively. He complimented you. He got close to you the way you like a man to and touched you in just the “right” way.

        When you think about this man, think about those qualities that you like. Be grateful that you met someone with these qualities. You could create an imaginal scene where you are talking to a good friend on the phone. Close your eyes and hold your imaginary phone to your ear and say to your friend, “I’m dating this man who is excited to be with me. He is chatty and cuddles me. He always gives me sincere compliments.” Then, imagine your friend reply, “wow, that’s so nice to date a man who’s excited to be with you and who appreciates you for who you are.” Or something along these lines… Run this imaginary scene again, and again, until it feels like you’re actually having a real conversation with a friend on the phone. Do this for a couple of days (until if feels like you’re remembering a conversation that you actually had with a friend.) Then just drop it.

        If you try this… I’d love to hear what happens!

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