Do Leo Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Do Leo Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

If you’ve broken up with a Leo man or if you haven’t had any contact with a Leo man and you are still interested in dating, then you’ve come to the right place. Does a Leo man come back to a past relationship?

A Leo guy will be open to coming back to you and your failed relationship if you both agreed on terms of getting back together while not being able to hurt his pride or ego. However, if you betrayed or cheated on him, consider the relationship buried 6 feet deep.

Leo men are the regal men of the zodiac who bring the power of fire in everything they do, and as such your Leo man who belongs to the pack of lions will be incredibly strong-willed in everything he does, this will give him a charismatic and powerful aura to him.

He is overpowered by the solar fire the Sun gives which is the planet that governs him, he is a fixed sign meaning he will be incredibly persistent to the point of being stubborn in getting what he wants.

In terms of love and relationship, your Leo man is a fiercely passionate lover who is lavish in showing his love for his partner, whether it’s intimacy and affection over material pleasure, your Leo man will be above it all in terms of it.

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That said, let’s get into some details here… What happens if you broke up with him? Will he still come back and how will he handle the breakup?

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What if you broke up with your Leo man?

Do Leo Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Prepare for a battle! Breaking up with a Leo man can be hard to go through, because of his expressively fiery nature, be sure to take on arguments and drama to the next level, he will be loud in proving his points and might unleash a temper that can intimidate others.

He will be extremely argumentative and will be stubborn in proving his point, he can be extremely fixated on fixing your relationship or breaking up with you, either way, you will feel tremendous energy flowing out of him, expect the arguments to be emotional and heart-wrenching.

It can seem that his actions and his way of expressing the ending of the relationship are just for the theatrics, do not be fooled, that is how he creatively expresses his anger, it is a good thing to remember that the fire signs, in general, are incredibly expressive in releasing their emotions.

Anger is a normal reaction because he is ruled by The Sun and fire, expect his emotional outbursts to be like a raging wildfire destroying everything in his path, he will be unapproachable and can be to a point violent in expressing his rage.

How do Leo men handle a breakup?

The Lion is known for its vivaciousness and extravagance, he will make sure that the breakup is known and his pain and outrage will be seen and felt by everyone around him. He is not the kind of guy who represses emotions, he acts upon them and expresses them fiercely.

The anger your Leo man feels can kick in the fire inside him, because of his wild passion in showing his love for someone, he can also show his wild passion through his anger, expect him to be doing rants to his friends or might aggressively party hard just to show he is over you.

He can take a competitive sport or might try to act harshly and mean, his anger can be physical or mental but either way, his anger will be loud and will be heard by many.

He will definitely feel anguish or some form of depression after the breakup and will do everything in his power to cope, he might even try to be in a rebound or a casual thing just to cope with the pain he’s in, it is important to realize that your Leo man loves hard and his expression of pain will be overdramatic.

He does not repress any negative feelings surrounding the breakup, he releases all of it passionately as he wishes to, as such he will have a knack for being off playing it for the theatrics.

Do Leo men come back after their breakup?

Yes, he will, and he will surely come back, especially if it’s a serious and committed relationship, you have to however make sure that while on the course before and after a breakup, the sexual tension is still there, if not you need to work on ways to charge your aura with charm and sensuality.

Because your Leo guy is prideful and has mastered the art of being decisive and getting what he wants in a woman, he will definitely be stubborn and persistent so a great way of dealing with him is by being loud and extravagant in showing your apologies.

Be kind and a wonderful person who speaks her truth while being calm and confident at the same time, apologize sincerely but do not take any criticisms from him, and take extra efforts by being a generous person, your Leo man loves being affirmed in good ways.

With that said let us dive deeper into successful ways to get your Leo man back in your life for good and how to have a prosperous and good relationship with him after breaking up.

Let’s start right here!

What are your chances with your Leo man?

Before we review a bunch of ways to get your Leo man back, it’s probably a good idea for you to check how compatible you are with him!

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5 Ways to win your Leo man back

The 6-step process is going to be a piece-by-piece examination of dissecting the core of the heart of your Leo man to get back at him.

Prove to him that you are the same or if above his level

Do Leo Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Your Leo man likes a woman who can have the same level of superiority he perceives to be because he has a natural ego complex that makes him confident to the point of being boastful at times, he likes the woman he’s in partnership with to do the same.

