5 Leo Man Weaknesses in Love

5 Leo Man Weaknesses in Love

Ruled by the sun – your Leo man can be a little full of himself. Being with him can be a little too demanding, and it might be a little hard for you to deal with him. To better understand your Leo man, here are some of his weaknesses when it comes to love and relationship.

The weaknesses of a Leo man are he loves drama and can be very argumentative. He loves having attention to him in times of drama. he can also be insecure when you are not giving him his full attention. He is also very temperamental and has the shortest patience. He can also be very materialistic.

Sounds good? Well, we’ve just scratched the surface with your Leo man…

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That said, let’s get to know what dating a Leo man is all about…

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Dating a Leo Man

5 Leo Man Weaknesses in Love

When it comes to relationships, a Leo man can be the best person for it. A Leo man is one to be romantic, and he will be very flashy about your relationship. If you still haven’t noticed, your Leo man loves to boast, and he takes pride in what he has.

He is known to want to impress anyone, and he is going to be like this in love too.

If you are dating him, he is going all out because he does very big displays of affection. He is going to bring you to the fanciest restaurants, and he will not be shy to publicly display his affection there. In other words, he loves the idea of love and dating!

He is all about flattery. One thing that stands out about your Leo man is his big and sensitive ego. He loves to be flattered, and if you are already dating one, keep in mind that he likes this ego stroke and be fed.

And if you are still planning to pursue him, know that you can win him with flattery. Boost his ego because that is what he is looking for. He responds very well to compliments as he wants his ego to feel validated and complimented.

Your Leo man is very generous, and this is not only in terms of material things but also with attention and affection. He will shower you with a lot of gifts and of course, attention. He likes to impress you with the things he gives you, but he also expects the same from you. He needs to receive generosity as well!

He is very loyal, and this is very much your Leo man’s thing. Although he is full of himself, he values loyalty. Again, he is the best when in love. He loves having his own companionship with someone, and once he commits, he is going to give you his heart and trust you with it.

He is very much into a ride-and-die dynamic. However, know that he also expects a lot of loyalty from you. If he dates you, know that it is for the long term because he likes to build something with you.

He is very self-centered as I said, and this also reflects when in a relationship. He wants to be the apple of your eye. He wants to be the center of your universe. He does not like it when you get distracted by other people because he wants to be the best!

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5 Weaknesses of Leo Man in Love

He loves drama

5 Leo Man Weaknesses in Love

As I have mentioned in the previous paragraph, he loves being the center of attention. He thrives on that, and in life, he does not care whether he got your attention because of a good or bad thing, as long as he gets what he wants.

And the thing about him is that he would not hesitate to explore the negative side of situations.

In public, when he is confronted, he will escalate it to get the attention of him. He is going to find a way to get his eyes to look at him. This is applied in a relationship. He will want to win every argument because he thinks he is always on the right.

He can be insecure

At this point, we all know that your Leo man is very sure of himself.

Self-doubt is very rare to him, and this can be applied to his relationships. This does not mean that he is going to be insecure about himself when he is with you, and this does not also mean he is insecure enough that he is going to project this to you.

Your Leo man can get a little insecure when his partner is not making him his or her number 1 priority. He can get a little insecure when you are not spending most of your time with him. If he feels like he is not being appreciated enough, he will feel as if the relationship is not working anymore.

And this is all because again, he is self-centered and wants your world to revolve around him.

He is very argumentative

5 Leo Man Weaknesses in Love

Remember when I said that your Leo man will try to win every argument? Even if it is not necessary, he will always feel as if there is a need to argue about a certain situation. The thing about your Leo man is that he loves to argue.

Arguments excite him, especially if he knows that he can win each one of them with you.

He likes it when people hear him “roar”. You know how a lion can be. Intellectual debates are very fun for your Leo man. And debating with his partner keeps him excited. And when you are the type who does not like to argue, it can get a little exhausting.

So, a little piece of advice – try to make the relationship balance. It is important that both of you are heard in the relationship.

He is temperamental

Like Aries, your Leo man does not have the longest patience, and his temper can get very hot the next minute. He gets angry very quickly and can escalate into something more than just an argument.

This is because your Leo man has trouble letting things go. He holds grudges, and the mistakes you have done in the past can be the source of every argument. Harmless little comments can easily be blown out of proportion to a Leo man because he likes to hold his ground even if not needed.

He is materialistic

5 Leo Man Weaknesses in Love

As a sign ruled by the sun, again, your Leo man certainly likes to be the center of attention, and he likes to have the best of things in life.

He likes to live a good and luxurious life. If you still do not notice, your Leo man loves expensive brands, and you may notice that he gravitates towards designer brands like Gucci, Prada, and the like.

With this being said, expect that he is going to be subtly asking the same from you. And if you do not have the budget for this, you better start to find ways to afford his lifestyle – that is only if you really want to stay with your Leo man.

You can take him to various luxurious resorts, and he will highly appreciate that because he makes a lifestyle out of these. He spends too much money for himself and for the person he loves. No price is too high for a Leo man.

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Leo Man’s weaknesses in love, final thoughts…

The weaknesses of a Leo man are:

  • He loves drama
  • He can be insecure
  • He is very argumentative
  • He is temperamental
  • He is materialistic



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