Leo Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign

Leo Compatibility with each zodiac sign

In this article, my intention is to provide you with a summary of the compatibility of Leo with each zodiac sign.  I have split up compatibility into five important sections:

  • Leo Emotional Compatibility
  • Leo Sexual Compatibility
  • Leo Spiritual Compatibility
  • Leo Financial Compatibility
  • Leo Intellectual Compatibility

We have relationships with many different people, some relationships are intimate.  We have friendships and business relationships as well as acquaintances.  Each of these relationships has varying degrees of compatibility.

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To easily find the section you are looking for, use the Table of Contents below to read about each zodiac sign and how they are compatible with Leo.  Have fun!

Table of Contents

Leo / Aries Compatibility

Leo – Aries Emotional Compatibility

Astrologically, this is the perfect combination of fire itself. Leo will admire Aries and learn a lot from this person, and Aries will feel at home and with a full heart in the presence of Leo. They could fall in love instantly and last for a long time, if not for life because they will are in sync.

The Ram will appear like the invincible warrior in this combination, while the Lion will act like a royal figure or a true diva. Mutual admiration and even some sort of theatrical behavior will be frequent between the two of them.

However, they will feel uplifted, affluent, and even luxurious whenever they are together.

Leo – Aries Sexual Compatibility

Some issues may arise between Leo and Aries during their intimate contact. Aries could come too strong, but Leo will feel literary “at home” with this sort of behavior. On the other hand, Leo’s confusing desires could be a bit frightening for Aries, and in some cases, this can create disturbances.

The area of sexuality for Leo falls in the sign of Pisces which is the place of secrets and fear for Aries. This is why the Ram could feel a little uncomfortable with Leo’s desires and changeable rhythms and foreplays.

At the same time, Leo will easily understand Aries and their sexual habits and inclination toward rougher types of sex.

Leo – Aries Spiritual Compatibility

An interesting situation can take place here, because in most cases, Leo will truly fall in love listening to Ram’s adventures and impressions regarding higher realms perceived through some uplifting action. At the same time, Aries will sense that everything Leo admires is already in Ram’s soul.

This relationship will be filled with surprisingly soft and kind conversations, where the nature of Higher power won’t be explicitly mentioned, but it will be sensed through every sentence they exchange.

The “Force” will emanate from both hearts no matter what they actually do. And they will in the majority of those situations spend their time doing sports or making travel plans.

Leo – Aries Financial Compatibility

Some problems can be foreseen when it comes to financial compatibility between Aries and Leo because Leo’s cautious financial planning could appear stingy to Aries, and at the same time, Ram’s desires will seem too risky or too big. They will both love luxury, but they will handle it differently.

In this case, Aries will be the one to be interested in long-term investments, especially possessing properties, while Leo could become fearful of the volume of Ram’s plans. Leo loves and excels in a luxurious environment, but this sign is not capable to create great wealth itself, and therefore, uses their social connections to secure what is already there. Aries will find that type of thinking pretty exhausting.

Leo – Aries Intellectual Compatibility

Leo will discover the new dimension of Aries through their intellectual exchange because Aries will show how easily and practically some distant things can become attainable and used in everyday life. But, Leo’s mental abilities won’t suit Aries so much due to somewhat Leo’s rigid approach.

Looking from the practical side of their relationship, Aries and Leo will communicate easily and regarding all daily duties and themes, they will find a common language very fast.

At the same time, when some abstract subjects appear and some truly intellectual discussions commence between the two of them, Aries will find that Leo can often be very traditional and even too strict. And that could cause some minor disagreements.

Leo – Aries Compatibility Summary

Somewhat childish emotions, in the best sense of this word, will be easily born between Aries and Leo. They will have sincere respect for each other accompanied by clear and honest communication and uplifting and inspiring romantic and intimate experiences. Their love will succeed.

If they are dealing with other types of relationships, let’s say, friendship or one of them is the parent, while the other is the child, their connection will be filled with educational “adventures” or sharing the passion for a common talent, mostly in performing arts.

In a business, Leo will take the position of the official leader, and Aries will be the first counselor or the “prime minister”.

Leo / Taurus Compatibility

Leo – Taurus Emotional Compatibility

Some odd situations are possible between Taurus and Leo in the sense of their emotional compatibility, since the area of feelings is matching with the financial area of their partner, and this goes both ways. This is why the desire for material security is, in most cases, related to affection.

The fact is that the area of love for Taurus falls in the sign of Virgo, which is the area of direct income for Leo. And Lion’s area of heart desires is placed in the house of investments for Taurus.

This is why they can be seen as the “gold-digging” or interest-oriented partners, or simply two people who are filled with true emotions when the times are good and of course, prosperous.

Leo – Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Taurus and Leo will have wonderful sexual compatibility, and whatever a Bull does during intimacy will have a magical impact on Leo, leading the king of Zodiac toward immense joy, and expanded and prolonged pleasures. And for Taurus, those experiences will be inspiring and emotionally safe.

The area of deep, intimate pleasures for Taurus falls in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the house of love for Leo. And this is why the certain wideness of views, joyful expansion, variety of techniques, and the need to do everything open-heartedly Bull does often, will have mesmerizing effects on Leo’s partner.

And on the other hand, Leo will tend to be more passive in bed, and therefore appear safe for Taurus to shine up with sexual knowledge or experimenting.

Leo – Taurus Spiritual Compatibility

Several issues are foreseen when it comes to spiritual compatibility between Taurus and Leo, for sure. Taurus will stick to family or national religious tradition without giving a second thought about anything wider than that, while Leo will seek soul freedom through uplifting action and joy.

The area of spirituality for Taurus falls in the sign of Capricorn, which signifies duties and usual activities for Leo, and this is why Bull’s spiritual attempts will seem exhausting or even boring for a Lion.

