How To Talk Dirty To A Leo Man? (7 Steamy Tips!)

How To Talk Dirty To A Leo Man

If you have a Leo man as your partner and you want to spice your sex life, in this article we’re going to share with you great ways to talk dirty to your proud Leo man to arouse him!

When you’re talking dirty to a Leo man you need to praise him, because he is naturally dominant and likes to take charge of any situation, assume the submissive role when talking dirty to him you must be intimate and passionate to him, express your sexuality like a wildfire and in turn, he’ll please you like no other.

Leo men are one of the most sexually driven signs of the zodiac, incredibly magnetic and charming, natural-born leader, and are persistent in their goals, in terms of love and sex, he likes to please his partner, and he has a big heart to share after all.

Seen as arrogant and proud by others because of their relentless confidence that tops even his fellow fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius), this man is not the man to be messed around with, ruled by The Sun, he will be incredibly passionate and lively in sex and love life.

With that said, how can you turn him on and elevate his arousal levels to the roof by talking dirty to him? 

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In this article, we’re going to show you the perfect way to talk dirty to him in person and text! Let’s jump right in!

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How to turn on a Leo man through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Leo Man

Leo men are easy to please and talk dirty to, when you talk dirty to them make sure to tell them how gorgeous or sexy they are in bed.

Your Leo man is proud and knows himself well, he probably knows well how gorgeous or sexy he is in bed!

The key is to acknowledge it and tell it to him straight in his face, dirty talking with lots of praising and complimenting is essential in turning him on.

Not that he’s obsessed with himself, he is just self-aware and confident, he knows himself too well not to know he’s gorgeous, as such when you play it with him and sexually praise his prowess in bed allows him to proactively engage with you!

When you’re praising him you can tell him things like “You are so hypnotic when you take your shirt off”.

You can also send him messages like “You are so good I can’t help but be naughty sometimes when you’re not around” basically anything along the lines of that increases his arousal level.

Alongside the praising and complimenting, when you’re talking dirty to him, you must also be passionate and emotional, not in a teary-eyed sort of way but rather in emotionally charged conversations that involve physical intimacy.

Get expressive in saying your thoughts to him, and try to appeal to his ego when you’re talking dirty to him…

aside from continually praising him, tell him how good you both look together and how great your sex is with him.

If you’re with him, trying to get near to him with an intense staredown while saying things like “I’ve never laid eyes like this on anyone but only you.” 

This helps him know that physically and emotionally you are genuine and vulnerable towards your feelings to him.

When talking to him don’t forget to work on your appearance, wear that sexy lingerie, nice makeup make sure your figure goes well with the type of cloth you wear, and be feminine in your actions and tone.

This will overall, turn him on like no other.

How to talk dirty to a Leo man through text?

“Worship” him in bed

How To Talk Dirty To A Leo Man

If you’re dirty talking to him through text, try sending him seductive messages that compliment or even praise him, your Leo man likes to be complimented,  tell him how good he feels, how great he is at a bed, and how you want more.

Tell him how gorgeous he is or how nice his body is, compliment his strength and power in the bedroom, and even more so try to praise his stamina in bed.

Whether it is true or not, it is important to exaggerate things a bit to please your Leo man.

Get descriptive in how you want the sex to happen

Get descriptive, be imaginative in saying sexual things you wanna do to him and things he wanna do to you in bed, and focus more on the pleasure part.

Say things like “I can’t wait to be with you again and go down on you” or anything that denotes his pleasure.

Give him enough attention

Give him enough attention when talking dirty to him, when he’s trying to spark up a conversation, try to focus more on what he says, he can sense genuine care when you pay him enough attention.

Play truth or dare sexting edition

How To Talk Dirty To A Leo Man? (7 Steamy Tips!)

When you’re trying to talk dirty to him through text, spice it up by challenging him in a game, a truth or dare game that is overtly sexual will be a fun way to sext him!

When you’re doing this be interactive and have fun in the process of playing the game, remember sexting him is always fun if you’re both in the heat of the moment and you both are after something.

Be submissive in your roles

When you’re talking dirty to him remind him that he is in control and that you’re into whatever thing he might do to your body, act and play the part of being submissive, tell him that it excites you seeing him dominant, and in control.

This creates a dynamic between the both of you, creating more powerful and wild sex after.

Nudes or sultry photos are important

When you’re talking dirty to a Leo man, always remember that he is an extremely visual creature, as such it might require him more than words to turn him on, as such sending him sexy pictures of yours is a must, doesn’t matter if you’re fully clothed or not.

The picture should be sexually suggestive and seductive, doesn’t matter how long the conversation is, by randomly sending him seductive photos, you are turning on his creative mind.

Be Fiery and Blunt in your sexting game

How To Talk Dirty To A Leo Man? (7 Steamy Tips!)

Last but not least, when you talk dirty on the phone, be sure to be blunt and fiery in your approach of sexting him, tell him that it would be nice if you both try this new position or if you like doing something in bed you can tell him that.

You must be fully able to express your sexuality to fully turn him on.

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Talking dirty to Leo a man, final thoughts…

Dirty-talking Leo men are easy, it is good to dirty talk to them at any part of the day, especially during foreplay to strengthen sexual arousal and passion!

When you’re talking dirty through text, however, you must always praise his sexual prowess and challenge him to stimulate his arousal levels, do not be afraid to be blunt in telling him what you want but stay submissive in your role in the bedroom.

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