Carry the typical embodiment of the cool girl, the one who is beautiful and exudes natural sexiness and charm while being hard to get and wildly playful, work on your looks more, and try going for a different aesthetic.

Try changing your makeup, your wardrobe, and your mannerisms while staying true to yourself, be open to more fun experiences, and be fun while socializing at parties or any sort of gatherings he might know you’re in.

Seeing you like that will make him go crazy because he will realize he was never needed in the first place for you to live your life at your best, he will then rethink his choices and will have a high chance of reconsidering a return to your life.

Be a social butterfly and get reacquainted

By doing this you need to be adept at your surroundings and your surroundings, you need to look at the part of being unbothered by the breakup by genuinely having fun while doing your thing, whether it is partying or going for your career or creative pursuit.

He must see that you are that girl that everybody loves and admires, it is good to build your self-esteem and confidence in this part, know deep within yourself that you can attract any man you want but you want him so he must be lucky and if he does not reciprocate it’s his loss.

This will boost your inner self-confidence, especially in socializing at big or small parties, if he ever comes across you act happy and try brushing off any feelings of resentment.

By doing this you are creating a light-hearted atmosphere every time you meet him so the next time he meets you anywhere he will be more encouraged to talk to you and do his thing.

You need to remember that your Leo man is a vivacious partner who loves talking about himself, reacquainting as friends and creating situations where he can talk about himself is a wonderful way to try to get closer to him without him feeling like you are desperate to get back to him.

During this stage of friendship: be his romantic idea and a friend

Do Leo Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

In this step, you need to make sure you are in the right stage of friendship and the right level of sexiness at the same time, be a good friend to him by supporting his actions and goals in life while bringing the heat to the table.

Because your Leo man likes the fun of flirting, try being friendly and flirtatious, and subtly challenging him in ways which he can show off his dominance to you, take it as it is, and do not be serious about it, be light-hearted and energetic as possible.

Try subtly seducing him while still being his friend, because he is the sign who doesn’t mind being friends with his ex as long as it gives him true friendship, this is your best chance to get back at him.

Entice him with a sexually provocative conversation, wear sexy dresses when you meet him, always wear that scent of perfume that will surely remind him of you, At this stage, you need to have fun and make it easy. 

Care for him by supporting his ambitions!

If you’ve had enough time to be in his circle and even before you’re still with him, you know very well his big aspirations that might seem ambitious to some people, as such by being a genuine friend you need to be able to make sure he feels supported and even hyped up by you.

Give him words of affirmation, try to be an active listener especially when he tries to share with you his creative work or any goals he might wanna pursue, and genuinely compliment his love for his passion or career, this is a surefire way to make him feel wonderful.

Also in this part, you need to be free of judgments, regardless of whatever you might think it is, avoid faking it by lying or even giving him backhanded compliments, try to be as true as possible, and support him regardless of what it is.

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Admit to him you still think about him romantically

Do Leo Men Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

This is the last and final step, this is the part where you have to be bold and admit to him you still want him in your life back, be assertive in trying to win him back, and not back down on any confrontations that may arise.

Stand your ground and have your head held high, be true to your feelings, and express them to him actively, at the same time apologize for whatever the past relationship has brought you and try to make a romantic move after.

This will ensure a complete and successful amendment of the past relationship which will result in both of you moving forward together and rekindling your passion afterward. He loves to court and be courted so play that game on him.

This is also the time to promise him that if you ever come back to your relationship, you will manage your time and attention to him and you will be as generous and as warm-hearted as him. Be pleasant and smooth in saying this.

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Will your Leo man come back, final thoughts…

Your Leo man is a good catch, yes he can be fiery at times but he has a big heart and will love you no matter what once you’ve proven to him that you are the right one for him. Ruled by Sun and fire, he will not back down and fight ruthlessly for what he feels he deserves.

He will come back no matter what situation your failed relationship has brought you as long as you both have both forgiven each other and have reconnected yourselves to each other in a good way.

However, it is important to know more about his full birth chart to be able to know his full personality, especially his Venus and mars signs which are important love aspects in the chart, for example, your Leo man can have Cancer Venus, and Scorpio Mars which makes him more deeply emotional and sentimental.

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