On the other hand, this area of Leo falls in the sign of Aries, and Taurus will be afraid of Leo’s innate need to seek higher truths through some active engagements because the Bull will see this need as something dangerous and hostile.

Leo – Taurus Financial Compatibility

When it comes to financial matters, Taurus and Leo will get along perfectly well. The areas of their direct income are under the government of one planet, Mercury, and diversifying business deals and taking care of all little expenses or detail will make out of two of them the invincible team.

For Taurus, the area of direct income falls in the sign of Gemini, and for Leo, this happens in the sign of Virgo. Therefore, they are both under the strong influence of Mercury, which will show excellent operative capabilities around monetary matters.

And the areas of their investments and returns will fall in Sagittarius and Pisces, ruled both by the planet Jupiter, and complimenting their natal Sun positions. They will be exceptionally successful together.

Leo – Taurus Intellectual Compatibility

Taurus and Leo will have a real mixed bag of various ideas and challenges when it comes to their intellectual compatibility, and this will depend the most on the aspects their natal Venus and Saturn will make. But, generally, Leo could annoy Taurus with the lack of practicality and discipline.

Leo will need some substantial time to get their ideas and duties in order, and although Taurus is considered a slow type of person, this lack of clear strategy and discipline could be annoying.

On the other hand, Leo will gladly let Taurus lead intellectually feeling safe and open toward Bull’s ideas as long as those ideas are socially acceptable.

Leo – Taurus Compatibility Summary

Taurus and Leo couple can be the perfect match whenever the financial component is strongly associated with their relationship. You can see them as two gold diggers striving to secure an affluent future, or as a sugar baby – sugar daddy/mommy way of seeing love mixed with influence and power.

The glittery Leo is the “home” of the Bull’s heart, and Taurus is the highest point of achievement in Leo’s mind. Therefore, the two of them will have a strong bond based on their properties, financial flows, and business deals.

This relationship will turn out great even if they are just friends or in a parent-child situation. They will support each other in lucrative deals and strongly oppose when things don’t match their expectations.

Leo / Gemini Compatibility

Leo – Gemini Emotional Compatibility

Gemini and Leo will instantly feel great closeness and joyful warmness. They will surely act like they are best friends right from the start. They could easily fall in love, but the durability will depend on their planetary positions. Otherwise, they could become bored of deeper emotions fast.

Gemini and Leo will get to know each other as friends first. They will immensely enjoy their conversations, public events, and small adventures.

From that point, they will be able to develop feelings of love too, if their natal planetary placements support each other.

If they spend too much time together, the feeling of being overwhelmed could sneak easily into this relationship and make them tired.

Leo – Gemini Sexual Compatibility

Some minor issues are foreseen between Gemini and Leo when it comes to their sexual compatibility. Gemini will tend to put emphasis on durability and perhaps techniques, while Leo will desire more to experience something ecstatic and mysteriously uplifting, which might be out of Twin’s reach.

The area of sexual desire for Gemini is placed in the sign of Capricorn, which is the area of disciplined and truly tiring daily obligations for Leo.

On the other hand, Leo’s sexuality can be found in the sign of Pisces, which adores being adored and go through some theatrical performance during intimacy.

This is why their rhythms might differ and they could encounter some obstacles toward pleasure.

Leo – Gemini Spiritual Compatibility

When it comes to spirituality, Gemini and Leo will behave like they are best mates. Certainly, they won’t discuss heavy abstract subjects or religious dogmas, but they will simply love researching exciting historical themes backed with spiritual meanings, and even paranormal events.  

The area of higher knowledge and spiritual pursuits for Gemini is placed in the sign of Aquarius, while this area for Leo is in the sign of Aries. This is why they will support each other’s views and religious concepts, and those concepts will base mostly on historical events.

Those events will surely have to possess a note of mystery and unexplained phenomena.

Leo – Gemini Financial Compatibility

Some minor misunderstandings are expected when it comes to Gemini and Leo’s financial compatibility. Despite their glittery appearance, Leo will take care of all financial issues with exceptional care, while Gemini will tend to “flow”, diversify and use innovative ideas that will seem risky for Leo.

The area of direct financial flows for Gemini falls in the sign of Cancer, and this sign represents everything hidden and even hostile for Leo.

On the other hand, finances for Leo are under the sign of Virgo. And although the same planet, Mercury, rules over Gemini and Virgo, in Virgo, this symbolizes discipline and even some sort of neat picky behavior which Gemini hates.

This is why Leo will seem too conservative, and Gemini reckless when it comes to money.

Leo – Gemini Intellectual Compatibility

Gemini and Leo will have better-than-average mutual compatibility when it comes to their intellectual exchange. Gemini will tend to have grandiose and glittery ideas, which Leo will love, but Gemini might fall out of the norms of good taste, and this could be a bit too much or a bit too harsh for Leo.

The area of practicality for Gemini is placed in the sign of Scorpio, and although Leo is completely aware of how valuable Scorpio can be, this directness, harsh tones, and obvious lack of good manners could be annoying for Leo listening to Gemini conversations sometimes.

At the same time, Gemini will love Leo’s way of thinking, although this way might be too soft for their taste.

Leo – Gemini Compatibility Summary

Generally speaking, Gemini and Leo will achieve great harmony whether their relationship is emotionally or business-oriented. However, when it comes to feelings, they might get bored easily or too quickly because they need some time away from each other to feel attracted again and again.

In all other types of relationships, Gemini and Leo will simply excel because they will act like best friends before anything else, protect each other’s interests, widen their social circles and support, and learn from each other.

Together, they will be best in the parent-child relationship, or two people who work on important socially related projects. In those areas, they will show as the best teammates.

Leo / Cancer Compatibility

Leo – Cancer Emotional Compatibility

Cancer and Leo often get together due to the closeness and overlapping of their natal planets. Leo will always play the role of the masculine partner, while Cancer will be the feminine one, while calmly keeping the power domination over their relationship. And in most cases, they will last.

