Is Your Leo Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

Is Your Leo Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

The Leo man is regal and wants to take center stage. The Leo man makes for a natural leader as well as, a loyal and protective partner. He does not let rejection set him back and understands the importance of hard work.

As symbolized by the lion, the Leo man does not want to let anyone see him at his weakest. The Leo man is happy when he can express himself authentically and be recognized for it.

The Leo man is done with you when he can no longer find reasons to be proud of you. He will no longer bring you to gatherings with friends. He starts to seek other women and time with you seems to keep decreasing. The gifts and attention stop and it’s better to just pack your bags and accept it is what it is.

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That said, let’s see what it looks like when a Leo man is in love…

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The Leo man in love

Is Your Leo Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

The Leo man loves to display his affection in public. He is the type to post you on social media. He is the type that tolerates PDA. The Leo man will easily get jealous when he sees you looking at someone else and becomes possessive of you.

Leo men are loyal and do not hesitate to do things in order to make you feel special. He wants you to feel like you are lucky to have him. All you need to do is to make sure he knows you appreciate him. He will make an effort to get to know your schedule so he can adjust to it.

When a Leo man loves you, you just know. You will be thankful for the way they make you the center of their universe and you don’t have to fight for their attention. Leo men don’t necessarily like being tied down in a relationship but when does love you he will be content at home as long as it’s with you.

The Leo man is direct and does not appreciate mind games. He just tells you upfront what he feels. He is not a fan of mixed messages. When a Leo man loves you, he will put you first. He will take note of what makes you comfortable and happy and try to meet those needs.

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How to tell when a Leo man has moved on

He is no longer invested in the relationship

Is Your Leo Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

Leo men love hard and in a grand way. Maybe he usually sends you flowers but he might stop that. He will lessen his effort and begin to see you as a friend. When Leo’s men lose interest, they start to withdraw. He tends to erase the fact both of you happened.

He used to be a gentleman around you, but now that he’s moved on from you, he behaves rudely. The Leo man has a hard time even hiding the way he feels about you.

When a Leo man cares about you, he can get jealous when you pay attention to others. Now that he’s trying to move on, he won’t even be offended if he sees you talking with other guys. It is only when a Leo man still wants you that he will start barricading you.

He makes fights out of petty things

When a Leo man is done with you, he would try to slowly prepare for the separation. The way he does this is to create petty fights. He might bring up things that don’t matter overall. The Leo man blames you so he can provoke you.

He makes it seem like you contributed nothing to the relationship. It would all be about him. The Leo man’s generosity will be replaced by selfishness. The world will seem to revolve around him. He will point out how you don’t give him enough attention.

It would be like everything you do is a problem

He would be an honorary Virgo at this point. The Leo man becomes critical of you. He will be like an energy vampire draining you. His presence makes you miserable. He could point out your hair, your clothes, and no matter what you do, there’s something missing.

There’s always something wrong. The Leo man will make you feel you are never enough.

The Leo man’s ego is unmatched. If he’s going to break up with you, he’s going to make sure it’s not his fault.

When he is no longer happy being with you, he doesn’t shine his light or expose his usual optimistic self. Instead of letting his radiance shine through, he wants to give you a different kind of heat, and it’s uncomfortable.

In a relationship, it takes two to make it work. There is a saying that goes, you deserve what you tolerate, and it’s not bad to let go of something when it hurts more to hold on.

He will tell you straight

If the Leo man really respects you, he doesn’t have to treat you like trash in order to make a point. He will just tell you directly. The romance has simply expired. When the relationship was fresh, he took you to great places and showered you with gifts.

He loved to adore you and make you feel special. If there is one thing that Leo Man dislikes, it is being seen as weak, it’s possible that there could be something going on in the background. Is he going through some issues?

Maybe it’s not intentional that he wants to push you away, sometimes Leo men withdraw when they can’t present themselves for their partner.

He does not try to flirt with you

Is Your Leo Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

Basically, the Leo man will avoid you as much as possible. When a Leo man loves you, he will make time for you, but the opposite is true when he has begun to be disgusted. He would rather be with anyone else except for you.

The Leo man is a hopeless romantic. The absence of this feeling is most likely a sign that he is ready to move on without you.

He flirts with everyone else

You know he’s over the relationship when your Leo man is already texting other women or going out with someone else. The Leo man is famed for his jealous nature, but he won’t even bat an eye if he sees other men trying to get your number. It is like he is already moving on emotionally.

Dates have diminished, and you are no longer going out together. This is important because Leo men are extroverted and enjoy having a good time. He’s a social butterfly and likes to show off his lover like a jewel as it is one of showing he’s proud of his partner.

Take that away and he refuses to be seen with you. It’s possible that he is already moving on. It’s one way of telling you he doesn’t see it working out with you anymore.

He lacks time

Is Your Leo Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

When a Leo man lacks time to spend with you, it may mean that the romance has died. You will begin to notice he rarely asks you out. When he sees that there’s no hope or reason to keep in touch, he won’t bother.

You see, a Leo man has a strong drive to make love, if he’s becoming physically distant, that usually means he’s no longer interested.

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When your Leo man is done with you, in a nutshell…

When a Leo man is done with you, his gestures of showing love are replaced by a critical mouth. He always has something to point out as if you’re the reason the world is in a pandemic. He blames you and makes you believe you’re the sole reason it didn’t work out.

Leo men are loyal and if you were the one who initiated the breakup It will be difficult to avoid hurting his ego.

He will be confused and baffled about what went wrong. However, unlike the other fixed signs, Leo knows his worth and he knows he can always welcome himself back to the market. He sees himself as a king after all.

If his ego was hurt during the breakup, he might become a potential stalker. It is not uncommon for them to recruit his friends to do that either. He could become motivated to make you realize what it is that you lost so he can see you regret what you did.



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