5 Signs A Leo Man Is Playing You

A Leo man is really easy to read because of his confidence and how expressive he is. If you want to know the signs when a Leo man is playing you, then you have come to the right place.

When a Leo man is playing you, he becomes inconsistent and will make up unconvincing excuses to not interact with you. You won’t be part of his priority list, and he will not even try to hide the fact that he is not interested in you. Moreover, he will blame you when you try to talk to him about his behavior.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Leo man.

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That said, let’s first review what he is like in love.

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Characteristics Of A Leo Man In Love

He is dedicated

If a Leo man dedicates more of his time to you, he’s probably in love. Every free moment he has, he tries to give it to you even if he is unsure about what to say when he calls you, though. Nevertheless, he is trying to show you his commitment to please you in every way by behaving in this particular way.

A Leo man reveals his actual emotions by being a hopeless romantic and a true gentleman. Additionally, when he feels that there is competition, he is more willing to fight for your love. He will offer a lot of suggestions for relaxing activities and having fun with you in general.

He is passionate

Another sign that a Leo man is falling for you is when he begins to show you his passionate side. You can tell he loves you when he gives you his complete focus, buys you gifts, and shows you tenderness. You’ll also be able to tell if he is honest when you start to notice how often he compliments you.

A Leo man expresses his love to the entire world and he doesn’t hesitate to express his emotions through action. He gains more confidence and produces the ability to better showcase his abilities by being passionate. All in all, he just wants to make you feel good and give you something in return.

He is protective

A Leo man is devoted to his loved ones and is ready to give anything to them. When he begins to behave protectively, he will show you that he loves you. He is content to serve as the foundation of your relationship and he enjoys having more so he can indulge you in every way.

But a Leo man wants respect, trust, and dedication from you in return.

If a Leo man has any reservations about you or doesn’t feel comfortable with whatever you did, he will become incredibly protective and jealous. When he feels threatened, his energy is no longer harmoniously expressed.

He has a desire to be admired all the time, and if his needs are not met, he will try to force you into giving him all of your time and attention.

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Characteristics A Leo Man Dislikes In A Woman


He instantly recognizes a woman is not a match for him when he sees her missing out on life because she is too scared to make big decisions. He can also tell that a woman lacks the self-assurance to embrace others when he witnesses her tearing down or, worse, undermining another woman in any way.

A Leo man thinks that you should seize every chance and enjoy life to the fullest. He does not like women who are weak and scared to take chances in life. The mindset of a Leo man is that there is more than enough excellence to go around and that no one should ever make you feel threatened.


It would be detrimental to the relationship if the Leo man was kept a secret or if your relationship is hidden. He aspires to be the most significant figure in the life of his partner. Women who become accustomed to being taken for granted irritate a Leo man.

Therefore, he will respond negatively if she drifts off or displays signs that she is more interested in someone else than him.

She will let Leo’s man down if she keeps him informed while courting other men. If a woman wants to stay with the Leo man, she must hold him in high regard and even praise him as much as she can.

He has a particular place in his heart for a woman who shows her appreciation for everything he does and goes out of her way to make him feel special.


A Leo man enjoys being in charge everywhere, including in his romantic relationship. Therefore, he won’t appreciate it if you try to dominate him to prove to him that you are superior or more capable. Keep in mind that he can be territorial and he wants to be the one to seduce the woman who has caught his attention.

A Leo man wants to take care of you since he is a generous provider. It won’t be good for him if you reject his gestures or decline his assistance when he tries to make you feel special. The Leo man will work hard to find someone who is deserving of his unwavering love and admiration.

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5 Signs A Leo Man Is Playing You

He is inconsistent

A Leo man’s name will reappear on your phone at some unexpected hour, requesting to catch up as if it hasn’t been so long since you last spoke. He never seems to be consistent, but he also never seems to be stopping anytime soon.

A Leo man who is courting you will pursue and woo you as if he hasn’t been unreliable lately.

Even if he doesn’t pursue you, a Leo man will keep trying to find you as long as you are still a mystery to him. You should learn to stop holding back because he will find you to be too easy, and you will turn into something boring for him, despite his big talk about wanting all the affection.

He makes excuses

You might even be the one giving all the reasons why you ought to accept him back if you’re really into him. Even when he crosses the line, he has such a talent for persuasion that it comes naturally to him, especially if he stands to gain from it.

He always appears to have an explanation for why he can’t give you the kind of time he used to.

A Leo man typically talks big when he is playing you, and he’ll always have the right excuse when you complain. Even more, the reason why it’s crucial to pay attention to what he is or isn’t saying is that his actions will also tell.

If you notice that his excuses don’t really make sense, that is a sign that he is not really taking you seriously.

He blames you

No matter how cunning he is, you’ll eventually be forced to call him out on his contradictions, and to save himself, he might convince you that it’s all in your head. Because he will refuse to accept responsibility and instead lash out at you, he will attempt to make it appear as though you are the villain.

It may be so bad that you begin to doubt your own judgment and it appears as though you are overanalyzing him or blaming him for previous failed relationships. He is constantly prepared to defend himself and he has no interest in making it work with you, which is a clear indication that he is playing you.

You’re not his priority

A Leo man may be playing you if you are consistently lower on his list of priorities. He isn’t really serious about your relationship because he is known for being serious about the people he cares about and will go above and beyond for them.

It’s time for you to move on if a Leo man keeps you waiting for hours, cancels dates at the last minute, and leaves you standing about a lot.

A Leo man might have small talks and just text or phone when absolutely essential. His behavior will make it very evident that he doesn’t really care about how you feel and that he wants to keep you in the dark about his genuine feelings in order to maintain control over you.

He isn’t interested

A sign of disinterest is when he doesn’t make time for you or doesn’t seem interested in spending time with you. A Leo man is all about obtaining what he wants and is not willing to compromise or share the spotlight. He is not as interested in you as you would like him to be if you are unsure of where you stand.

A man will leave absolutely no room for question in your mind if he genuinely likes you.

However, if your Leo man has been on a date with you and has only talked about himself the entire time and has never inquired about your life or anything else happening in your world, this is another sign that he could only be playing you.

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5 signs a Leo man is playing you, final thoughts…

If a Leo man is playing you:

  • He is inconsistent
  • He makes excuses
  • He blames you
  • You’re not his priority
  • He isn’t interested



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