As lovers, Cancer and Leo will be drawn to each other by the powerful initial attraction. And the fact that the Cancer partner won’t reveal their feelings so easily in the beginning, will be challenging and magnetically seductive for Leo, who is used to getting everything straight away.

This is why Cancer will dictate the slower tempo and Leo will fall for Crab’s charm, innocent looks, and opposite characteristics.

Leo – Cancer Sexual Compatibility

Sexuality-wise, Cancer, and Leo might have some issues because their performance styles could differ a lot. Cancer will be the one who will need more activity and newness, while Leo will look at sex as something mysteriously uplifting, but calm in its nature. And those differences could affect them.

The sign of Aquarius is the area of sexuality for Cancer. This is why this, usually shy sign, finds great joy in a different approach and perhaps sometimes strange ideas regarding intimacy. It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong, but Cancer simply loves action and variety.

On the other hand, this area for Leo is placed in the sign of Pisces, and Leo prefers romantic, dreamy, and even platonic, sex without real sex, types of acts.

Leo – Cancer Spiritual Compatibility

In terms of spirituality, Cancer and Leo will find it extremely hard to understand each other. Cancer will be dedicated to very personal, one, and very traditional types of expressing faith on the other hand. And Leo will get spiritually inspired only through action and especially, history.

The real issue going on here is that they will have truly opposing views about everything deep, supernatural, or spiritually inspiring. Pisces is the sign of higher knowledge for Cancer and ecstatic religious experiences, deep insights and solitude will be the driving forces for a Crab.

At the same time, this area for Leo will be placed in the sign of Aries. And therefore, Leo will get inspired through military actions and historical information, while this will look awful to Cancer. 

Leo – Cancer Financial Compatibility

As far as financial compatibility goes, Cancer and Leo will function better than just average. Cancer will surely benefit from Leo’s mere presence. And Leo will show great prudence in all money-related issues. This is why they will have all chances to succeed, but if Leo takes the lead.

For Cancer, Leo is the area of direct earnings and any kind of relationship with Leo will simultaneously increase income and wealth, and generally, this union will create some big material desires which could be seen as a luxury.

This same area for Leo will be placed in the sign of Virgo, which is the area of close friendships and intellect for Cancer. This is why Leo will take control of their financial matters with great punctuality and skillfulness.

Leo – Cancer Intellectual Compatibility

Cancer and Leo will have truly mixed results exchanging ideas while executing practical tasks. Leo’s habit to act with a certain nobility and always perform on behalf of a larger group or context of things will appear annoying to Cancer who will value neatness and a savvy way of performing.

The area of logical thinking for Cancer is placed in the sign of Virgo, which is the area of financial flows for Leo. In this sense, Leo will respect Cancer’s ability to be precise and goal-oriented.

However, this same area for Leo is positioned in the sign of Libra, and too much talking and too little concrete effort will get on Cancer’s nerves and make them insecure because the verbal expression is not one of their biggest strengths.

Leo – Cancer Summary

In general terms, Cancer and Leo will be able to achieve very nice emotional and even financial compatibility as long as they don’t involve in the other areas of their lives. The Cancer will enable the inner stability of their couple, while Leo will take care of their “public” presentation and plans.

In all other zones of their lives, Cancer and Leo will surely have changeable results. Cancer could be too moody or shy for any form of serious business, and therefore almost extremely risky when it comes to initiative and execution.

At the same time, Leo could seem too scattered or socially distracted for a true friendship and the confessions and vulnerability this kind of relationship requires.

In a way, they could function nicely, but sometimes they won’t be able to understand each other.  

Leo / Leo Compatibility

Leo – Leo Emotional Compatibility

Leo and Leo will emotionally feel close all the time, although they won’t show it so publicly. They will have all those little moments of competition in order to determine who is greater, looking better, cleverer, more beautiful, and so on. However, those games will serve their egos and create joy.

Two Leos will naturally feel that the other person in this relationship is someone who can truly understand their greatness and humbleness at the same time.

In the beginning, they might be a bit afraid that the other Leo will take their crown by being more dominant, but soon after they will realize that this can’t ever happen and that they can see the true support and honest friendship between the two of them, above everything else. 

Leo – Leo Sexual Compatibility

Leo and Leo will surely have a very rich, but at the same time, very secretive sexual life. They will enjoy unusual places and techniques, and they surely won’t be afraid to experiment with anything that could be interesting for both of them. And in this sense, many things will interest them.

Leo and Leo will be truly amazing sexual couples because their childish curiosity will remove many traditional obstacles in front of them.

They will see intimacy as a great theatrical show and also as a wonderful and uplifting game. Having this in mind, their experiences will always happen in some specially arranged environment accompanied by wonderfully arranged food and possibly some toys.

Leo – Leo Spiritual Compatibility

Leo and Leo will have truly interesting spiritual compatibility because they will excel in all sorts of historical and military stories. And those stories which will describe how the human spirit can thrive through hardships will be their motivational literature and impact their souls the most.

When it comes to two Leos and their spiritual compatibility, it’s known in the world of astrology that their area of higher knowledge and faith lies in the sign of Aries, and this is why the planet Mars which rules Aries, and its positions in both charts will play the major role how will they approach this subject.

But in general terms, they will find real faith and get inspired by reading and discussing great wars and how the empires were expanded and maintained.

Leo – Leo Financial Compatibility

Leo and Leo will show extreme caution and practicality when it comes to their financial matters. They will control each other and themselves thoroughly, and be led by the “penny saved is a penny earned” logic. In the end, this strict routine will produce great results and enable them to enjoy wealth.

For Leo and Leo, the area of finances is placed in the sign of Virgo, and this sign is all about neatness and extreme caution about all things regarding money and the way it’s handled.

