5 Signs When A Leo Man Is Using You

Since a Leo man loves it when his ego is stroked, it is possible that he will have temporary relationships just to please him. If you want to know the signs when a Leo man is using you, you have come to the right place.

A Leo man is using you if he constantly annoys you and criticizes you for no reason at all. You may also notice that his behavior is inconsistent because one day, he is all over you, then he is avoiding you the next. A Leo man may also shut you out whenever you reach out to him.

Read further to know more about a Leo man’s weakness in a relationship and how to keep him interested!

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Signs A Leo Man Wants To Break Up

He is gloomy

You can be sure your Leo man is no longer interested in your relationship if he starts acting downcast and depressed. Additionally, if you’ve been spending a lot of time apart, it’s possible that your relationship’s fun element has lost its luster.

A Leo man can start to have a wandering eye because he feels like he can’t make you happy.

Showing your appreciation for a Leo man’s skills and hobbies will help you hold his interest.

This sign constantly needs some stimulus, but not continual, since his ego is still highly impressionable. And if you two haven’t made this a priority in your relationship, a Leo man might turn to someone else for satisfaction.

He is temperamental

Even if he may have temper issues, a Leo man will make an effort to suppress them among his loved ones.

This sign would never let those problems harm the people he cares about the most. A Leo man does desire and appreciates being the center of attention constantly, but that doesn’t imply he will pursue it at any cost.

Your Leo man may not care about you as much as he once did if he doesn’t even attempt to control his temper and becomes quickly upset and angry by everything you say and do. Remember, when a Leo man feels mistreated, he gets aggressive.

5 Signs When A Leo Man Is Using You

He annoys you

A Leo man might purposely irritate you by bringing up a topic you find upsetting or by acting in a way that is meant to annoy you. This sign enjoys challenging others since he can be ardent and self-assured by nature.

But if that competitive nature turns nasty, it means that your Leo man is only playing with your feelings.

A Leo man understands just how to annoy you and is trying to elicit a response from you. If he believes that you like him more than he does, he can start to set limits by being cruel and manipulating your feelings.

Being antagonistic is a warning sign because a Leo man in a committed relationship will adore his partner.

He avoids you

It’s no secret that a Leo man actively seeks out other people’s attention. He might also be teasing you if he makes an effort to avoid you, whether in person or online.

He may have paid attention to you in the past, but by avoiding you right now, he’s attempting to perplex you. When a Leo man constantly skips out on you when you need him the most, it’s a sign that he’s been using you as an option.

By avoiding your calls and occasionally ignoring you, a Leo man is attempting to keep you on edge.

It hurts to be ignored, especially if this sign gave you the impression that he really wanted to be near you. This is a huge warning sign because a Leo man is making himself feel more important by hurting you since you are the one chasing him.

He is inconsistent

A Leo man has a really hard time telling lies. If he is kind to you one moment and cruel the next, he is definitely manipulating your emotions. Being naturally honest, a Leo man finds it challenging to conceal his feelings. He may be revealing his true colors if he treats you one way for a moment and then another.

A Leo man might tell you one minute that he loves you and the next that he despises you.

You will notice his inconsistent behavior when he is flirting with you one second and then being distant from you the next. You’ll be left feeling confused and disheartened and wondering if you’re even worthy of your Leo man because of this.

He criticizes you

A Leo man tends to play games and lose interest when he becomes abruptly mean or critical towards you. This sign can start to test you and try to criticize you even for the most unnecessary things. You wouldn’t want a Leo man to compete in this kind of sport.

He’s pushing you away and attempting to discourage you, not actively seeking you and your feelings.

A Leo man takes pride in his accomplishments as well as that of the people he is romantically involved with. He will go above and beyond to let everyone know how much he values you if he is genuinely interested in you. If everything you do becomes something he can criticize, a Leo man is teasing you.

He shuts you out

A Leo man who likes you will make a scene by pursuing you, and he’ll want to tell you everything about his life. It’s likely that he isn’t interested in a committed relationship if he cuts off communication with you and becomes emotionally closed off.

A Leo man doesn’t genuinely care about you; he just wants to use you, so he stays with you.

A Leo man is doing this to see how much you love him and how far you’ll go to get our attention. He lets you chase him instead of chasing you as he would in a committed relationship because he loves the thrill of it.

If a Leo man avoids emotional interactions, criticizes everything, and rejects affection, he may be emotionally shutting you out.

A Leo Man’s Weakness In A Relationship

A Leo man definitely lacks humility since he is extremely self-assured. He can sometimes get an exaggerated sense of self when his confidence turns into cockiness. This sign strongly craves the approval of those around him and wants things to go according to plan.

When things don’t go as expected, a Leo man may also become upset and behave violently.

Being confident is a terrific quality, and a Leo man is known for having a lot of it. This sign must keep his self-assurance while reining in his ego. Owning up to errors and admitting to flaws is the best approach for a Leo man to curb his ego.

However, he has a delicate ego, which causes him to act out whenever he doesn’t feel valued.

How To Keep A Leo Man Interested

A Leo man is always pushing forward and ready for what’s next. Whatever it is, he will enjoy trying new things and tend to be unpredictable. Make a move that this man wouldn’t anticipate because he will be engrossed by it.

A Leo man will have so much fun with you that he won’t want to have these experiences with anybody else again.

Plan a weekend excursion and surprise your Leo man. Change it up if you consistently do the same thing on weeknights because trying new things will let him see all the different sides of you. He won’t know what to anticipate and will constantly be interested in what you have up your sleeve.

Nothing will hold a Leo man’s attention longer than a woman he feels secure with and can trust.

5 signs a Leo man is using you, final thoughts…

When a Leo man is using you:

  • He annoys you
  • He avoids you
  • He is inconsistent
  • He criticizes you
  • He shuts you out



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