This is why the two of them will find mutual amazement through business education and gain a substantial amount of expertise in this field.

Through cautious and thoroughly planned action steps, they will accomplish enormous wealth even if they have to begin from a humble starting point.

Leo – Leo Intellectual Compatibility

When it comes to intellectual abilities and the exchange of ideas, Leo and Leo will love to talk to each other and they will always try to understand how the perspective of their partner differs and more importantly, how can they both benefit from a variety of their inspiration and imagination.

For Leo and Leo couple, the area of logical thinking, communication, and practicality falls in the sign of Libra. Therefore, they will be aware that people may have different views and respect their opinions.

Also, they will always try to see the bigger picture which won’t lead them into endless confrontations, but rather toward better solutions and improvements in their personal or career matters. They will be great listeners, too.

Leo – Leo Summary

As a couple, Leo and Leo will primarily protect each other. However, this kind of “protection” will be essentially related to their reputation or public image. They will always show class and good manners, especially when they are alone, and their love will have childish or naïve and pure qualities.

For Leo and Leo, the partnership is always about respect, and they will find any little detail to admire to their partner. In public, they will always project an image of a dignifying couple and in private they will avoid confrontations, and seek things that will bond them through joy.

As friends, business partners, or in parent and child relationship, they will try to show something interesting to each other and think together about how to advance in life.

Leo / Virgo Compatibility

Leo – Virgo Emotional Compatibility

Leo and Virgo can easily become emotionally connected to a great extent if their natal charts have inter-lapping planets. And this frequently happens because their faster-moving celestial bodies are usually placed in Leo or Virgo. Generally, they will always have something interesting in common.

As a romantic couple, Leo and Virgo will be a truly interesting match. Leo will have the “formal” role of a leader, and at the same time, Virgo will dictate the direction of this relationship.

Leo will love and respect Virgo for handling all those little, boring but important details. And on the other side, Virgo might be afraid of Leo’s childish or naïve nature from time to time.

Leo – Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Regarding the intimacy between Leo and Virgo, results could vary from couple to couple, and also from one period to another. Leo will simply love the way Virgo performs, but Virgo could get bored occasionally with Leo’s tendency to theatrical approach and often passive attitude in the bedroom. 

Leo and Virgo will surely have mixed results when it comes to their sexual compatibility. The area of sexuality for Leo is placed in the sign of Pisces, which is the field of partnership for Virgo. And the same area for Virgo is in the sign of Aries, which is the zone for higher knowledge for Leo.

This is why Leo will often become surprised by Virgo’s skills. And at the same time, Virgo will feel good, but Leo’s passive nature and inclination toward illusions could become frustrating to Virgo.

Leo – Virgo Spiritual Compatibility

Leo and Virgo won’t have such good spiritual compatibility, and to avoid all sorts of confrontations, they will simply discuss other themes. Leo will seem too radical and too shallow for Virgo’s taste, and Virgo will appear slow, stubborn, and too conservative around spiritual and religious views.

Spirituality matters between Leo and Virgo and will look completely different, but they both won’t make such a fuss about them because their bond will always be based on some other types of attachments.

The area of higher knowledge for Leo is placed in the sign of Aries, which is all about passion and sometimes aggression.

Aries is the area of sexuality for Virgo. On the other side, the area of spirituality for Virgo is placed in Taurus, so their religious views are based on tradition.

However, Taurus is the area of career for Leo, and this is why the two of them will either use their religious views for some other purposes or don’t discuss them at all.

Leo – Virgo Financial Compatibility

Leo and Virgo’s financial compatibility will simply look great. Virgo will take care of most of all of their income and expenses. Leo will be more than happy to get rid of one boring and extremely responsible area in life. And this sign will enjoy Virgo’s calculative and organizational talents.

For Leo and Virgo, handling money is a very serious area and they will both feel responsible to get those things right and also, increasing their wealth. For Leo, Virgo is the financial field in astrology.

For Virgo, those issues fall in the sign of Libra, which is the area of close friendships and practicality for Leo. This is why the two of them will get along so easily and work for mutual benefit.

Leo – Virgo Intellectual Compatibility

In all matters related to logic, intellectual abilities, or communication, Leo and Virgo will have better-than-average matching. Virgo will agree with Leo’s ideas if they are compatible with their financial goals. But, frequently Leo won’t truly understand Virgo, and their ideas might seem radical.

For Leo and Virgo, the world of ideas and reasoning will look completely different. And while Leo will love nobility, harmony, and a great amount of tact, Virgo will take the harsh road, and be aware of all obstacles reality might bring in front of them both.

This is why it’s always better for Virgo to manage and control their affairs in business partnerships, and keep behind during socializing with other people.

Leo – Virgo Summary

Leo and Virgo can become a successful couples if they delegate their tasks right from the start. Sometimes, Virgo will disrupt and even annoy Leo with many down-to-earth ideas or nagging. And Leo could frequently seem slow. However, with a little patience, they will last and achieve a lot together.

The bond between Leo and Virgo will never be just emotionally based. Right from the start, Virgo will take the stance of an organizer and clearly project their goals, while Leo might be hesitant in the beginning to let go of control.

After a while, Virgo will be the one to deal with reality matters, and Leo will contribute by expanding their social connections. And this type of “arrangement” will function no matter whether they are lovers, business partners, or just friends.

Leo / Libra Compatibility

Leo – Libra Emotional Compatibility

Leo and Libra will first feel like very close friends and their emotions will seem light and breezy. With a lot of tact and style, they will slowly become closer or pull back without offending each other. If they are attracted, they will take it easy, knowing that destined love will never escape.

For Leo and Libra, love matters are very delicate and always connected to social position and success.

They will never get involved with some failure just because of romantic feelings, and this sense of the proper direction in life with someone will lead them to recognize each other as the ideal partner for a bright future.

So, in this case, the thorough calculation will come before the growing love. But their love will be harmonious and it will last.

Leo – Libra Sexual Compatibility

Leo and Libra can adjust to each other very nicely when they are intimate, but their performances could turn into a theatrical show with great mental and physical work supporting those acts. And after a while, intimacy can become demanding, or even too tiring if they don’t learn how to relax more.

When it comes to sexual compatibility, Leo and Libra naturally love their acts to look beautiful and also, not to embarrass themselves.

This second part which is very far from the wild and natural types of passionate expressions could make them the most harm if they don’t open up to each other completely. For Leo, sexuality falls in the sign of Pisces, which is the area of daily work for Libra.

For Libra, intimacy is related to Taurus, which is the area of career or “showing off” for Leo. The less the show and work they will try to accomplish, the better their sexuality will function.

Leo – Libra Spiritual Compatibility

Regarding the matters of spirituality, Leo and Libra will get wonderfully well. They might not understand each other fully or agree with some perceptions. But none the less, they will accept different views and try to adapt to each other knowing that spirituality is not their mutual goal.

The perception of other dimensions of existence, higher realms of knowledge, and all other related themes will be the subjects of interesting conversations for both Leo and Libra.

They won’t literary get so deep in the sense of their emotions, but try more to be rational, and of course, socially accepted with their views.

For Leo, spirituality will fall in the sign of Aries, which is the area of partnership for Libra. And for Libra, this same area will be in the sign of Gemini, the sign of social support for Leo. Therefore, they will use their spirituality for mainly intellectual purposes. 

Leo – Libra Financial Compatibility

Leo and Libra are, surprisingly, exceptionally clever when it comes to their finances. Libra will show an almost aggressive approach while handling money, and Leo will behave in a more calm and calculative manner. And this is why, in general terms, they won’t like so much to have a business together.

Financial compatibility between Leo and Libra won’t look so good. This area for Leo falls in the sign of Virgo, which is the sign of hidden or confusing things for Libra. And at the same time, a financial zone for Libra is placed in the sign of Scorpio, which is a familiar place for Leo, but also very brisk and tiring.

They will both love to gain and enjoy great wealth, but their approaches regarding income and expenses will be different. On the other side, those differences won’t cause disputes between them, but they will surely feel frustrated and avoid doing any business together. 

Leo – Libra Intellectual Compatibility

Leo and Libra will get along perfectly well regarding all mind, logic, and communication matters. This will be the field where they will both shine and truly admire each other. Their conversations will appear light, but they will be filled with harmony and greatly inspired by sublime themes.

Intellectual compatibility between Leo and Libra will be perfect at all times. The area of logic and communication for Leo is placed in the sign of Libra, and the same area for Libra is in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the field of love and talent for Leo.

They might not have anything else in common, but when they talk together, every little thing will fall into its proper place. And they will surely do it with style.

Leo – Libra Compatibility Summary

In so many areas Leo and Libra will appear like a perfect couple. They will look good, act nice and success will always follow them. This may seem a bit fake, and surely shallow to others. However, their affection will be genuine, although light and calming in nature. This is why they will last.

Leo and Libra will become a great team in whatever type of relationship they are. The only thing, they should avoid are money matters, or precisely having a mutual business. As lovers, they will seem too good to be true, although they will need some time to fully open up in an intimate sense.

As friends or parents and a child connection, they will respect and give their best to make their lives and everything around them become a better place.

Leo / Scorpio Compatibility

Leo – Scorpio Emotional Compatibility

Things might look strange when it comes to Leo and Scorpio. Their emotions will never be pure feelings but rather mixed with some sense of benefit when they are together. Leo will find Scorpio very useful but tiring, and Scorpio will find Leo somewhat threatening regarding career issues.

When it comes to Leo and Scorpio, things will never go smoothly between the two of them. For Leo, Scorpio is the area of ancestors and properties, and for Scorpio, Leo is the area of career.

Therefore, some type of “war” will always continue between them. At first, they could be strongly attracted to each other, and soon after, this feeling of attraction will be replaced with a strong repulsion for sure.

Leo – Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Sexual encounters between Leo and Scorpio could look truly odd. And in this combination, Scorpio will be the one to take the initiative and become mesmerized by Leo’s intimate style. At the same time, Leo will find them lucrative in many ways, and quickly start to “use” these arrangements.

Leo and Scorpio might find each other interesting in the beginning. However, the area of sexuality for Leo falls in the sign of Pisces, which is the area of romantic feelings and inspiration for Scorpio.

At the same time, the area of intimacy for Scorpio is placed in the sign of Gemini, which is the zone of social support for Leo. Therefore, Scorpio might fall in love and get attached during intimate moments, while Leo will use those encounters as something casual or even profitable in many ways.

Leo – Scorpio Spiritual Compatibility

Spiritual matters will be something Leo and Scorpio will surely avoid even talking about, not to mention there is an extremely small possibility that they could practice some religious or spiritual practice closer together. This won’t be a match and they will be fully aware of it all the time.

Leo and Scorpio will belong to different types of energies and this separation will be obvious regarding all spiritual things or the types of higher knowledge they are interested in.

For Leo, this area is placed in the sign of Aries, which is the zone for usual duties and work for Scorpio. And for Scorpio, the sign of Cancer is the field of sublime teachings, while this same sign seems too weird, vulnerable, unstable, and therefore hostile for Leo.  

Leo – Scorpio Financial Compatibility

When it comes to financial compatibility between Leo and Scorpio, things will work perfectly all the time. Leo will be amazed by Scorpio’s abilities to think, act and gain great profits from various sources, while Scorpio will be honored with Leo’s skill to calculate and include all risks.

As business partners, co-workers, or simply two people who are handling money, Leo and Scorpio will work in perfect synchronization and above all, trust each other. The financial area for Leo falls in the sign of Virgo, which is the area of social support and networking for Scorpio.

At the same time, finances for Scorpio are placed in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the area of love and talent for Leo. Therefore, they will find a wonderful feeling of unity or working for the same cause every time they have to resolve money issues, or more often, increase their wealth.

Leo – Scorpio Intellectual Compatibility

The exchange of ideas, logic, or communicative styles for Leo and Scorpio will differ so much that they will simply avoid talking to each other whenever they can. However, if they must communicate, those experiences will seem hard, exhausting, and filled with many bitter misunderstandings.

Leo and Scorpio will belong to a different world when it comes to logic, and soon after they meet they will know for sure that something is wrong with the other person, not themselves. The matter of fact is that their minds will work differently, and the sooner they realize this the better their relationship will be.

The intellectual area for Leo falls in the sign of Libra, which is something hidden and dangerous for Scorpio. And the same area for Scorpio is placed in Capricorn, which is the area of daily obligations and hard work for Leo. 

Leo – Scorpio Compatibility Summary

Leo and Scorpio won’t have such a good romantic or committed compatibility, and even though they might be strongly attracted to each other in the beginning, soon enough, they will realize that their worlds and the way they approach everything is so different that they won’t last in most cases.

When it comes to all other areas except love, where Leo and Scorpio won’t thrive, their results will surely vary. They could be the dream team when finances are involved, and they could surely have an interesting sex life, although this won’t last for a long time.

Everything else will be filled with a strong sense of competition, different types of views, and how they conduct their lives. So, their compatibility will be somewhat below average.

Leo / Sagittarius Compatibility

Leo – Sagittarius Emotional Compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius will instantly feel attraction. And although this attraction will be strong, it also must be filled with mutual respect and admiration, at least in Leo’s case. They will function great as friends, business associates, and especially as a parent and a child. Love will be present.

Emotional compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius will always look great. Sagittarius is the sign of the heart’s desires, talents, and progeny for Leo.

Leo is the sign of spirituality and higher knowledge for Sagittarius. This is why cordial feelings will be born between the two of them right away. And they will find many reasons to admire each other and have a deep, but calm and harmonious type of relationship.

Leo – Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius will have excellent sexual compatibility, although some minor disputes could appear in the beginning. But on the other side, they will both show a great understanding and take everything slow, and those differences will simply melt away with time and repetition.

For Leo and Sagittarius, sexual experiences will be something special. If the two of them are still young, they could have casual sexual meetings and don’t get emotionally attached if those encounters don’t become regular.

However, later in life, sex will serve as the deepest emotional connection between them because sexuality for Leo falls in the sign of Pisces, and for Sagittarius in Cancer, both very sensual, but vulnerable areas of the Zodiac.

Leo – Sagittarius Spiritual Compatibility

Spirituality, for Leo and Sagittarius, will be the ultimate game of polarity between forces of nature translated to forces in people. And in this sense, the two of them will understand each other perfectly, while trying to perfect themselves in order to improve the whole world and leave a legacy.

Leo and Sagittarius are the symbols for the king and the priest in the Zodiac circle, but their deepest desire will look a bit different because the area of spirituality for Leo is placed in the sign of Aries, which is the field of love for Sagittarius.

Higher knowledge for Sagittarius is positioned in the sign of Leo, meaning that the Archer wants to reach the highest point of all creation, while Leo needs to inspire their soul through historical stories.

Leo – Sagittarius Financial Compatibility

Financial issues will generally go smoothly between Leo and Sagittarius. Surprisingly, they won’t show some great ambition to increase their incomes and wealth. But nonetheless, they will act very cautiously and keep their expenses to a minimum, so their finances will always look good.

Money won’t matter so much for Leo and Sagittarius when they are together. That is, money will matter as a means to ensure a decent life, but the idea of money will end at that point in their minds.

For Leo, finances will fall in the sign of Virgo, which is the area of career success for Sagittarius. And for the Archer, this same area will be placed in Capricorn, which is the working zone for Leo. This is why their monetary approach will be serious, but not grandiose.

Leo – Sagittarius Intellectual Compatibility

The field of logic and intellectuality for Leo and Sagittarius looks exceptionally good. They will respect and appreciate each other’s views. And they will surely have a lot to say, especially Sagittarius, who will often pleasantly surprise Leo with many unusual and innovative plans and ideas.

Leo and Sagittarius might not share the same stance regarding any matter, but this won’t keep them from showing admiration and expressing their ideas with exceptional manners. For Leo, the area of intellectuality falls in the sign of Libra, which is the area of social support for Sagittarius.

This file for Archer is placed in the sign of Aquarius, which is the marriage or partnership zone for Leo. Therefore, Leo will be the one to follow and support anything new Sagittarius has on their mind.

Leo – Sagittarius Compatibility Summary

Leo and Sagittarius will be a very harmonious, yet joyous and inspiring type of couple when it comes to love relationships. The Archer will keep the position of a teacher or a guide, while Leo will act like a star. They will treat each other with great respect, and they will never get tired or bored.

When it comes to all other types of relationships, Leo and Sagittarius will always act like devoted teammates.

Leo will always keep the position of a king or a natural authority, while Sagittarius will truly carry new ideas and take any necessary action. In business, Leo could be the one with capital, while Archer will manage their deals.

In general terms, the same will be true if they are close friends or have a parent-child connection.

Leo / Capricorn Compatibility

Leo – Capricorn Emotional Compatibility

There is a really small chance for Leo and Capricorn to feel a genuine emotional connection. They will usually compare each other and perceive the other person as an annoying competition in anything they do. But instead of open confrontation, they will rather choose to avoid any type of communication.

For Leo and Capricorn, emotions have an entirely different meaning. They belong to different worlds with different rules, and they are both “entitled” to take the role of the leader, so any deeper emotional connection between them seems impossible.

For Leo, the sign of Capricorn is the area of hard and exhausting work. And for Capricorn, Leo is interesting as a sexual object solely, or someone who might be useful for investing projects.

Leo – Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

Surprisingly, sexuality will be the only thought or action, that successfully connects Leo and Capricorn. Their attraction will be sky-high in the beginning. And their performances will look amazing. However, soon after when their egos mix in this too, they will become tired of each other for sure.

Sexuality will, most likely, be a short, but passionate affair between Leo and Capricorn. For Leo, the area of sexuality falls in the sign of Pisces, which is the field of logic and close friendship for Capricorn. On the other side, for Capricorn intimacy is placed in the sign of Leo.

Therefore, Capricorn will love Leo’s theatrical performances, and Leo will feel very secure with Capricorn while showing vulnerability and sensuality.

Leo – Capricorn Spiritual Compatibility

Leo and Capricorn will match well regarding spiritual matters only if they can both financial benefit from their beliefs. This connection might seem odd to everyone else except for the two of them, but if they can relate money and faith, they will find the “higher power” for sure.

The matters of religion and spirituality have different connotations for Leo and Capricorn. For Leo, this area is placed in the sign of Aries, which might seem too aggressive or too shallow for Capricorn, who will find its beliefs in the sign of Virgo, known as traditional and very precise.

Their main issues of misunderstandings will revolve around those different approaches. But on the other side, if some of them discover the other person can create some financial benefits or useful connections through spirituality, they will work together excellently well.

Leo – Capricorn Financial Compatibility

Surprisingly, financial matters will be something that will unite Leo and Capricorn. Although they will have some prejudices about each other in the beginning, soon enough they will both realize that they can function great and also, that they can learn so much from different practices they have.

For Leo and Capricorn, money and business handling are very similar as they both want to take full control and increase wealth. For Leo, finances are placed in the sign of Virgo, which is the field of spirituality, but also higher education for Capricorn.

For Capricorn, this same area falls in the sign of Aquarius, which is the natural partner for Leo. This is why Capricorn will be amazed by the precise and calculative skills Leo possesses, while Leo will feel safe and even uplifted by Capricorn’s habit to diversify the streams of income.  

Leo – Capricorn Intellectual Compatibility

Matters of logic and intellectual abilities will revolve around completely different meanings of Leo and Capricorn. Leo will seem a bit shallow in Capricorn’s mind, and Capricorn will appear quiet or moody, and therefore, dangerous for Leo’s taste. They will just avoid the exchange of their ideas. 

For Leo and Capricorn, things won’t be so clear when it comes to ideas and communication. For Leo, those skills will fall under the sign of Libra. And Capricorn might even feel a little sting of jealousy watching Leo being so successful with such an “apparently” shallow way of reasoning.

On the other hand, this same area for Capricorn will be placed in the sign of Pisces. And Goat’s long moments of thoughtful silence would seem confusing, but somewhat sexy to Leo. This is why they won’t be able to fully and freely share their thoughts.

Leo – Capricorn Compatibility Summary

Leo and Capricorn both have strong egos and this is why it’s so hard for each one of them to adjust to their partner. A love relationship, at least the long-lasting one will seem almost impossible. And the good thing is that they both will be fully aware of this fact before emotions start to develop.

As business partners, Leo and Capricorn can truly excel. But before this happens, they need to establish a clear distinction between their duties. Even then, a strong feeling of competitiveness will flow between the two of them.

Close friendship will be hard to establish between fiery, but joyous and somewhat naïve Leo and quiet, stubborn, and goal-oriented Capricorn. And the same will hold true if they are a parent and a child. Their bond will be filled with confusion.

Leo / Aquarius Compatibility

Leo – Aquarius Emotional Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius will feel the instant attraction for sure. They will admire each other regarding their differences and various views about life. But, in general, those differences will surely be the cause of enormous emotional and sexual tension happening straight away between the two of them.

For Leo and Aquarius, emotions will be the strange and exciting mixture of fire and air. This will mean that the moments of pure passion will be quickly replaced with endless talking, and return to passion again.

The time they spend together will revolve around all sorts of adventures where Leo will show their calm superiority and wittiness, while Aquarius will shine with all sorts of uncommon skills and ideas. And they will never be bored together for sure.

Leo – Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

As natural Zodiac partners, Leo and Aquarius will accomplish wonderful sexual compatibility despite their differences. Aquarius will amaze Leo with a thorough and almost serious approach to intimacy, while Leo will relax their partner with incredible sensuality, and seductive gentleness. 

For Leo and Aquarius, sex will be something sacred, deeply intimate, and hidden from the public. Leo’s area of sexuality falls in the sign of Pisces, while this zone for Aquarius is positioned in the sign of Virgo.

Therefore, Aquarius will take the initiative and show versatile skills, and Leo will totally surrender and add some magic to their performance through romantic, and almost poetic touch and movements.

Leo – Aquarius Spiritual Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius will be fully aware of the fact that their spiritual views differ greatly from any religious dogma or teachings they’ve been exposed to at an early age. And this is why they will feel like best friends talking and exchanging the deepest secrets of their souls while feeling joyous.

For Leo and Aquarius, deep spiritual themes will always be connected to direct human experiences. For Leo, spirituality will be found in the sign of Aries, and many historical stories will have a greater influence on Leo’s soul than any sacred scripture.

On the other hand, for Aquarius, this type of higher knowledge belongs to the sign of Libra, which is the symbol of equality and justice. This is why they will both search for the highest power among common people.

Leo – Aquarius Financial Compatibility

For Leo and Aquarius, financial issues will be pretty clear right from the start. Leo will be the saver and Aquarius will be the spender. Also, Aquarius could be the one to create incredible income, but still, Leo will keep everything under strict control. And this will allow their wealth to grow.

Leo and Aquarius will be opposite types of people when it comes to finances, but they will respect each other sensing that their partner knows how to handle some specific areas related to money better.

For Leo, finances will be placed in the sign of Virgo, and for Aquarius in the sign of Pisces. Virgo is by far the best accountant of all Zodiac signs, while Pisces although restless and confused, can create extraordinary profits. This is why Leo will guard their wallet, while Aquarius will add to it richly.

Leo – Aquarius Intellectual Compatibility

When it comes to communication, exchange of ideas, and inspiration, Leo and Aquarius will act truly like best friends. Aquarius will always stand out with some rebellious and always urgent themes revolving around justice, while Leo will have fun, and at the same time, try to calm everything down.

For Leo and Aquarius, intellectual exchange will be all about fun, passion, and deep beliefs. They will immerse in it as if the world could end if they don’t speak their minds. For Leo, the area of logic is placed in the sign of Libra, which is the area of higher knowledge for Aquarius.  

For Aquarius, logic falls in the sign of Aries, which is, again, the place of learning for Leo. This is why the two of them will learn from each other, while Aquarius will propagate some radical ideas and Leo will be way more diplomatic.  

Leo – Aquarius Compatibility Summary

Leo and Aquarius are one of the six ideal Zodiac couples. And the dynamic of their relationship will be marked by Leo’s joyous and generous attitude, and Aquarius’ desire to improve the whole world through their relationship. In this sense, the two of them will get attached fast and they will last.

For Leo and Aquarius, love is something that will happen effortlessly, and almost through some sort of joyous and endless conversations, they will instantly start. And this relationship will be marked with light feelings and adventurous inspiration.

As best friends or business partners, Leo will keep a more conservative stance, while Aquarius will feel protected enough to explore many new possibilities regarding their plans.

Leo / Pisces Compatibility

Leo – Pisces Emotional Compatibility

Leo and Pisces might develop some feelings for each other, but those feelings will be based mostly on some illusions they will have. This will hold true, especially for Pisces who will come too strong imagining things that didn’t happen or don’t exist at all. And Leo will mainly have sexual urges.

Leo and Pisces belong to different worlds, although they will both be powerfully attracted to the theatrical approach in life. And this approach could give them the illusions they could function nicely together.

However, soon after, Leo will be the first one to realize Pisces are not what they present to the world and they will leave fast. And Pisces might be a bit sad but relieved because Leo will obviously demand a lot of effort.

Leo – Pisces Sexual Compatibility

For Leo and Pisces, sexuality is something that comes so easily and effortlessly, especially if they are not emotionally involved. They will both enjoy greatly sensual touching and long foreplays, but after some time Pisces might become bored because their acts will look pretty the same every time.

Surprisingly, Leo and Pisces will have excellent sexual compatibility. For Leo, the area of sexuality is placed in the sign of Pisces. And for Pisces, this same area is found in the sign of Libra, which is the friendship zone for Leo.

This is why they will show the best performances if their intimacy is not emotionally related. But at the same time, frequent repetition will inevitably lead them toward boredom.

Leo – Pisces Spiritual Compatibility

Spiritual matching between Leo and Pisces will seem disastrous. However, they will both realize that this area of their lives won’t be something that connects them through higher knowledge, but through mutual interests. It’s best to think about this combination as a king and the highest priest.

For Leo and Pisces, the idea of spirituality will have a completely different meaning. This area for Leo is placed in the sign of Aries, which is the financial field for Pisces. And for Pisces, religious or deep personal transformations will take place in the sign of Scorpio, which is the area of properties and origin for Leo.

This is why they will perceive those ideas and experiences differently, and if they have to “co-operate” regarding those matters, they will be very successful in they can determine some profitable deals on the side.  

Leo – Pisces Financial Compatibility

Financial compatibility between Leo and Pisces will look simply excellent. They could be seen as a pair of exquisite artists or con artists, for that sake, or frequently, as an artist and their manager. In this couple, Pisces will create income, and Leo will plan and calculate their financial flows.

Although Leo and Pisces might seem “above” all financial themes, they will be very shrewd about them. For Leo, the area of income falls in the sign of Virgo, which is the natural house of partnerships for Pisces. And the same area for Pisces is placed in the sign of Aries, which is the field of spirituality, but also, of higher knowledge or education for Leo.

Therefore, Leo will be amazed at how passionately Pisces can create profits, and Pisces will trustfully hand all financial tasks to Leo.

Leo – Pisces Intellectual Compatibility

Leo and Pisces will find it somewhat hard to exchange their ideas and have meaningful conversations. Leo will prefer light, socially accepted types of ideas and talks, while Pisces will feel the strong need to be truthful, and thorough and also to have long periods of awkward silence which will annoy Leo.

For Leo and Pisces, intellectual exchange will seem almost impossible because they will have different types of expressions and be interested in non-related ideas. For Leo, the area of logic falls in the sign of Libra, which is the area of sexuality and legal issues for Pisces.

For Pisces, this area will be placed in the sign of Taurus, which is the area of properties for Leo. This is why Leo will seem shallow and tiring for Pisces, and Pisces will appear slow and boring for Leo.

Leo – Pisces Compatibility Summary

Leo and Pisces won’t seem like such a good match, especially when it comes to love relationships. They might have similar intentions and needs, but everything each one of them tries will seem confusing to their partner. Simply, they will live in different worlds and keep away from each other.

For Leo and Pisces, the business partnership will be the only area they will excel, especially if they are involved in the fine arts or entertainment industry. There, they could become great teammates while rapidly increasing their wealth.

As true friends or in a parent-child relationship they will quickly find that their interests belong to different areas of life, and they will naturally and elegantly avoid each other simply for the sake of keeping their peace of mind.



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